Skyline Outdoor Furniture – Designed to Last

skyline outdoor furniture

Skyline Design furniture will give your outdoor space an instant facelift, designed to inspire and amaze. They help bring your vision of beauty and function alive!

The Rodona Sofa exudes modern elegance while remaining luxuriously comfortable. Crafted from commercial-grade material, its sturdy build will transform your patio into a sophisticated sanctuary.


When investing in luxury outdoor furniture for your home, you want to be certain that the pieces can withstand the elements and stand the test of time. While some pieces might look nice at first glance, if left outdoors for prolonged periods they could quickly fade and wear out over time. At Skyline design we specialize in luxurious yet long-lasting pieces designed with this in mind; their luxurious yet durable furniture will maintain its stylish beauty year after year.

The company offers an impressive variety of seating solutions designed to meet every need. Ranging from lounge chairs and sofas, dining and accent tables, and even occasional pieces like poufs and ottomans – you are sure to find exactly what you are searching for in terms of aesthetic. Select from materials like rattan, wicker, teak or synthetic weaves for optimal relaxation or entertaining purposes.

Furniture from this brand is made of weather-resistant materials designed to stand the test of time. Each piece of furniture has been thoroughly inspected before shipping in order to meet high quality standards, with lifetime coverage against manufacturing defects offered as a warranty from them.

Skyline outdoor furniture stands out from other furniture companies by offering an all-encompassing warranty on its parts and components, such as its frame, webbing, cushioning and fabric. Furthermore, they also provide customers with a maintenance guide so they can take proper care in prolonging its lifespan for maximum return on investment.

Skyline Design furniture collection provides luxuriously comfortable yet durable outdoor furnishings that will turn any backyard into an extravagant paradise. Their exquisite contemporary designs have made a name for them in hotels, restaurants, resorts and homes worldwide for decades; earning the trust of decor enthusiasts as well as homeowners alike.

Skyline Design’s premium recycled poly outdoor furniture will transform your outdoor spaces into luxurious havens. Perfect for dining al fresco or entertaining friends, this furniture will become the centerpiece of your al fresco experience.


Skyline Design provides luxury outdoor furniture suitable for residential and commercial projects alike, including dining sets, living room sets, day beds, sun loungers and bar sets. Their pieces can withstand rain or shine with modern and sleek designs making them the perfect complement to a contemporary home or balcony setting.

This brand employs premium-grade synthetic weaving materials from Viro, Raucord by Rehau, and Ecolene to craft their range of premium quality products. These include chemical and UV resistance as well as all-weather proofness – making the furniture safe for the environment while 100% recyclable! Their products can be found worldwide in hotels, restaurants and resorts.

Quality construction and craftsmanship ensure that this furniture will stand the test of time, especially with proper care and maintenance. Regular upkeep is important if you want your piece to stay looking its best; doing this will also protect against weathering and sunlight exposure wearing away at its finish over time.

Another key element in the durability of this luxury outdoor furniture is its combination of aluminum and teak wood. Teak wood is known for being exceptionally resilient; it will not rot, warp, or expand when exposed to moisture; plus it’s easy to maintain with no special treatments needed to keep its lustrous look.

Skyline Design luxury wicker furniture is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Indonesia, creating one-of-a-kind pieces. This ensures each piece combines modern technology with century-old craftsmanship for maximum attention to detail.

Home Infatuation offers an exceptional selection of Skyline outdoor furniture for any project – including residential and hospitality projects as well as individual homeowner needs. With decades of experience serving both designers and individual homeowners alike.


Skyline outdoor furniture is built not only to be comfortable but to also withstand time. Skyline employs only the finest weaving materials to craft their luxury rattan furniture which will withstand the test of time. Their cushions feature high-grade polyurethane foam filling that’s covered by weather resistant fabric covering for easy maintenance – great additions for added comfort when indulging in any residential or commercial project! They offer various cushioning options as well, including high grade polyurethane foam filled cushions that feature weather-resistant fabric covering for weather resistant fabric covering and weather resistant fabric covering. Skyline have pieces available which cover every need: dining, loungers and daybeds which cover every possible scenario for every imaginable project whether residential or commercial.

Company is committed to creating an extraordinary experience for their clients. Their team of artisans are available to work closely with you in creating custom designs that match your vision – with luxurious outdoor furniture that will transform spaces into serene sanctuaries.

The firm utilizes innovative synthetic fibers that are chemical- and UV-resistent, all-weather proof, and have high tensile strength. Their frames are coated using a multi-stage powder coating process for unparalleled quality and protection from corrosion or blistering; cushions designed to stay cool even during hot temperatures; furniture is offered in many colors and finishes to fit into any aesthetic or theme.

Skyline Design furniture can be found in hotels and resorts worldwide. Their signature collections like Igloo, Spartan Journey and DYNASTY KUBU can be found in some of the world’s finest establishments. Their VINTAGE collection also offers beautiful deck chairs that provide ample sunshine relaxation opportunities; its latest offering, an Anthracite Polyrope weave framed in Carbon Matte Alluminium offers comforting shade in style.

Skyline Design furniture can add years of joy and satisfaction to any living space, making an investment that lasts a lifetime. Their versatile, stylish, and comfortable pieces can fit seamlessly into any living area while being easy to care for over time. Their products can be found both online and in stores across the nation; to learn more, simply visit their website or reach out via phone or email.


Skyline Design provides stunning collections that transform outdoor spaces into luxurious sanctuaries, from dining sets and sofas to lighting, rugs and planters – each piece created to instil a sense of luxury and peace in any environment it inhabits. Created to last over time, their luxurious outdoor furniture will bring life and color back into any season-and will continue to impress long after its first installation!

Skylines designs are widely revered for their impeccable craftsmanship and impeccable quality, making Skylines luxury outdoor furniture manufacturer an indispensable choice among designers, interior decorators, and homeowners who wish to enhance their outdoor spaces. Skylines furniture comes in an assortment of styles and finishes to meet all taste preferences as well as incorporate today’s trendy fashions for everyday living spaces.

Each product from this brand is constructed with only top-grade materials to ensure long-term use and durability. Their state-of-the-art technology and traditional craftsmanship combine beautifully to produce beautiful pieces used around the globe from boutique lodges to private patios – their designs transform outdoor spaces into luxurious retreats!

Luxury outdoor furniture manufacturers strive to deliver exceptional customer service and ensure every client is completely satisfied. Their team of skilled artisans can work with you to craft an exclusive, tailor-made design that perfectly complements your vision for elevating any space to new levels. Furthermore, this brand boasts global reach as they service clients worldwide while strategically located warehouses ensure timely deliveries.

Furniture produced by this company features innovative weaving materials such as Viro, Raucord by Rehau, Ecolene and Polystrand; all synthetic fibers that revolutionize design through chemical-resistance, all-weather proofing and high tensile strength characteristics and are safe for the environment.

SIMEXA products can be found at leading interior design showrooms as well as online through an authorized network of dealers worldwide. Since 2003, SIMEXA, the Wholesale Outdoor Furniture Specialists has been an official Skyline dealer serving GCC countries and Thailand offering an expansive range of solutions from this stunning brand.