Jaipur Area Rugs

Garrison’s offers an exquisite collection of Jaipur area rugs to add a unique style touch to any decor, including one to fit into your existing color scheme or stand out with its own distinctive design.

Nand Kishore Chaudhary founded Jaipur Rugs with the vision of connecting rural artisans from across India with global markets, while also offering consistently priced rugs at reasonable rates. Their vertically integrated business model now guarantees reliable services at reasonable rates.


Jaipur rugs come in an assortment of styles and can complement various design styles, ranging from modern jute rugs to ornate Persian designs. Ideal for many rooms and design styles alike, Jaipur rugs not only boast quality materials but add an eye-catching aesthetic that helps complete the decor in your room.

Before selecting a Jaipur rug, the first step should be identifying what style you desire. This will allow you to narrow your search as there are multiple collections from which to choose; popular examples are Genesis and Fables collections which contain contemporary/modern rugs as well as abstract patterned styles like Genesis.

Jaipur rugs offer another great advantage by coming in both round and rectangular shapes, which is particularly useful if you need your rug to fit a specific space perfectly. Take the size and layout of the room into account when choosing a rug to ensure its success.

Once you know which style rug you want, the next step should be selecting your color choice. Jaipur rugs offer a range of shades to complement any decor – including grays, browns, blues and tans which are among their most popular. They also come with different textures from smooth to textured making them suitable for virtually every room type.

Jaipur rugs are an elegant way to add luxury and sophistication to any room in your home, made with high-grade materials by skilled artisans and featuring free shipping and a 30-day return policy – making them the ideal addition! At Payless Rugs you can rest assured you’re getting an outstanding deal – these beautiful pieces come at great value.


A Jaipur rug can add instant style and sophistication to any room in your home. Crafted with quality constructions and long-wearing fibers, they’re built to withstand high traffic areas while still looking stylish and soft underfoot. Available in various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of every space in which they’re placed; prior to shopping for your Jaipur rug, consider where it will sit within its designated room as well as what design family you wish it to fit into before making your selection.

Each piece in the Jaipur collection tells its own unique tale and embodies the brand’s commitment to art that pervades it all. Established with a goal of connecting rural Indian artisans with world markets, founder N.K Chaudhary started off small using two looms. Today they’re one of the world’s leading rug companies thanks to focusing on sustainability, artistry and a vertically integrated business model which ensures consistency in design and production processes.

Genesis rugs are designed to complement contemporary and modern decor effortlessly, featuring neutral tones of soft tans, browns, grays, and blues that pair well with any color scheme. Their patterns evoke paint strokes for an appealing look ideal for minimalist or contemporary interiors. Meanwhile, Coastal Shores rugs offer classic striped designs in blues, whites, and browns which can fit right in with beach decor.

Transitional Jaipur area rugs include Astoria and Hacienda collections of transitional Jaipur area rugs. Both feature classic floral or natural designs in soft neutral tones for an ideal combination of contemporary and traditional elements. Citrine also makes an excellent option in high traffic areas due to combining current trends with tried and true manufacturing processes.

Jaipur rugs come with machine-washable designs to meet the needs of busy families. Their easy care constructions feature durable yet kid-friendly materials like polyester which stand up well against daily life without compromising style or comfort. Blot any stains immediately with mild soap mixed with water; vacuum regularly with the beater bar off for best results.


When selecting a rug for your home, there are various aspects to take into account such as color, size, texture and material selection. Durability and maintenance considerations play a vital role in selecting an ideal rug; from natural fibers such as wool and sisal to synthetic materials that each have their own distinct qualities and features.

Jaipur Living has earned a reputation for their superior craftsmanship and quality products, producing rugs in various materials using sustainable practices and providing consistent pricing models.

Wool rugs make an excellent choice for high traffic areas as they are durable, stain-resistant, soft and naturally lustrous – not to mention suitable for any spaces with high levels of humidity. Unfortunately though, this material will absorb liquid quickly and become soggy over time if placed near moisture sources like bathtubs.

Hand-knotted rugs are another great option for durable yet beautiful rugs, usually constructed of 100% wool. These types of rugs typically feature floral designs reminiscent of Persian designs on them.

Hand-knotted rugs require more time to make than other kinds of rugs because they’re made by hand rather than machine. While this process takes more time than other options, it ensures a quality product that will stand the test of time.

Power-loomed rugs differ from hand-knotted ones in that they are created on electric looms using synthetic fibers such as polyester or polypropylene yarns and filaments that provide affordable workability and easy care. Some even include viscose fibers to provide silky feel surfaces.

Plant-based or natural fiber rugs can create an organic atmosphere in any space with organic textures like jute, sisal and sea grass sourced from renewable resources. While sturdy and durable, plant-based or natural fiber rugs should only be placed in low traffic spaces with low humidity where their absorbent fibers won’t quickly soak up water to shrink or expand quickly – meaning these rugs work best indoors under low traffic loads or humidity conditions.


Jaipur brand of rugs are among the world’s most iconic. Boasting unique designs that feature vibrant colors, as well as being constructed from quality materials that will last longer, Jaipur rugs have gained immense popularity worldwide.

Jaipur rugs are known for being durable yet easy to care for, made largely out of natural fibers such as cotton and wool that can be handcrafted by talented artisans. Many can even be machine-washed making cleaning even simpler!

Jaipur rugs make great accent pieces or centerpieces in any room, adding style with their handcrafted designs and color palettes that feature classic aesthetics while complementing modern decor.

Jaipur Carpets’ woven rugs are modern additions that feature quality construction that stands up against daily wear and tear. Crafted using age-old techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation of weavers, the company was initially formed to aid poor carpet weavers from rural India.

These rugs come in various sizes to ensure you can find one to match any space, while their soft underfoot construction makes them suitable for high traffic areas, like living and dining rooms.

Many rugs are constructed from natural materials and feature designs inspired by local culture; for instance, Mahaba collection features designs inspired by African basket weaves while others may have patterns drawn from Persian designs.

Jaipur rugs are generally constructed from natural fibers such as cotton or wool, making them easy to maintain and clean. Their thick construction also helps them withstand wear and tear better than lighter rugs; when caring for this style of rug you should follow manufacturer’s care tag instructions; any spills should be immediately blotted up, and vacuum regularly with beater bar off for optimal results.