Tall Patio Furniture Helps Everyone Enjoy the Outdoors

tall patio furniture

Tall patio furniture provides everyone in the family, including children and guests, the chance to take pleasure in outdoor living spaces. Choose comfortable yet sturdy designs that accommodate people of various body sizes.

Outdoor tables and chairs come in standard heights that accommodate for small bistro tables to large dining sets that can seat dozens. By understanding standard table and chair heights, you can better select pieces suitable for your backyard retreat.

Dining Tables

Dining tables are the centerpieces of your dining room and provide the centerpiece for family meals and dinner parties alike, providing ample seating capacity.

No matter your design preferences, there is an ample variety of dining table designs and shapes available when selecting one for yourself. Rectangular tables work particularly well in most spaces as they accommodate multiple guests at the same time for large-scale entertaining; each adult place setting should ideally occupy 12-15 inches on the surface of the table surface. If space is an issue, pair a rectangular dining table with long benches that can be stored under its table when not needed to free up more floor space when not being used.

Round dining tables work beautifully when placed against square or rounded corners to create intimate seating areas, perfect for small spaces like apartments. When combined with matching dining chairs such as our Laurel Ridge swivel high chair in various finishes they create more intimate settings.

If you host frequent family dinners, consider an extendable dining table which allows you to expand the seating capacity as needed. Be sure to measure the space where your dining table will go and ensure there is at least three feet of clearance on either side so chairs can be pulled out without impeding traffic flow. A solid wood trestle table such as our Bonstonian Trestle dining table works beautifully in rustic settings while an oak or walnut wood table with more refined features would suit a transitional or contemporary dining room decor perfectly.

Bistro Tables

Bistro tables are an ideal addition to any outdoor dining space. Their compact dimensions take up minimal space, allowing you to fit a table and chairs into tight corners or under an umbrella without taking up much room. There is an array of materials available, from wood like Houe’s Circum Round Bistro Table which blends natural with classic aesthetics for an inviting look, to metal such as Skaargarden Reso Table which features sleek modern styles capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions.

Bistro tables make an eye-catching statement in any outdoor patio setting, from modern dining chairs to classic wood swivel swivel chairs. Available in various sizes to meet any space requirement and in an array of colors that complement existing decor schemes, bistro tables make an impressive centerpiece for your patio space.

Bistro tables make an excellent addition to intimate balconies or porches, providing the perfect setting to share coffee and conversation with friends. A bistro table measuring 24-30 inches in diameter will comfortably seat two people, while larger bistro tables may accommodate more guests or groups. Some such as Mamagreen’s Zupy Bistro Table fold up for easy storage during off-season storage periods; colorful mosaic tile tables add eye-catching flair while being easy to maintain by wiping with damp cloth after each use.

End Tables

End tables are an elegant way to complete your seating area with stylish accent pieces that add surface space and storage for your belongings. Many also make great displays for potted plants or floral arrangements in decorative vases. Furthermore, end tables can serve as ideal locations to place reading materials and show off photos from loved ones in decorative frames.

When selecting an end table, its height and size should be carefully considered. Aim for something that sits roughly at the same level as your sofa arm or chair to achieve a balanced look and doesn’t exceed a few inches above your sofa seat for optimal comfort.

Wood end tables offer stability and classic designs, while lightweight plastic options can be water resistant. Glass tops add modern flare to any setting; alternatively you may find reclaimed wood tops for a unique aesthetic and earthy style.

Look at a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes when selecting accent tables for your home. Consider the Laurel Ridge collection of high-top chairs with matching side and end tables for an elegant aesthetic – its textured pewter finish complementing slate blue sling chairs perfectly matches its stamped metal end table top. Or shop Magnussen’s Stratton accent table featuring warm nutmeg finish pine veneer and weathered bronze hardware.

Coffee Tables

A coffee table is essential in creating an inviting living room, offering both style and function. Style it to fit in perfectly with woven rugs, cushy sofas and curvaceous ceramic lamps for an original look that speaks of you and only you. Plus, some coffee tables even provide built-in storage solutions to keep items out of sight yet within reach!

Finding the ideal table for your space means taking into account its size and layout. A coffee table should ideally sit around the same height as your sofa seat so that drinks and other necessities are within easy reach from a sitting position; too high and it might impede traffic or become a trip hazard.

Many of these tables feature built-in shelves or drawers for additional storage needs, providing an ideal way to tuck away remote controls, board games, art books and even decorative collections of special items out of sight yet within easy reach.

Coffee tables provide another important function in your seating area: they serve as the centerpiece. A striking table can add visual interest while acting as an instant ice-breaker when guests visit. For an eye-catching statement piece, consider Roatan coffee table’s organic shape which brings nature indoors.

Counter Height Tables

Counter height tables are an attractive and functional addition to any dining room, offering both style and function in your home. While this trend has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, if you take time to evaluate your needs and preferences prior to purchasing this type of table you could bring both form and function into your space.

Counter height tables typically measure 34-36 inches tall and make an excellent addition to spaces with smaller or lower ceilings than traditional dining rooms. Their height helps create an open and airy ambience in any space they occupy, and also make entertaining easier as these tables pair easily with counter height chairs or stools that provide additional seating when necessary.

Counter tables’ elevated design makes them easier to clean underneath, which can be especially helpful if you have pets or children that tend to make messes. This feature makes them far superior to regular dining tables which may prove more difficult to keep clean under due to their larger dimensions.

Are you in the market for a versatile table for your dining area? Check out our selection of counter height tables; these versatile pieces come in an assortment of sizes, shapes and finishes to meet any need or taste.

Bar Height Tables & Stools

Designs created to promote comfort are crucial to helping everyone in your family relax easily. Start by measuring the height of your table or countertop, and selecting bar stools with seats that complement it comfortably – 28-30″ dining-height chairs provide sufficient seating height, while 40-42″ counter and bar-height tables will be more suitable.

Pub or bar tables and stools add casual flair to outdoor spaces and are the perfect solution for families that don’t view dinnertime as an elegant affair. People can stretch their legs out, unlike standard dining-height furniture which leaves feet hanging off of its end chair. When browsing seats for your new pub table, look for ones equipped with footrests and tall backs; this style provides added support for taller family members, making diningtime much more comfortable!

No matter the kind of seat you select, it’s crucial that it be made from durable materials like powder-coated aluminum and teak wood. These sturdy materials won’t rust, corrode or splinter even after years of exposure to weather elements; moreover, they’ll easily support the weight of family members, including young children.