Sun Garden Umbrella Parts

sun garden umbrella parts

As time passes and prolonged exposure to UV rays and seasonal changes damage sun garden umbrellas, their durability begins to fade over time. Luckily, top shade manufacturers sell replacement parts individually so you can keep your patio shade looking its best!

Before trying to remove or install new accessories on a rib assembly with screws or hex bolts, always review the manufacturer’s installation guides thoroughly to ensure compatibility and ensure removal or installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Union Nut

A union nut is used to connect two different pieces of pipe together. With M18 thread size and suitable for outer diameter of 12mm pipe, this union nut can connect different pipes together easily. Furthermore, its compression ring fitting makes tightening it even simpler, while its female threads enable effortless attachment.

The ball joint 14 is held securely within a socket 18 that consists of a sleeve 20 that grips onto ball 16. When pivoted approximately 90 degrees towards arm 6, its neck fits snugly within recess 24.

Security Devices serve to secure the connection between the sleeve and head of an umbrella. The securing device consists of threaded security screws 52 attached to the crown of the umbrella that extend through bores in its sleeve to bores in its socket sleeve; when tightened they abut against arresting body 28 to prevent unintended loosening of umbrella. Furthermore, springs located inside and around its screw spindle ensure rotatably fixing to socket, with projecting spring ends which abut against arresting body 28 to prevent loosening by accidental unintended loosening unintendedly.

Reducer Socket

Reducer Socket is a malleable iron reducing coupling with female threaded connections used to join pipes of different sizes together on one axis. It can be found on the Sun Garden “Easy Sun” Europe Cantilever Patio Umbrella which is 100% European handcrafted. Constructed using German engineering for optimal performance in any weather condition; easily opens or closes; rotates 20 locking positions and must be weighted with sand (not included).

KD Swivel Mechanism

Rotating mechanisms allow garden umbrellas to be adjusted at various angles and are usually integrated into decorative base cowlings. Used internally on standing poles to allow full rotation, they can be manually controlled or via switch fitted at base for easy adjustment.

An umbrella rotation base may include a first support with a concave portion disposed therein and a second support that is rotatably coupled to it via a control device at its pivot point, including engagement features for engaging radial projections on said second support sprocket sprocket. Movement of said control device causes disengagement with this engagement feature from engaging these projections, permitting rotation of second support.

One advantage of the arrangement is that engagement features 250 are located on the same side of the second support as actuator 200, enabling lateral members 224A and 224B to contact edges of radial projections without exerting unnecessary force on it.

Easy Sun Canopy

The Easy Sun Canopy offers shelter for six to eight people. Watertight and blocking up to 98% of harmful UV rays, it also serves as temporary shelter in light rain showers. Made of polyester with silver coating which keeps sun’s harmful UV rays at bay – making this canopy suitable for camping trips, beach vacations or long weekends in the sun!

Elegant, Stylish and Balanced Performance all thanks to German Engineering The original Sun Garden “Easy Sun” Europe Cantilever Patio Umbrella is designed with German engineering for sleek style and balanced performance in mind, opening or closing in under one minute, rotating 360 degrees with 20 locking positions for optimal shading options, all made from all weather materials to withstand harshest environments with limited 2-year warranty protection.

This model features a Heather Color Canopy with a Bronze Frame. Purchase includes both umbrella and base that must be weighted using sand or pea gravel (not included). Furthermore, its instruction manual details components for mounting its bottom pole onto concrete or deck surfaces.