Elevate Your Backyard Lounge With Patio Bed Furniture

Refresh your backyard lounge experience with patio daybed furniture. Opt for a comfortable sofa or canopy daybed that boasts sturdy construction – ideal for lounging under the sun or stars.

This outdoor daybed upgrade adds a luxurious touch to hotel rooftops, bar patios and residential spaces. Some assembly is required; seat cushions feature water resistance as well as being mildew resistant and stain proof.


Teak wood’s natural good looks and durability make it an attractive option for patio furniture. Shop tables, benches, and chairs crafted of teak at west elm to enhance your backyard oasis. Add a table with thick plank top and clean lines for contemporary aesthetic or go for traditional dining set with bench seating to accommodate more guests. Teak outdoor dining chairs pair perfectly with Sunbrella cushions which protect them against mold mildew growth as well as UV radiation exposure from direct sunlight.

Add an outdoor lounge bed for an original twist! From luxurious chaise lounges, these beds provide the ultimate relaxation spot in which to take afternoon naps or unwind after an exhausting day outdoors. These beds can work wonders in residential outdoor spaces with privacy curtains and mounds of pillows adorning them, or can form part of a spacious deep seating collection.

Outdoor daybeds are also great additions to resort patios and bar spaces in commercial environments, providing an eye-catching focal point and communal lounging area for large groups or parties. The Cane Line Peacock daybed features Asian design elements with Grade A Indonesian teak to achieve an upscale aesthetic.

Teak wood is an exceptionally hardwearing material, known for withstanding virtually every weather condition imaginable. Thanks to its natural oil content, its surface resists raindrops, snowfall, humidity conditions and other forms of moisture which would normally damage most other wood species. Over time it ages into an attractive silvery gray patina without the need for staining. Teak is harvested sustainably and kiln-dried before being sold – its distinctive knots, whirls and grains add character and style that enhance lakehouse decks, apartment balconies and outdoor living spaces alike! Patio beds crafted out of teak are stunning additions for lakehouse decks, balcony terraces or any outdoor living spaces!

Synthetic Resin

Synthetic resin is a high molecular weight polymer made by chemically altering low molecular weight materials like coal tar or natural gas products to produce polymers with specific properties. They can be found in paints, coatings, adhesives and insulation as well as being the raw material for plastics production and other uses.

Resin furniture is often chosen because it stands up well against environmental elements, from rain and snowfall, sleet and moisture. Furthermore, resin wicker can be easily cleaned – simply rinse off with water or wipe down with cloth – plus it won’t crack or break like natural wicker can over time.

Synthetic wicker furniture comes in an assortment of colors and weaves to find the ideal match for any home environment. Some brands utilize both natural and synthetic materials for extra strength and beauty, as well as aluminum frames that won’t rust in any climate conditions.

Artificial wicker offers several advantages over its natural counterpart, including more affordable pricing and greater longevity. While it may not match up in appearance to rattan or bamboo, synthetic wicker is still a fantastic addition to your patio as it won’t chip, crack or scratch with use and can be cleaned with either soap and water or hosed down easily if it becomes stained from outdoor exposure. Plus it won’t fade!

Synthetic wicker furniture is more cost-effective and easier to care for than natural varieties, thanks to its synthetic composition which resists damage caused by inclement weather and can be cleaned using either water or mild detergent solutions. Plus, its lightweight nature makes it perfect for patios where it can easily be moved around without taking up valuable patio space.

Keep in mind that not all synthetic resins are created equal. When shopping for home furnishings made of synthetic resins, make sure they meet stringent emission limits by looking for high-quality brands without harmful pollutants and look out for an EMICODE EC1 quality seal to make sure what you buy meets EMICODE emissions limits and thus help safeguard you and your family against toxic substances in home furnishings.


Metal patio furniture used to be limited to industrial-looking spaces, but today there are numerous stylish aluminum designs that complement a variety of design aesthetics. From sleek contemporary pieces to cozy traditional ones, aluminum outdoor furniture can fit virtually any deck or porch and is very affordable yet long-term durable as its material does not rust easily and supports large numbers of people for extended periods.

Aluminum patio furniture can be easily formed into various shapes, resembling antique wrought iron designs without its weight and corrosion issues. Modern chairs and lounges combine modern with industrial styling while more classic dining sets and sofas come powder coated in various colors to complement the decor of any backyard retreat.

Aluminium furniture stands out as it does not rust due to being non-ferrous metal and possessing molecular properties that prevent it from being damaged by moisture and rain, making it the ideal material for patio furniture in areas with extreme climate conditions.

Aluminum surfaces are easy to maintain, with just water being enough for routine cleanups. A dry brush or scrubber can also be used to quickly scrub away grime and residue build-up on its surface. For dull areas that have calcium buildup on them, a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 9 parts water may help revitalize them further while helping remove calcium buildup as well.

Patio Productions’ aluminum outdoor furniture collection will help you find the ideal pieces to complete your patio space. Discover stylish chairs and sofas perfect for relaxing afternoons reading a book or hosting outdoor dinner parties, chaises providing poolside tanning spots, daybeds offering maximum comfort, chaise loungers offering tanning spots by the poolside tanning spot, chaise loungers providing poolside tanning spots, as well as chaises providing tanning spots at poolside tanning spots and daybeds offering ultimate relaxation – these aluminum furnishings make wonderful additions to any backyard retreat and will surely impress guests as they enjoy exploring your gorgeous backyard retreat!