When is the Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture?

No matter if you’re redoing or replacing furniture on your patio, taking advantage of sales and discounts at the end of summer and throughout fall is always wise.

Stores are currently trying to clear out inventory and make room for winter items, offering discounts of up to 70% in some instances. Take advantage of this time of year!


If you need patio furniture but have been procrastinating on purchasing it for your backyard project, now is the time. Summer is peak season for patio furniture sales so prices may be higher; however, if you know where and what you are searching for you can still find some fantastic bargains.

At mid to late August, it’s the best time to purchase patio furniture as retailers look to clear out summer products before transitioning into fall merchandise. Retailers may offer significant discounts on some of their most sought-after pieces so you might even find some amazing bargains!

From this point forward, prices should gradually decrease until October when they reach their lowest point for the year. At this time, it may be possible to score some incredible bargains on gorgeous wicker patio furniture sets or all-weather wrought iron options.

Come November and December, retailers are looking to clear out their inventory in preparation for a fresh start in 2018. This often results in price reductions which is good news for consumers.

Now is also an ideal time to find some of the newest options on offer this year, as stores typically launch their newest lines for retail sale. That means you can choose from all the hottest colors, styles and designs before everyone else does and take advantage of any great discounts that may exist online where retailers may only stock certain pieces for long-term sale.


As summer comes to an end and patio furniture begins leaving stores, now could be an excellent time for significant purchases. Retailers want to get rid of old inventory before winter comes along, which usually leads to reduced prices – especially big box stores with physical locations as well as online sales; you could save as much as 70% by shopping between August and October when it comes to patio furniture purchases!

Fall is an excellent time to shop for patio dining sets and lounge chairs to add the finishing touches to your backyard design. In fact, fall can offer furniture packages including tables and chairs or even outdoor sectionals at very reasonable prices – perfect if you want to use your furniture all year round since the weather may remain comfortable well into spring and summer!

However, when shopping for patio furniture during fall sales it’s essential that you search carefully until you find exactly what you are looking for. If there is something special you find that can’t live without then make sure you order right away as items may sell out fast otherwise.

As most people don’t prioritize patio furniture shopping during winter, you have an excellent opportunity to score some excellent bargains by taking advantage of sales that occur around holidays – particularly online retailers who tend to offer deeper discounts during this season than their brick and mortar counterparts.


Quality patio furniture can enhance your outdoor living experience year-round and adds significant value to your home, as it is often one of the first things people notice upon visiting. Therefore, it is wise to spend ample time searching for furniture suitable for both your space and budget. With patience, clearance sales campaigns may present savings opportunities during certain holidays or periods each year that allow you to get items at significant discounts.

When shopping for patio furniture during wintertime, it’s essential to take into account all of the factors that could sway your purchasing decisions. With a flexible budget in hand, now may be an ideal time to purchase patio furniture as you can explore multiple options and compare them. Furthermore, try out each seating option to assess comfort and durability if applicable. Additionally, follow specific brands on social media so that when an inventory sale happens they are easily informed.

Important to remember when purchasing patio furniture during the fall or winter is that even though it will not be usable until springtime. Therefore, ensure there is ample storage available either in your garage or shed for any new pieces you purchase – including using protective covers until summer comes around again.

Though summer is the ideal time for purchasing patio furniture, if budget restrictions make this impractical it may still be worthwhile to take advantage of seasonal and holiday promotions in order to secure that wooden porch swing or elegant wrought iron dining tables that you have had your eye on without going beyond your spending limit. When it comes time to making your decision for patio furniture this summer be sure to prioritize quality over quantity while making sure your budget can accommodate it before making your final purchase.


Spring’s return brings with it warm temperatures and fresh air, meaning now is an excellent time to update your outdoor space. Your patio provides the ideal place for you and your loved ones to gather for brunch, take a stroll through nature or host friends for cocktails – whatever spring events come your way, your patio should be at the center.

Shopping patio furniture during spring can be a wise move if you’re on a tight budget, as season’s end often marks major sales that offer significant savings for dining sets or sofas you have had your eye on. Unfortunately, however, you may need to wait several months until you can enjoy your new purchases!

At the end of summer, retailers are usually eager to clear away leftover products in order to make way for next year’s products. You may find steep discounts on patio furniture sets during this time; just keep in mind that it must be stored over winter.

But, if you can wait until spring, you’ll have access to patio furniture from this year’s newest collections in trendy colors and styles – and many stores may even offer pre-season sales to drive traffic and increase their sales potential.

Though seasonal trends can give an idea of when is the ideal time to buy patio furniture, keep in mind that individual retailers will often launch special sales at different points during the year – you should keep an eye out for these! Signing up for emails and following your favorite brands on social media will allow you to be one of the first to know when special offers become available from them. Also look out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales which often offer significant discounts on patio furniture; coupon codes often give additional savings too. Lastly, before making your purchase be sure to compare prices from different online merchants before committing.