Wicker Patio Furniture

resin wicker patio furniture

Wicker patio furniture has become one of the most beloved styles of outdoor furnishings. Traditional wicker is handwoven from natural fibers such as rattan or hemp for maximum aesthetics and functionality.

Wicker furniture must withstand rain, snow and other adverse elements to stay looking its best. Luckily, synthetic resins woven over durable aluminum frames can withstand these inclement conditions while remaining affordable and easy to maintain.


When selecting outdoor furniture, there are a number of considerations to take into account. From climate to durability and maintenance requirements, as well as how often and your personal style you use the piece; to aesthetic choices like keeping it natural or adding pops of color – there’s sure to be something suitable to meet all your needs!

Resin wicker patio furniture can be an economical and long-term choice, making it the ideal addition to your backyard landscape and decor. Easy to maintain and resistant to mold and mildew growth, resin wicker furniture also comes in different colors to match any decor or backyard landscape and is easy to clean compared to other forms of furniture.

Resin wicker furniture offers another distinct advantage over other outdoor furnishings – its flexible nature makes it more comfortable for sitting or lounging, and water and sun resistant cushions can make this choice ideal for those who enjoy spending time outside but don’t want the hassle of having to bring their furniture inside for every rainstorm.

Resin wicker furniture uses wicker crafted from synthetic resin containing various polymers and additives, which is then woven over heavy-duty aluminum frames to form beautiful outdoor pieces that last. Non-porous wicker means dirt will not penetrate its fibers over time causing premature breakdown. With such a wide variety of shades and colors to choose from, there will definitely be one perfect for your home!

When purchasing wicker furniture, make sure that the frame meets all necessary standards. Some frames are constructed from steel which may rust in harsh environmental conditions while aluminum can prevent this rusting process altogether. Ideally welded factory frames should provide lasting and durable solutions which won’t succumb to pressure and break easily; this will ensure long-term satisfaction from your furniture purchase.


Resin wicker furniture is much more robust than its organic counterparts made of willow, reed or rattan, standing up well against sunlight, rain and pets/children (though commercial rodent repellents might help if this becomes an issue). Resin fibers are woven together tightly for extra strength that adds great support – typically wrapped around aluminum frames for even further reinforcement.

An initial purchase price for a wicker set might strain household budgets, but it will far outweigh the expense of replacing conventional overstuffed outdoor furniture that will eventually wear out after prolonged use. Plus, these sets tend to be easy to keep clean with just water from your garden hose or soap and water solution – perfect for family homes or RVs with multiple owners!

Resin wicker patio furniture‘s lightweight construction makes it easier to transport or move when necessary – an important feature, since carrying heavy furniture from one outdoor location to another may be physically strenuous.

Resin wicker patio furniture stands out for being versatile due to its wide array of colors. This can help match it to virtually any decor or motif and is especially beneficial in outdoor rooms where weather conditions vary.

A set of wicker furniture should be strong enough to endure for many years, and selecting products made from high-grade resin is essential to its long-term viability. PVC resin wicker will not fare well against weather elements while HDPE resin sets offer greater durability while protecting against sun damage as well.

Homeowners can avoid purchasing subpar wicker furniture by shopping from reliable dealers who specialize in it and offer a broad selection. An established dealer should also be willing to answer any inquiries related to quality of resin used or manufacturing process.


Resin wicker patio furniture comes in an extensive selection of styles and designs, making it suitable for various outdoor settings. Create tropical retreats with bright colors and botanical prints or opt for French country style with weathered finishes, urns and checkered cushions – or use it in coastal spaces where wicker blends perfectly into seaside decor!

Wicker furniture is constructed to resist UV rays and other environmental elements that could otherwise compromise plastics or furniture, including harsh elements like sun exposure. Wicker strands often made of synthetic fibers are then handwoven onto long-lasting aluminum or steel frames for an appealing piece of furniture that will remain beautiful over time.

Wicker furniture offers numerous benefits over its non-wicker counterparts, one being its moisture resistance. Wicker will not absorb moisture like fabric might and you can simply spray a hose onto it to clear away any dampness that accumulates over time.

Wicker furniture is lightweight, making it easy to move and rearrange it as needed. This feature is especially advantageous for families with young children as it makes keeping it clean easier, while being less likely to become damaged from chewing or clawing from pets or small children.

Consider your local climate and personal style when selecting wicker colors, such as light hues that absorb less of the sun’s rays compared to darker tones. Furthermore, PVC wicker may emit dangerous fumes in case of fire hazard.

All-weather wicker furniture is an ideal addition to almost any outdoor landscape, and comes complete with many coordinating accessories – tablecloths, chair covers and throw pillows are just a few examples. Additionally, resin all-weather storage trunks can help keep cushions free from mildew and dirt accumulation when not being used – an added feature which keeps cushions dry!

Easy to Maintain

Resin furniture stands out from its aluminum counterpart in that it doesn’t require frequent staining and sealing to remain looking its best for longer, making maintenance simpler than ever. Regular wiping down with cloth or mild soap solution will help ensure its like-new condition is preserved. Furthermore, resin wicker furniture’s versatility means it can fit any decorating style – something many prefer over aluminum’s limited options.

As with other outdoor furniture, resin wicker will need to be regularly rinsed down to remove dust and debris build-up. A garden hose is the ideal way to spray down patio sets, while soft bristle brushes can get into cracks and crevices of woven strands. A mild soap solution may help break apart grime to make cleaning simpler in future.

After washing wicker furniture with water from either a garden hose or bucket, it is crucial that it air-dries for at least two hours in order to prevent moisture absorption that could cause mold or mildew growth. Mildew and tree sap buildup may require specific cleaners such as mold remover or Goo-gone products in order to be effectively addressed.

Wicker furniture is designed to withstand natural elements like rain and other forms of weather; however, during inclement conditions it’s wise to cover or store your resin wicker to prevent its resin from becoming brittle and protect it from cold temperatures. When possible in winter it would be beneficial to store resin wicker somewhere secure such as your garage so it remains in mint condition for as long as possible.

Aluminum patio furniture may be easy to move around and store indoors for the winter, but resin wicker patio furniture offers greater visual appeal and is more versatile, allowing users to shape it into different styles with greater ease. Furthermore, resin wicker is both comfortable and durable – giving your outdoor living space an inviting ambiance.