Protect Your Outdoor Living Space With Custom Patio Furniture Covers

Outdoor spaces can become relaxing retreats. But over time, dust, rain and other external factors can deteriorate its appearance and devalue its beauty. ALCO’s high quality fade-resistant covers come with warranty coverage of three to five years – helping maintain an ideal outdoor living space!


An attractive outdoor space filled with stylish furniture, throw pillows and pretty rugs can transform any backyard into an inviting retreat. However, all those fancy decorations won’t protect your patio furniture from becoming worn-down over time without protection by a durable custom cover.

Patio furniture covers provide your furniture with protection from harsh outdoor elements like UV rays, rain, bird droppings and dirt. Furthermore, they help preserve its fresh and clean appearance by limiting maintenance requirements – so you can spend less time cleaning up after yourself and more time enjoying it with family and friends!

High-quality patio furniture covers can be made of various fabrics, each offering different levels of durability. Polyester and vinyl fabrics are particularly well suited to the task as they repel water effectively while remaining breathable – offering great protection from weather elements.

Both materials offer excellent abrasion- and tear-resistance as well as mildew and mold resistance, with vinyl offering more sleek aesthetic than canvas for easier cleaning and upkeep. ALCO offers custom-fit options designed to meet the unique requirements of every lifestyle and budget – offering elegant outdoor furniture covers as well as durable products tailored specifically for you!

No matter the material of your patio furniture, prolonged exposure to moisture can do significant damage – from concrete pieces with modern aesthetics and durability, such as those from MCM to wooden products such as decking. Patio covers with waterproof coating can keep wood dry while extending its lifespan and maintaining visual appeal – something concrete furniture may struggle with over time. Patio furniture covers that protect it with waterproof coating can extend its lifespan while keeping up its visual appeal and increasing lifespan.

Teak furniture is revered for its beautiful finish and resistance to outdoor elements, yet even it can show signs of wear if not properly protected with patio furniture covers. Their premium waterproof feature helps repel moisture away from furniture to keep it looking its best for years.


Your outdoor living space becomes an inviting sanctuary when filled with cozy furniture, beautiful rugs and stylish accessories. But over time, your dreamscape could become a disorganized mess without protection against dust, dirt, rain and other external factors. Waterproof custom covers provide essential moisture barrier protection against this damage as well as further destruction to ensure long-term enjoyment and value of the space.

Waterproof covers create a protective shield between your furniture and the elements, helping ensure no moisture seeps in while still permitting airflow and moisture evaporation to prevent mold and mildew growth. ALCO’s 13-ounce vinyl covers feature breathability to further safeguard pieces against mold and mildew growth while simultaneously keeping them looking their best!

Even though patio furniture made from resilient materials like metal, wood, or wicker is designed for weather exposure, even it it doesn’t deteriorate quickly, prolonged moisture exposure such as rain or snow can still warp, bend and crack your pieces without proper waterproof protection.

Not only can waterproof covers safeguard patio furniture, they can also shield grills from rain and snow to help extend their lifespan and prevent rust formation. Covers may also be used to shield boats, RVs and recreational vehicles from weather damage when not in use – with durable custom covers coming in different shapes and sizes to meet individual furniture and vehicle requirements – our easy measuring guide makes ordering custom fitted covers a snap for foolproof security!

UV Protection

Patio, deck and porch environments can quickly transform into relaxing retreats when furnished with alluring furniture and embellished with decorative pillows, rugs and other accessories. However, their beauty can quickly fade due to dirt accumulation or other forms of debris on a daily basis; to help protect against this happening over time and keep your outdoor living space looking brand new year after year, get yourself a top quality custom patio furniture cover.

Patio furniture covers provide protection for outdoor furnishings from UV radiation, high heat and moisture damage. Available in various materials and sizes to fit all types of patio furniture, these covers come in an assortment of materials and sizes designed specifically to protect them from these threats. It is important to choose one made of breathable fabric so air can circulate and prevent mildew growth; also select one with lockable zippers and tie strings that secure it securely even during inclement weather conditions such as heavy winds.

Durable covers are built to withstand tears and abrasions, offering protection from tear damage while adding character to any outdoor decor. Available in light to dark hues, durable covers come with special features such as pockets for pillows or accessories and grommet holes for gripping power; others also use double stitched hems and webbing reinforcement.

Custom patio furniture covers offer snug protection for your investment, offering both universal- and custom-fit styles to protect all shapes and sizes of furniture. Their precision fitting helps prevent slipperiness or blowaway. Locks, ties, drawstrings or push clips may be added for additional security measures.

Many regions experience severe weather conditions, so having custom patio furniture covers with UV protection can protect your furniture from UV rays that cause fading and deterioration of natural wicker, wood, and iron furniture. Furthermore, their temperature-regulating abilities help keep temperatures at an optimum level – ideal for natural materials like natural wicker. Having UV resistance especially beneficial in places receiving excessive sunlight.


Custom covers are tailored specifically to fit the furniture that they protect, leaving no room for environmental hazards such as rain, sunlight, bird droppings or unsightly stains to damage their contents. Look for features such as waterproofing, UV protection and tear/abrasion resistance to safeguard your investment and extend its life.

Waterproof patio furniture covers are the best way to prevent moisture infiltration and mold growth on outdoor furniture, keeping it dry after an unexpected rain shower. In addition, breathable covers help air circulate around it more freely – this prevents mildew formation while prolonging the lifespan of your furniture!

Not only can custom patio furniture covers provide complete protection, they also boast an eye-catching appearance. Look for covers made of high-grade fabrics like woven fabric or Gardelle1 to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space and to prevent them from fading over time; additionally, opt for covers with sleek finishes for increased durability.

For optimal results, select a cover with an easily fastenable zipper that won’t compromise security – an especially beneficial feature in shared spaces or at events where covers may become separated from their furniture. In addition, opt for one featuring a split zipper to provide easy access to cushion inside of your furniture.

Custom covers should be an essential addition for anyone concerned about the longevity of their outdoor furniture. By protecting it against weather elements and prolonging its life span, custom covers offer ultimate defense. Selecting the ideal cover may seem daunting with so many choices available to you, so the key to finding one that works is selecting a model that complements both your furniture dimensions and includes all necessary features. To streamline the process, choose a cover with an included measuring guide and 24/7 customer support for ease of customization and seamless results. Furthermore, opt for covers featuring push clips at the bottom for optimal strength and stability.