Five Types of Family Leisure Patio Furniture

family leisure patio furniture

If your outdoor space lacks elegance or cozy spots to take in its surroundings, adding patio furniture can transform it. No matter if it’s entertaining a crowd or simply taking in nature at its best – Family Leisure has seating solutions tailored to meet all of your needs!

Family Leisure is currently testing out a smaller store format in Carmel that provides customers with a unique shopping experience tailored to the needs of local shoppers, offering swimming pools, pool supplies and patio furniture products for purchase.

Counter Height Seating

Counter height seating requires chairs or stools that are approximately 12 inches shorter than the table surface, according to most furniture manufacturers. Whether it is a dining table, bar stool or cushioned bench for your kitchen island – there is likely something suitable!

Family Leisure provides an impressive selection of outdoor dining patio furniture sets to meet every size and seating need from premier furniture manufacturers. We carry both stationary and swivel chairs along with stationary/swivel tables – many collections can even be tailored specifically to meet your space and seating requirements!

Hanamint and Gensun offer odd-sized tables which are perfect for those difficult to fill spaces, while we carry 30″, 36″, and 42″ wrought iron tables from Woodard that provide that “bistro” aesthetic to spaces with limited deck area or who desire the “bistro look.” Most pieces can be purchased with cushion fabrics available immediately or custom fabrics can also be created to meet individual preferences.

Balcony Tables

Family Leisure carries balcony tables from Hanamint, Gensun and Woodard which seat four comfortably to help make enjoying morning coffee on your balcony more pleasurable. These smaller than patio dining sets can fit under railings or in tight spaces more easily.

Family Leisure can help you be the hostess with the mostest! No matter whether it’s seating 10 for regular social gatherings or enjoying dinner on a paver patio with stunning views – they have tables ranging from 60″ octagonal to 42″ square tables that come in different styles and colors to complement any decor style!

Our balcony tables come paired with an assortment of chairs from swivel to stationary to sling that you can mix and match to suit any space or aesthetic. Built for longevity, these pieces come adorned with different finishes and fabrics from top manufacturers; including cast aluminum, extruded aluminum, wood poly lumber wicker. Many tables can even be customized with customized color combinations sure to complete any interior setting!

As soon as you’re back from a long week it’s nice to kick back with a drink and admire the view. Balcony chairs can add style and comfort to your relaxation spot; we carry classic to contemporary options in wood, metal, resin wicker fabric from some of the leading names in business as well as low to bar height pieces so that your legs won’t get tired after sitting for several hours or two!

Deep Seating

Deep seating chairs and ottomans are essential pieces for family patio leisure furniture, creating intentional areas of lounging or socializing with tables to match. Lounge chairs provide design versatility and comfort that cannot be rivaled by other patio pieces; perfect for sprawling backyards, cozy patios and all sizes of spaces alike – even offering footstools to turn them into recliner sofas!

While traditional woven wicker chairs can succumb to natural elements over time, Compamia’s Miami deep seating set stands up well against both natural hazards and those caused by guests at parties. Crafted with proprietary wickerlook material that looks and feels similar to woven wicker but won’t unravel; resin materials stand up well against extreme heat, harsh UV rays, rain, snow, suntan lotions, saltwater chlorination and chlorine making this set an excellent option for outdoor use.

Familie Leisure understands the importance of finding the perfect table size for any space and offers a selection of dining tables ranging from small round bistro tables to large octagonal and square patio tables, including some that accommodate deep seating pieces for extra comfort no matter the size of your patio.

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Bistro Sets

Enhance any patio into an intimate dining experience with bistro sets. These small-scale sets typically consist of a table positioned at chair height, featuring either a beautiful slatted design or glass tabletop, made from materials such as wicker and cast aluminum, which offer various color choices ranging from classic cherry red hues to pop hues painted onto them.

Bistro sets are an excellent way for homes and commercial spaces alike to create the ambiance of a cafe or cozy breakfast spot, or use as the main seating for a patio bar. Add an umbrella-topped patio space, wall lamps or ceiling-mounted lamps for an unforgettable evening atmosphere!

Family leisure furniture offers you many choices when it comes to creating the look and feel you desire for your outdoor space. Get creative by mixing odd sized tables or even going without chairs altogether to save space; just remember not to limit yourself by preconceived notions about how your patio should appear!

Ideally, when setting out to transform your patio into an area you’ll enjoy all year round, take the time and care necessary in finding pieces to suit the task. Armed with pencil and paper, measure your space carefully then sketch a rough diagram to help gauge which items might work. Don’t forget about exterior walls, existing furniture and walkways when doing your measurements so you’ll know which items fit where. Once all this information has been taken care of you can assemble your furniture with confidence!