Patio Furniture Covers

patio furniture covers

Patio furniture covers provide your outdoor furniture with essential protection from rain, wind and UV rays. Easy to maintain and long-term use are guaranteed with these covers; just ensure it fits each piece precisely to avoid moisture building up underneath causing mildew and rot problems.


Waterproof patio furniture covers can help safeguard outdoor furniture against rain, bird droppings, dirt and other elements. They also prevent drying out and fading of furniture. When selecting a waterproof cover for your furniture, keep quality and durability in mind, along with ease of fitting – loose covers could become unattached in windy weather while too-tight covers may leave gaps where dust can collect.

A waterproof cover should be made of material that is strong yet lightweight, as well as breathable to allow moisture to escape from under the cover. While some covers claim to be waterproof, their fabric still allows moisture through and may lead to mold or mildew growth even when tighty fitted to furniture.

Fabric selection for outdoor patio furniture covers is another crucial aspect. Vinyl and polyester provide exceptional UV ray, heavy rain, and wind protection; those looking for an economical solution should opt for vinyl while those seeking long-term, weather-resistant coverage should choose polyester covers.

Use an outdoor furniture cover to safeguard your investment and extend its lifespan, protecting chairs, tables, and other pieces of patio furniture from weather damage and sun exposure. A high-quality waterproof cover will keep it looking new for many years ahead – take measurements if you need help selecting an appropriate cover to fit perfectly! You’ll find these covers online or at local stores – an affordable way to safeguard against potential disaster.

Make sure that your waterproof furniture covers are securely fastened to your patio furniture. A strap, Velcro closures, zipper fasteners, leg ties or elastic hems will all work to secure them firmly against windy conditions while keeping away from rubbing against furniture corners and edges. For odd-shaped items look for covers with straps or drawcords that wrap 360 degrees around them for extra security.


Protective covers for outdoor chairs can help prevent fading, dirt build-up and structural damage due to weather and sunlight, keeping seating clean and ready for use. They’re easy to use; no rusting or scratching; plus moisture doesn’t penetrate rusty metal and mildew develops under their fabric cover!

UV-resistant patio covers are constructed from materials that filter out harmful UV rays from the sun, creating a comfortable and safe outdoor living space for you and your family to enjoy. Not only are they an investment for your home, but their low maintenance requirements mean you’ll enjoy it for many years!

Oval outdoor table covers come in an assortment of colors and patterns to meet any aesthetic preference, making it easy to find something suitable. Aluminum and wood table covers offer classic touches for an inviting outdoor living area while fabric and plastic patio covers offer lightweight installation solutions.

National Patio Covers provides various brands of oval outdoor table covers, such as Seasons, Portofino and Regent, that are designed to withstand sun, rain, snow and wind gusts. Seasons and Portofino utilize durable fabrics treated for UV protection while Regent is made using 100% solution-dyed Sunbrella fabric that won’t fade with use.

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Patio furniture covers provide an effective means of shielding outdoor furniture from the elements, such as UV rays from the sun’s UV rays, rain and snowfall, dirt and dust accumulation, easy clean-up and extended product lifespan. Patio covers come in all sizes and styles – you may even find one designed specifically to protect certain pieces such as mesh panels that let air in for condensation reduction; others have double layers to safeguard from both moisture accumulation as well as insects.

Vinyl outdoor furniture covers are water-resistant, making them suitable for humid climates. Vinyl covers can also be easily cleaned, while being resistant to mildew and rot. Cotton or polyester covers also make good outdoor covers, being both economical and long-lasting while withstanding various weather conditions; some even come with drawstring closures to prevent it from blowing off in windy conditions.

Cover protectors serve primarily to safeguard furniture against the elements; however, they can also add style and flair to outdoor living spaces. When selecting one to complement the decor of your home and ensure it breathes freely to avoid mold growth underneath its fabric lining; doing this will keep your furniture dry!

There are various outdoor furniture covers on the market, but it is important to carefully consider both your needs and budget before making a purchase. Some covers are available in multiple colors and shapes; some even feature built-in pockets for cushions! Vents help reduce interior condensation and wind resistance resistance; you might even find ones that come with an 1-year warranty so you can rest easy knowing they will hold up over time.


Patio furniture covers provide your outdoor furniture with protection from sun, rain, dust and dirt – an invaluable investment to ensure it keeps looking its best for years! They can protect chairs, lounges, tables and grills alike with tailored covers made of high-quality materials with long lifespan. These custom covers come in all sorts of styles and sizes that offer you plenty of choice when selecting the ideal product to protect it!

These covers are specifically tailored to fit perfectly over your patio furniture, typically constructed of waterproof materials. Elastic piping along the seams enables these covers to expand and contract with each furniture piece for an optimal fit; additionally, this prevents tears as you remove them from your furniture. Furthermore, most patio furniture covers come complete with air circulation channels and moisture absorption capabilities – something patio covers do not do well.

People typically store their outdoor furniture covers in a cool and dry location, and should regularly wash them to prevent mildew or mold growth. A gentle soap with cold water should be used, as hot water may damage them. After cleaning them thoroughly it’s important to dry the covers completely so they won’t rip or tear while drying is also vitally important to ensuring durability of their structure.

Covers for outdoor furniture provide more than just weather protection – they also can serve as extra storage solutions and protect cushions and pillows from dirt. With various sizes and fabrics to choose from, there’s sure to be one perfect for you. Plus, some can even be personalized with embroidery or custom logos to make them even more stylish.

Patios provide a relaxing escape in our busy lives, and can easily become transformed with furniture and accessories that add style. However, over time the beauty of your retreat can quickly fade if left exposed to rain, snow and wind damage that could result in costly damages to furnishings. Patio furniture covers come in various styles to fit into any outdoor decor; many even come equipped with convenient features like tie-strings or spring cinch locks to provide added protection against these forces of nature.