Choosing an Outdoor Patio Table and Chairs

Make meals and conversations more relaxing with an outdoor dining table set, from wood patio tables for traditional tastes to sleek metal options that suit modern aesthetics.

Select from an assortment of materials that suit both your aesthetic and maintenance requirements for a backyard pool deck. Hardwoods like teak can age beautifully while resin wicker provides classic styling while lightweight aluminum offers low weight.


Teak patio tables and chairs are an elegant yet hardy choice, standing up well against harsh outdoor elements without losing its beautiful aesthetic over time. Boasting natural protective oils which repel moisture, mildew, scratches, dents, as well as durability that withstands years of abuse, teak can withstand much abuse without showing wear-and-tear, lasting many seasons and still appearing pristine even after extensive weather exposure. Sealer treatments may help preserve its look for longer while natural weathering will result in beautiful silvery gray tones over time – either way giving it an exquisite silvery gray tone!

Teak patio tables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to meet a range of dining setups, from intimate bistro sets for two up to large dining tables that seat eight comfortably – there’s sure to be one that fits your space and style! For frequent entertaining needs, look for tables with an extension leaf that provides additional seating when needed.

As well as tables, this collection offers an extensive range of teak chairs. Ranging from rockers to Adirondack chairs – there is sure to be something in this selection that complements your patio table and enhances your outdoor dining experience.

If you’re in search of a casual lounge area, teak chairs and coffee tables make for the ideal combination. Patio furniture sets provide comfortable and stylish spots where you can read a book, chat with friends over wine, or entertain with entertaining metal designs and classic rattan styles that add a sense of class and distinction to any backyard setting.

No matter how you’re planning on using your outdoor patio, finding furniture sets that suit both your lifestyle and aesthetic is of utmost importance. Durability, longevity and ease of maintenance should all be taken into consideration; for instance teak and acacia can be oil periodically to maintain their aesthetic, while lightweight materials like resin wicker, aluminum and steel require only occasional maintenance to stay looking their best. Be sure to review warranty information on each piece you buy to understand any specific terms or conditions which may apply when making purchases of outdoor patio furniture!


Wood patio tables and chairs are an essential component of any backyard oasis. Choose from our wide selection of outdoor tables to find the ideal one for your space, whether that means creating an intimate bistro set for two, seating an entire family at one large dining table, or providing added protection with an umbrella to shade guests from direct sunlight.

Wood furniture is an elegant choice for outdoor settings, providing both durability and beauty in every environment. Teak and ipe are particularly favored as popular options due to their natural resistance against weather, moisture and sun damage as well as their strength and durability making them less susceptible to warping, splintering and insect damage.

Teak and Ipe timbers are both ethically and responsibly sourced, providing you with an eco-friendly option for outdoor furnishings. Ipe’s resistance to rot and insect damage makes it the ideal material for pool decks or fire pit perimeters. Their rich chocolate brown hue can easily be polished up for a shiny silvery patina finish; or left to weather naturally into an aged grey finish for greater aesthetic versatility.

Jensen Outdoor’s Ipe patio furniture encapsulates the heirloom-quality standards to which the company holds all of its materials. Constructed using durable Ipe timber sourced sustainably from Bolivia’s forests, its naturally durable composition will protect and sustainably support a healthy ecosystem for generations.

The Laguna collection boasts elegant yet practical designs that bring a contemporary Italian aesthetic into any backyard setting. The Tempo lounge chair pairs a sculptural frame in Ipe timber with plush cushions covered with luxurious Ultraleather fabric for year-round comfort – waterproof and weatherproof for year round enjoyment. Add this luxurious piece with matching ottoman or deep seating ensemble from Laguna collection for a complete patio retreat experience.


Aluminum outdoor furniture sets may offer an economical alternative to the classic wood and resin wicker patio sets, and makes an excellent addition to any patio space. Light enough for easy rearranging while durable enough to stand up against sunlight, wind gusts, rain or snowfall without becoming damaged – plus it won’t rust like iron and requires less maintenance than most materials!

Aluminum furniture is an ideal addition to modern outdoor spaces, offering versatility across styles and decors. Thanks to the numerous designs offered in both cast and extruded aluminum pieces, homeowners can find pieces that suit their aesthetic – whether minimalist lines or intricate embellishments and curves. Furthermore, manufacturers provide many finishes and colors so homeowners can customize the style of their aluminum patio set by selecting fabric accent cushions that perfectly compliment their space.

Aluminum patio furniture‘s production contributes to its durability and low maintenance requirements, too. Most aluminum furniture is assembled through a process known as heliarc welding which produces stronger joints than other forms of welding; then powder coating adds corrosion-resistance properties, meaning most pieces can withstand varying weather conditions from snowfall and rain showers all the way through to intense summer sun rays.

Aluminum patio furniture is an excellent solution for small spaces, as most pieces are compact and stackable for storage when they aren’t being used. Furthermore, its light weight and minimal maintenance requirements make aluminum outdoor tables and chairs an excellent option for urban dwellers looking to maximize the use of their balcony or rooftop garden space.


Metal dining sets and outdoor furniture pieces may appeal to buyers as they appear easier to clean, water resistant, and lighter than wicker or rattan pieces. Before making a decision, however, ensure the material selection meets your specific environment needs by reviewing its benefits in more detail.

Metal patio furniture sets come in many styles to fit the aesthetic of any backyard. Wrought iron is an iconic option that looks fantastic in garden patios and terraces; however, this heavier style does not work well in areas prone to hurricanes and high winds as iron absorbs or transfers heat quickly which causes it to become discolored over time. Furthermore, this kind of furniture should also not be chosen in humid climates due to discoloration issues.

Aluminum patio furniture provides an excellent alternative to iron. This material tends to be stronger and less susceptible to rust than its metal counterpart, as aluminum naturally forms an oxidation layer which protects it from corrosion – in addition, treatments are available that further increase resistance against weather elements.

Stainless steel patio furniture is another top choice, particularly in humid climates where it resists both heat transfer and corrosion. Plus, its durability means less maintenance compared to other metal types!

No matter the metal used for outdoor patio furniture, all metal patio sets should include a protective finish to guard against rust and corrosion and extend its life for many years to come. When selecting between wrought iron, styrene, and stainless steel pieces for your new outdoor furniture collection be sure to read PatioLiving’s comprehensive Outdoor Furniture Materials Buying Guide to make the best choice for yourself and home!