Buying Assembled Patio Furniture

assembled patio furniture

Assembly patio furniture allows you to easily create an eye-catching outdoor space. However, there are some key considerations before purchasing assembled furniture; such as eligibility limitations for assembly services and additional fees.

Many customers have noted the professionalism, attention to detail and courteous behavior of Home Depot assemblers during assembly processes as an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Easy to Assemble

When purchasing patio furniture, ease of assembly should be top of mind. Spend your time relaxing and enjoying the outdoors rather than trying to decipher confusing instructions or dealing with difficult tools. Home Depot’s convenient assembly services can help get your new set assembled faster so that you can begin using it right away!

When buying patio furniture sets, it is wise to inquire with the retailer regarding their assembly service offerings. Depending on the item in question, assembly services could even be purchased along with your purchase to save both time and money by eliminating multiple payments for services separately.

Assembling patio furniture can be an intimidating task if you lack experience. Hiring professional services may help to avoid costly mistakes and ensure your furniture is assembled correctly; their skilled hands will follow manufacturer instructions and complete the task swiftly ensuring safe use. However, professional assembly costs more than DIY options so if budget restrictions exist it may be cheaper to purchase pre-assembled patio furniture from local stores instead.

Though most people assume assembling patio furniture is challenging, it can actually be simpler than you imagine. Many pieces available at Home Depot have been specifically designed to make assembly simpler than ever; many pieces come flat packed and come complete with detailed instructions so you don’t have to struggle through complex instructions on your own and save both time and money by getting things assembled quickly and effortlessly.

Assembly usually takes between two and six hours depending on the size and complexity of furniture you need assembled. To start the process, just add it to your cart and select “add assembly services” at checkout; then a Tasker will come directly to your home to assemble your pieces and weatherproof/haul away any debris, as needed. All this can be completed online so that you can review their profiles prior to hiring one!


Assembled patio furniture offers you peace of mind, knowing it has been fully inspected and assembled for you to use without worrying about breaking down or becoming damaged by harsh weather conditions. Plus, this style provides more cohesion within your outdoor area!

When purchasing assembled outdoor furniture, having it delivered directly to your home can save both time and hassle. Delivery services tend to be much more cost-effective than hiring someone to come assemble it themselves, plus this option comes with all packaging supplies as well as warranties.

An advantage of purchasing assembled outdoor furniture is its ease of maintenance and cleaning. Many pieces are constructed using weather-resistant materials like wood and wicker that can withstand weather without cracking or rotting, and can be quickly and easily cleaned by using water-based cleaners or mild detergent. As seasons change, make sure you wipe down your outdoor furniture to remove any dirt or mold build-up; this will keep it looking its best all year long.


Assuming you want reliable patio furniture, search for pieces made of rustproof painted iron or other long-term materials like stainless steel that have no screws at their joints; also prefer items assembled via welding since screw assembly tends to create more points of failure and is less long-term and resilient.

Before beginning to assemble your furniture, ensure the work area is clear and free of clutter. Assembled furniture often includes screws, bolts, caps and other small parts; to avoid them scattering all over your workspace use sandwich bags or containers to contain them. Having an assistant present during assembly helps so you can focus on reading instructions and finding each piece more easily.

Other costs to keep in mind include local material/equipment delivery charges and service provider transportation fees to your worksite. In addition, it may be necessary to spend money preparing the site by protecting existing structures and finishes as well as cleaning up and disposing of waste, as well as testing/remediating any hazardous materials on site.


Assembly furniture can be an easy and stylish way to add comfort and style to your patio without all the work involved in building it yourself. Not only is assembling outdoor furniture convenient, it can also save both time and energy when it comes to budget-minded patio decorating – plus there is sure to be something suitable that fits both budget and style needs!

Ohana 7 piece outdoor patio furniture set costs less than $350 and comes fully assembled, boasting high-grade PE resin wicker handwoven around a powder-coated aluminum frame that’s built to withstand any environmental condition. Customize seating arrangements using modular pieces or select from comfortable zippered Sunbrella or Supercrylic cushions in different colors for even further personalization.

Hartman Furniture also offers this modern Narvik bench from Hartman Furniture as an option. With its simple yet stylish design, this piece can easily pair with its matching coffee table for an integrated look. Crafted from weather-resistant UV-treated wood and durable wicker materials, all assembly hardware parts are included for assembly of this durable bench.

Build your own DIY patio table and chair from repurposed materials with ease using this 2-foot by 4-foot side table project. Completed in about one day, this easy project makes for the ideal spot for drinks or snacks – and can even come complete with instructions and diagrams! For this free download plan featuring instructions and diagrams.

If assembling furniture is becoming an ordeal for you, hire a Tasker instead. They have years of experience assembling any brand of outdoor furniture and bring all necessary tools directly to your home – even helping move patio sets out of storage or back out again when summer rolls around!