Wicker Patio Furniture Adds Luxury to Your Outdoor Decor

resin wicker patio furniture

Wicker patio furniture adds an elegant and comfortable atmosphere to any outdoor living space, providing long-term support and easy maintenance.

All-weather wicker is moisture resistant and easily wipes clean, eliminating the need to absorb liquid.

Care must be taken when purchasing from large box stores that claim their wicker is constructed with aluminum frames; more often than not they use low quality steel construction that will rust.

Easy to Maintain

Resin wicker furniture is easy to maintain and just as long-lasting as traditional overstuffed or wooden patio furniture, while remaining just as durable. Resin wicker does not succumb to harsh sunlight and humidity conditions like wooden patio furniture does, as well as resist mildew and mold growth. Maintenance involves only occasional dustings. Dust, pollen, debris accumulation should be regularly removed via low pressure spray hosing down, but for stubborn dirt or mud buildup gentle pressure should be used with the scrub brush for best results – to avoid damaging materials used when cleaning this type of wicker is best used on this material if used effectively a scrub brush should be used on this type of material.

Southwest Floridians should take comfort knowing that resin wicker furniture can easily withstand the extreme rain, heat and humidity conditions as well as intense sunlight we often experience here in Southwest Florida. Resin wicker does not absorb water like natural wicker does, helping prevent fibers rotting away or mold growth which is sometimes an issue with natural wicker furniture – making this option an excellent durable choice for our area where many prefer outdoor seating with weather resistance.

When purchasing resin wicker patio furniture, look for pieces woven and welded at the factory rather than assembled at home. This saves both time and energy in assembly; additionally it ensures sturdy construction that lasts. In addition, purchase weather-resistant covers to protect the furniture when not in use.

Rather than replacing broken pieces of your wicker furniture entirely, simple repairs are available that allow you to weave new plastic strands back in place. Plastic wicker repair kits come in an assortment of colors that match most brands of wicker furniture; and most kits can even make repairs more cost-effective by making simple fixes which make your pieces appear like brand new again without needing a complete set.

Resin wicker patio furniture may not be easily folded up for storage, but there are other solutions that won’t damage its materials or require too much room, such as keeping it in a shed or garage.


Resin wicker furniture stands the test of time unlike plastic or metal pieces, never warping, cracking, and drying out in direct sunlight. Quality all-weather resin wicker frames built with aluminum or steel frames should withstand time with lasting looks that look brand new for many years – though protecting it against extreme weather and environmental hazards is the key to extending its longevity.

As well as keeping your wicker furniture free of debris and dirt, it’s also wise to protect it from direct sunlight as its UV rays can cause it to lose its color and weaken the fibres. Furthermore, extreme heat from sources like fire can melt the resin, damaging fibres. If your furniture is light-colored it’s wise to cover it when not being used so as to shield its fibres from direct sunlight.

As with any outdoor furniture, investing in high-quality resin wicker can make sure it will stand the test of time and remain usable for as long as possible. This is especially important if you plan to use the pieces for entertaining guests – these pieces tend to get used frequently by multiple people simultaneously! Therefore, it’s wiser to invest in pieces that will remain strong over time.

If you’re planning to purchase any wicker furniture, it is wiser to avoid purchasing it from large stores that sell discounted products. In their bid to cut costs, some of these companies cut corners when it comes to resin quality and craftsmanship, which may result in faded furniture that has structural issues in time.

If you need all-weather resin wicker patio furniture that will stand up to any weather condition, look no further than the Don 3 Piece Rattan Sectional Seating Group. This set features one loveseat, two chairs, and a coffee table with tempered glass top – not forgetting its durable Sunbrella acrylic cushions that can easily be removed for washing!

Weather Resistant

Resin wicker furniture is one of the few outdoor materials capable of withstanding rain and other weather elements, saving both time and money by not needing to bring it in when conditions turn foul, like many other forms of outdoor furniture do.

Resin wicker furniture stands out as being easy to maintain due to not absorbing water like natural rattan furniture does, which can become damp over time and need frequent damp-proofing treatments. You simply rinse it off when necessary with a garden hose if the furniture becomes dirty, keeping its smell fresher with no chance of mold or mildew growth on it.

resin wicker patio furniture is unaffected by extreme temperatures due to being hand woven over a durable metal frame like aluminum that can endure both extreme hot and cold climates without becoming warped or distorted. Therefore, it makes an excellent choice for areas with very hot or very cold climates since you can rest easy knowing your resin wicker furniture will withstand both conditions!

Many types of outdoor furniture are susceptible to the sun’s UV rays, which can lead them to fade over time and eventually become unusable. But resin used to construct wicker furniture has been treated in order to resist damage from prolonged UV exposure and maintain its color for years at a time.

This treatment is usually applied as the wicker fibers are woven into furniture, giving you confidence that your new purchase won’t lose its color over time. Furthermore, furniture made with HDPE synthetic wicker fibers features dyed colors which do not peel away over time like some wicker materials do.

While wicker resin patio furniture is generally designed to withstand most weather conditions, it is still wise to store and cover it when not in use during winter months. This will protect it from harsh elements while also helping prevent snow or ice accumulation that could otherwise be trapped within its crevices from damaging it.


Natural wicker furniture can deteriorate with age and UV radiation from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but synthetic resin furniture does not. This modern material is comprised of various chemicals combined and heated together until they form plastic that can be formed into any shape or size desired, in multiple colors to suit any decor and environment; and is significantly cheaper than traditional overstuffed patio seating solutions.

Resin wicker furniture is ideal for outdoor living areas due to its light weight and simple cleaning needs, making it the ideal choice. Simply rinse it off with a garden hose or simply wipe down with cloth wipes can remove dirt and grime, or mild dish soap may also help clean stubborn spots. Although its initial purchase cost might take a large chunk out of your household budget, its long lifespan means less money spent replacing or repairing aging furnishings over time.

Wicker furniture makes an excellent addition to outdoor and indoor living rooms alike, creating an inviting, comforting, and relaxed environment perfect for hosting guests. When combined with other pieces such as coffee tables, end tables and sofas it creates an exquisitely comfortable space to lounge or host special guests.

Wicker furniture’s natural style makes it the ideal addition to any room, making any space feel warm and welcoming. Pair it with colorful pillows and throws for added traditional charm!

Resin wicker furniture can withstand Florida’s climate conditions, making it the perfect addition to Florida homes. However, make sure it is kept away from extreme heat or direct sunlight as this could cause it to expand over time and crack over time. Furthermore, keep it away from salt water areas which could remove its moisture content altogether.