Protect Your Patio Furniture With Outdoor Furniture Covers

outdoor patio furniture covers

Outdoor furniture covers protect patio tables and chairs from damage caused by the sun, wind and rain. Easy to use, they keep furniture looking its best without necessitating removal for cleaning purposes.

Select covers designed specifically to protect lounge furniture, dining tables and fire pit tables. Many come in neutral tones such as canvas khaki to blend in seamlessly.

Durable Fabric

Fabric used to construct outdoor furniture covers plays an integral part in their strength and longevity. A range of framing materials are available that can be used, each having different advantages and disadvantages depending on climate conditions in different regions across the United States.

Woven polyester fabrics such as Sunbrella and Tempotest are highly durable fabrics designed to protect patio tables, lounge chairs, sofas, grills and umbrellas for years. Water- and moldproof yet breathable enough for air circulation under cover; no mold growth under their protection either! They also do not fade from UV rays and absorb sunrays like other covers can. It makes these fabric covers an excellent way of shielding furniture against the elements!

Acrylic fabrics make great outdoor furniture covers because they’re breathable and will keep you cool in hot weather, are easy to maintain, clean up easily, withstand sun exposure, and look new year after year. Olefin covers are another lightweight breathable choice made of synthetic material resistant to staining and fading that’s also resistant to rainy climates while being simple to maintain and clean up after.

Before ordering custom-made covers for outdoor furniture, it is crucial that you take precise measurements of it. Doing this ensures your cover fits snugly and won’t blow off in heavy winds or slip off during an inclement storm. Some covers even come equipped with tie around cords and elasticized seams that add extra protection and locks that secure them to furniture; alternatively you could simply use rope or tie ties instead if this add-on costs too much money for you.

Waterproof Coating

Wind and water damage to outdoor furniture is no secret; however, many don’t realize sun damage can be just as detrimental. That is why investing in waterproof covers with UV-stability coating will protect your furniture for many years from direct sunlight’s damaging rays.

Waterproof covers will also protect furniture against stains and mold growth while repelling dust and dirt. Fabric selection plays an integral part in how well a furniture cover performs in different weather conditions; teak furniture is an ideal option for outdoor use as its strength can withstand even nature’s toughest elements, making it an excellent material choice for making long-lasting furniture covers.

Choose a cover with air vents to allow moisture trapped under it to escape, thus reducing mold, mildew and rust development on your furniture. Double stitched covers may also decrease seam tears more effectively.

As it will provide optimal protection, always select a cover sized specifically to the pieces in your furniture set. Furthermore, secure it using straps, buckles, elastic hem cord, or fasteners so it stays put – this prevents it from blowing away in the wind and becoming damaged. Finally, quality furniture covers should be easy to store away when not in use so that more frequent usage can extend its lifespan and extend its life.

Snug Measurements

Furniture covers require snug measurements for maximum effectiveness. Achieve this is by selecting covers with snug measurements; these ensure they stay on and remain on your furniture when not in use, and provide an even tighter fit against it, which helps protect from moisture or mildew settling in between use – potentially shortening its lifespan over time and shortening its lifecycle. Furthermore, fitting covers made with snug measurements make cleaning much simpler; just throw them into the wash for quick maintenance!

Your outdoor patio furniture represents a substantial investment, so it only makes sense to secure it all year long. Shielding dining tables, chairs and lounge chairs from rain, direct sun rays, high winds and dust is key. Protective covers for each piece in your set can allow you to fully appreciate outdoor living space without being bothered by damaging elements ruining their set.


Wind can easily lift off unsecure furniture covers, leaving them vulnerable to the elements. To protect against this happening, opt for covers equipped with tie-down straps that connect directly to the legs of your furniture – this feature can especially come in handy during stormy conditions or strong winds.

There are various tie-down options available to keep furniture covers in place, including snap buttons, hook and loop fasteners (commonly known as Velcro), and push clips. Snap buttons offer quick and easy attachment, with the additional benefit of being resistant against rust. They’re an excellent solution for outdoor furniture covers requiring quick-and-easy closure. Hook and loop fasteners (often known as Velcro) offer more versatile solutions suited to fastening covers to legs of furniture with their two strips each featuring miniature hooks and loops which contact each other upon contact and adhere together immediately – ideal for outdoor covers requiring quick-and easy attachment.

For a permanent solution, install ground anchors in your backyard to hold down the base of your furniture covers. These metal stakes can be driven into the ground to form a sturdy foundation for them. Or alternatively use bungee cords as flexible tie points; bungee cords work well for various furniture covers such as ottoman and fire pit covers.

Remain Covered When Not in Use

Assuring that outdoor furniture remains covered when not in use can extend its life considerably, protecting it from UV rays, excess moisture and mildew growth, dust build-up, which causes faded colors, dust accumulation and prevents dust build-up on patio chairs, dining tables chaise lounges and fire pits alike. There is bound to be one suitable cover available that fits each piece in your collection of outdoor furnishings!

As it is important to select durable fabric for furniture covers, in order to extend their longevity and prevent them from getting damaged by abrasions or chemicals, polyethylene- or polyester-based fabrics are an ideal choice as these materials are known for their strength and resilience. Furthermore, water resistance features helps prevent moisture and dirt accumulation on furniture surfaces. Plus these covers come with various colors and patterns – perfect for making a statement with outdoor decor!

Keep your covers secure to ensure that they remain in place even during extreme gusts of wind. Without tie-downs in place, the covers could easily blow away and land on another property if no tie-downs exist – avoid this by tying ropes around their legs or using grommets and D-rings to attach them directly to furniture.

Maintaining clean furniture covers is also key for maintaining the appearance of newness. If unsure as to when they should be washed, referring to manufacturer specifications or consulting a professional may help determine how frequently to do it. If machine washing is not an option for you, hand scrubbing with soapy water can still keep them looking their best!