How to Find the Best Price on Patio Furniture

best price on patio furniture

If you want the best price on patio furniture, shopping around can help secure you an ideal deal. Seasonal sales on furniture and accessories such as side tables and lanterns may occur from August through October when retailers attempt to make room for fall merchandise.

As late winter and early spring nears, you could also find deals on outdoor furniture.


If you have a large patio or deck space, selecting furniture to make it the ideal place for relaxation and entertainment is key to its success. Online is usually where you’ll find the best prices on patio furniture; browse a wide selection without leaving home; also consider accessories like cushions, outdoor rugs and planters when searching.

Your choice of material for patio furniture will impact its lifespan. If you want something long-term, opt for weatherproof woods such as teak or wrought iron. Plastic and all-weather wicker are also popular affordable choices while metal should be coated with rust-proofing agent to shield it from the elements.

Before purchasing patio furniture, take the time to carefully evaluate your space and identify what size sofa or dining set would best suit it. Doing this will prevent overspending or purchasing pieces which are too small for your backyard.

Pre-season sales take place annually between March and April, providing you with access to discounts of up to 20% from certain retailers. It’s a great opportunity to find all of the newest styles and colors before they hit store shelves!

End-of-season sales offer another great opportunity to find affordable outdoor furniture. Retailers clear out summer stock in August, September and October in order to make room for fall merchandise; therefore patio furniture selection may become limited over time; thus you may have to settle for less stylish or timeless pieces as time progresses.

Quality patio furniture is an investment that will add timeless charm to your home for years. To get the best value, shop from reputable furniture retailers that provide free shipping, low price guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction guarantees – this way you’re assured you are getting an unbeatable deal and can have peace of mind knowing you got a fantastic value.


No matter if it’s for hosting a cocktail party with friends or snuggling under a sunset blanket with someone special, patio furniture plays an integral part in creating your outdoor living space. But with so many styles to choose from, how do you find the best value price?

Shopping for patio furniture requires several considerations, including materials and budget. Finding furniture that complements both your outdoor space and climate should also be key; investing in high quality durable pieces will allow you to get more out of your investment and will last years into the future.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales offer incredible savings on outdoor furniture purchases, with retailers providing deep discounts for items like side tables and umbrellas. End-of-season and holiday sales also present excellent opportunities to find patio furnishings at lower costs.

Coastal: Perfect for relaxing, coastal patio furniture typically features blue, white or pastel color palettes with resin wicker construction and nautical-themed decorative accessories. Rustic: Rustic patio furniture features distressed finishes and natural textures for an inviting backyard retreat experience.

Casual Patio Furniture: Classic and contemporary alike, casual patio furniture is designed to complement the design of any home’s outdoor area. Ranging from dining chairs to sectionals, this type of furniture makes for easy outdoor entertaining areas and features weather-resistant materials like teak and galvanized steel that provide durability in this regard.

To avoid overpaying for patio furniture, keep an eye out for sales and discounts at both national and local retailers. Sign up for email lists of your favorite stores so as to take advantage of exclusive offers and promotions; additionally check local classified ads offering new or gently used patio furniture at a fraction of its retail cost; alternatively online marketplaces like Craigslist or eBay may provide various solutions; additionally if you have unused patio furniture laying around try selling it in garage sales, donation centers or junk removal services for extra cash; recycle existing pieces to dispose of responsibly


Due to its complex production process and use of premium-grade materials, patio furniture tends to be more costly than indoor furnishings. Seasonal demand also has an effect on its price during peak times; other factors affecting it may include additional features and accessories available as well as brand reputation.

Home furnishing retailers recognize the varying seasonal trends in the market and aim to meet them with sales throughout the year. For example, in spring and early summer consumers can take advantage of pre-season sales to save money on patio furniture styles and colors available during that season.

However, if you don’t care too much about having the latest designs in patio furniture and simply need something that fits within your budget, fall and winter can be an excellent time to purchase patio sets as many stores will offer huge markdowns on end-of-season inventory before making room for holiday merchandise.

Now is an excellent opportunity for you to find incredible patio furniture deals, especially if the set complements your current interior design scheme. Just keep in mind that it will need to be stored until temperatures warm back up again – don’t wait till spring to bring out those purchases.

Of course, patio furniture will often be on sale during holidays and special events like Memorial Day and Labor Day as demand decreases, leading stores to offer significant discounts in order to clear out old inventory at reduced costs.

At the end of summer, when retailers are stocking up for fall and winter inventory, is another good time to purchase patio furniture. At this point in time, there may be excellent offers available; the only drawback would be limited selection which requires flexibility in your search process.


Patio furniture discounts can often be found around holidays like Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day as these holidays often coincide with peak outdoor entertaining seasons. Shoppers may even find deals during winter sales as retailers make room for new styles by clearing out summer inventory.

Patio umbrellas are a favorite piece of outdoor furniture, offering protection from both the sun and any summer showers. Shopping during holiday sales typically results in discounts of over 20% off their regular price; in comparison, homeowners who wait until spring to buy one may end up paying the full amount.

Purchasing a patio table and chair set for your outdoor space should not be delayed until late fall, as stores usually reduce prices to make room for fall inventory in late August or October. This offers shoppers an excellent opportunity to score high-quality, unique patio sets at more reasonable prices; in contrast with peak summer months where stores tend to raise their prices due to higher demand – this means waiting with traditional and functional pieces such as patio table and chair sets until they go on sale later this season.