Choosing Garden Patio Furniture

Garden patio furniture may often be seen as an afterthought, yet it can have a tremendous effect on creating an enjoyable outdoor living area. Explore our selection of high quality yet long lasting outdoor tables to make your backyard seem more like home!

Teak wood is an attractive tropical hardwood that resists rot, insects, and weathering; however, regular upkeep is necessary in order to keep its beauty.


Teak wood is one of the finest available for outdoor furniture. Its tight grain, typically straight lines and various textures give any garden patio set a stunning aesthetic, drawing many people’s eyes towards it due to its golden brown tones and natural patina that develops over time. Unfortunately due to its premium status it is one of the more costly outdoor furnishings.

Teak wood’s durability and resilience to adverse weather conditions makes it the perfect material for outdoor patio furniture. Naturally water-repellant, with high concentrations of oils and resins which protect it against moisture intrusion, rot, insect infestation and lifespan extension – teak’s oil also acts as a sealant against sunlight extending its longevity over time.

Grade A teak furniture is highly sought after and considered the ultimate quality for garden patio use. Sourced from the heartwood of Tectona Grandis trees that take more than 100 years to mature, Grade A teak features close-grained graining that remains dense despite time; with rich color that may fade to silvery gray as time progresses. While more costly than its counterparts, Grade A will stand the test of time as furniture investment lasting a lifetime or beyond.

Teak patio furniture stands the test of time; its timeless classic aesthetic will outlive any passing trend or fashion fad. Pairing it with other garden materials such as stone, marble and concrete helps create a cohesive garden design.

As with other outdoor furniture, teak requires regular upkeep in order to look its best. Although no chemicals are necessary to preserve its beauty, refinishing every two or three years with waterproof stain can do wonders in keeping its looks. In addition, regular cleaning with a stiff bristle brush should do just as well in keeping any buildup of dirt at bay.

Synthetic Resin

Resin garden patio furniture provides an appealing and long-lasting alternative to natural wood furniture, with its sturdy construction. At Garden Furniture Centre we carry an array of stylish resin outdoor pieces to fit your aesthetic, be it sleek modern lines or boho chic vibe. Resin is highly resistant to weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind and intense sun exposure allowing you to enjoy your backyard year round!

Synthetic resins are chemical organic compounds designed to firmly join other materials together, acting like glue. Plastics largely consist of carbon, hydrogen and small amounts of oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur as main ingredients; its molecular structures vary; thermoplastic resins soften when heated but remain flexible after cooling, while thermosetting resins harden immediately upon application of heat making them not flexible after heating.

Synthetic resin is non-porous, making it simple and effortless to clean and disinfect. As such, this highly versatile material has numerous applications in various fields from paints and coatings to fabric and films as well as kitchenware and furniture production.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on demand for chemicals and resins across various industries. Automotive, aerospace and construction firms were forced to close during an outbreak, leading production rates to plummet – something which has drastically decreased overall market growth for 2020 resin markets.

Another factor contributing to the rising popularity of synthetic resin garden patio furniture is its affordable nature. Much more cost-effective than furniture made of natural materials like teak or rattan, synthetic wicker furniture has the advantage of lasting much longer before needing maintenance or repairs than its counterparts.

Synthetic wicker furniture offers several distinct advantages over natural wicker pieces, including being easily cleanable using just water or sponge, without needing special treatments or stain-repellent products to maintain it’s lifespan. Natural wicker pieces may need additional safeguards in place such as stain resistant products to extend their life span.


When selecting metal garden patio furniture, several factors must be taken into account. The type of metal and its corrosion resistance will have a huge impact. Corrosion refers to damage caused by oxidation which accelerates wear and tear and discoloration – however there are ways of mitigating its risk, such as coating your furniture in powder protective coating.

Another key consideration when purchasing metal patio furniture is how often it will be used. If your back deck or balcony gets plenty of foot traffic, steel garden patio furniture could be an ideal solution to ensure durability and style. Steel is an extremely dense material, which means it won’t give way easily under heavy loads or strong winds; some types can even be coated in an acrylic enamel paint to prevent oxygen entering the metal and leading to corrosion.

Copper and brass may also be used in outdoor patio furniture; however, these metals tend to corrode more rapidly than aluminum counterparts and become susceptible to verdigris formation, which is a greenish tar-like substance that forms on metal furniture surfaces over time.

Stainless steel furniture offers both modernity and durability. Additionally, its unique composition protects it against rusting and corrosion – especially when combined with galvanized iron. When shopping for stainless steel garden patio furniture it’s essential to ask about its thickness and grade in order to assess its level of rust protection.

Wrought iron and cast aluminum furniture are popular choices for garden patio furniture, both offering classic aesthetics to make a statement outdoors, while cast aluminum allows easy repositioning without dragging across floors or tearing grass. Both materials may rust over time if exposed to moisture or humidity over an extended period – such as dew gathering on tables or pooling around chairs; using covers or cushions on these pieces may help prevent this, however regular wiping down will still be necessary in order to prevent water spots and spots forming on these pieces.


When selecting garden patio furniture, shoppers must carefully consider its material and style for optimal outdoor spaces. Experienced shoppers should also look for quality that comes with a long-term warranty; build and treatment methods must ensure it can withstand daily usage as well as challenging weather conditions.

Aluminum patio furniture is a popular choice due to its durability and timeless aesthetic. Aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion and powder-coating can create customized finishes. Furthermore, cleaning aluminum furniture usually only requires a quick hose-down or wipe with a cloth to keep it looking its best.

Shoppers can easily find patio furniture sets to meet their individual preferences, in various styles and colors. While certain pieces may be designed specifically for dining purposes, others offer comfort while reading or conversing with friends. When purchasing garden patio furniture sets, savvy shoppers should ensure there is adequate seating capacity to meet regular use by multiple individuals and that chairs or sofas provide sufficient comfort to sit in for extended periods.

Cast aluminum furniture makes a good choice for durable outdoor seating due to its strength, lightweight nature and low maintenance needs. Available in dark brown and black finishes to match existing fixtures in outdoor settings, some pieces even use recycled materials making them eco-friendly!

Quality cast aluminum sets will feature thick frames to withstand impact and heavy use, treated to prevent corrosion in salty environments where rust is an issue, and feature durable stainless steel metal hardware with corrosion-proof finishes and leg caps to avoid scratching.

PatioLiving offers an extensive selection of aluminum garden patio furniture in every category, including dining and lounge sets, serving carts and fire pit tables. Additionally, this furniture can be mixed and matched with materials like wood or woven wicker to complete your outdoor oasis.