Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Wrought iron from Woodard offers timeless style and durability that no other material can match, making it the ideal choice for patios and decks, gazebos and sunrooms alike.

But what distinguishes wrought iron from steel? Here are a few reasons to choose it for your outdoor spaces:


When purchasing patio furniture, make sure that it’s both long-term durable and cost effective. Too often people purchase their outdoor furnishings based solely on how it appears in store or what their budget allows – only to discover later on that it doesn’t hold up in harsh elements and they must replace it quickly. However, rod iron patio furniture has proven extremely resilient even under harsh conditions!

Wrought iron patio furniture has become an increasingly popular choice for commercial and residential patios due to its durability. As a strong, sturdy material that can withstand even extreme temperatures and winds, wrought iron is an ideal material to choose for commercial patios that want their outdoor furniture looking good while lasting as long as possible. Plus, its weight keeps high winds at bay! Also beneficial is how well wrought iron handles rusting and rainfall – an important consideration when looking at businesses wanting their outdoor furniture to remain looking good over time.

Wrought iron furniture is relatively straightforward to care for, as its surface can be quickly refinished if damaged or rusted through. To prevent rust from developing further, keep furniture clean of dirt or dust accumulation and touch up any chipped areas as soon as they appear; keeping a protective coat over its entirety when not in use also provides important additional protection from the elements.

Wrought iron’s durability stems in part from its non-heating or cooling qualities compared to materials like aluminum or stainless steel, offering advantages for those living in climates characterized by drastic seasonal shifts. Metal furniture can also be enhanced by adding cushions for extra comfort; this prevents guests from accidentally touching its frame and getting burnt by accident.

Wrought iron patio furniture can make a fantastic investment for any outdoor space, and Patio Productions makes it easier than ever to find affordable pieces at accessible prices online. Free shipping and no sales tax make finding what you’re searching for without breaking the bank easier than ever!


Wrought iron patio furniture is an iconic way to add timeless elegance to outdoor spaces. Its malleability allows users to bend and shape intricate designs. Furthermore, wrought iron processes produce an effect similar to bent wood that further adds aesthetic value.

Although wrought iron furniture may seem strong, it’s important to keep in mind that its strength can still be compromised by harsh weather. Therefore, it’s advisable that it is covered with a protective finish such as powder-coating to provide optimal adhesion and durability against harsh elements. Powder coating provides such an effective protective measure, spraying uniformly over its surface before baking for optimal adhesion and longevity.

Wrought iron furniture has an advantage of lasting decades when made from sturdy material such as this. Many individuals purchase patio sets with only limited use before beginning to notice signs of wear and tear – which can be frustrating when investing considerable resources into garden furniture – however this doesn’t need to be the case! Using durable material like this doesn’t have to be costly either; just invest wisely and enjoy long term value!

If you are a homeowner looking for alternatives to replace the wrought iron patio furniture in your yard, there are numerous materials that will withstand the elements just as effectively. Teak wood is an incredibly resilient tropical hardwood which naturally resists rot and other types of damage.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that purchasing teak patio furniture may be prohibitively costly for some individuals and companies. Because of this, it’s wise to carefully evaluate all available options before making your final choice.

At Sonoma Backyard, our aim is to provide Cotati residents with high-quality outdoor products that go beyond appearance to offer many years of functionality and enjoyment. We carry an impressive selection of wrought iron patio furniture from leading brands such as OW Lee that can help make their vision for outdoor living come to life. If you would like more information about what our products can do for your backyard space, reach out today and arrange an appointment!


When purchasing patio furniture, many homeowners tend to make their selection based on looks and price tag alone; without taking comfort into consideration when making their purchases. Unfortunately, this often results in outdoor pieces that are uncomfortable enough that long periods of sitting is impossible or that are prohibitively large in order for you to move around easily.

Wrought iron patio furniture provides a range of seating options that are both stylish and comfortable, such as Woodard’s Terrace patio furniture line featuring fully cushioned wrought iron chairs made with quality iron stock with fluid designs that are both visually pleasing and pleasant to the touch.

Wrought iron is an exceptionally resilient material designed to stand the test of time, easily withstanding all types of weather and winds without succumbing to corrosion or disintegrating into dusty scrap. Not only is wrought iron an attractive, long-term addition to any backyard, it’s also comfortable enough for sitting.


When shopping for outdoor furniture, make sure that it fits both your needs and the style of your backyard. Many homeowners select patio furnishings solely based on how they appear in a store showroom or their price tags, only to later realize they don’t suit their lifestyle or family size – taking them back or stashing them away never to be used again. Wrought iron outdoor furniture makes an excellent option for backyards in San Diego because of its durability and unique style.

An elegant piece of 1950 wrought iron patio furniture can make a lovely statement in any room in your home, adding elegance and charm. Additionally, they make stunning focal points in the backyard entertaining area or garden – like 1stDibs offers you access to many such pieces designed by John Salterini, Russell Woodard and Woodard Furniture Co.

Wicker, aluminum, teak and synthetic rattan all make excellent choices for patio furniture; however, nothing compares with the strength and elegance of wrought iron outdoor furniture in Cotati, CA. When purchasing this type of quality patio furniture from Offenbachers Home Escapes you are selecting quality that will outlive even decades. Featuring finishes and designs suitable to any aesthetic; nothing makes more of a statement than this timeless beauty in San Diego backyards than its timeless appeal. Visit Offenbachers Home Escapes now to explore how quality wrought iron patio furniture can enhance your backyard space!