Mid Century Modern Patio Furniture

Add vintage patio furniture pieces for an ultra-modern touch in any outdoor space with our selection of mid century modern chairs and lounges. Choose from different colors, styles, sizes, materials and more!

This style is defined by clean lines, geometric forms and natural influences – whether that means teak patio tables or comfortable wicker sofas for your home – we have just what you need!

Wire/Mesh Chairs

When looking for mid-century modern patio furniture, there are numerous choices available to you. One popular option is a metal wire chair which combines durability and comfort in one convenient package. These lightweight chairs can easily be cleaned, making them great additions indoors or out – many even come equipped with seat cushions to provide even greater seating comfort!

Another great choice for stylish yet practical seating is a mesh chair, made of toughened wire that resists rusting. This makes it suitable for outdoor use in harsh weather conditions while providing excellent ventilation and conforming to body shapes with its mesh material.

These chairs offer many advantages over their foam or leather counterparts in terms of maintenance and usage; in particular, they’re more suitable for families with young children or pets, since they won’t absorb dust as easily and can take more rough use without becoming stained with dirt. Furthermore, their wire frame structure is strong enough to support children or animals if need be.

Mid-century modern outdoor furniture should be constructed to withstand all weather elements and stand up over time, including direct sun light, rain and snowfall, high winds, which is critical for protecting both family members and guests from harm. When selecting furniture that can withstand these challenges successfully, you will ensure long term satisfaction from both family members and guests alike.

If you are shopping for vintage mesh or wire chairs, it is essential that you look for signs of wear. A rusted or dented base can significantly decrease its value. Also make sure that there are no breaks in the welds as these repairs may not look as seamless as original; additionally missing pieces could affect its worth as well.

As part of these steps, it is also crucial that your chair have a padded seat cushion to provide extra comfort and avoid it slipping during use. Furthermore, check all welded areas for signs of wear and tear to ensure maximum longevity for the product.

Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are the perfect addition to any outdoor space – from relaxing on a beach chair at sunset, or watching it from your patio with loved one, an adirondack chair is designed with functionality and ergonomics in mind. Their feet-up position promotes proper circulation, relieving muscle pressure off of the spine. Their wide armrests also offer ample storage space for drinks or snacks!

Serwall offers a selection of classic Adirondack chairs designed to evoke summertime happiness and relaxation, instantly creating the summertime feeling in any space they inhabit. Choose a chair with natural wood finish for rustic charm or opt for modern colors like white, green, or gray paint finishes for more modern styles; brighter hues like turquoise, terracotta or sunset red add extra dimension and fun into any environment!

When purchasing an Adirondack chair, make sure it matches both your lifestyle and materials carefully. Wood options like cedar, pine and teak have stood the test of time but often require regular staining and painting maintenance to remain attractive; this may add costs over time and make these more costly than plastic alternatives.

Plastic Adirondack chairs made of HDPE or PP plastic offer similar aesthetic appeal as wooden Adirondack chairs but require significantly less upkeep. Furthermore, they’re lightweight and easy to move around – providing more seating flexibility in any space. Most plastic Adirondack chairs feature fade-proof colors which require little or no staining or painting maintenance costs over time.

In the 1990s, innovative designers began to experiment with manmade materials that could imitate the classic wooden adirondack chair while offering lower pricing and greater flexibility for outdoor seating. Foldable and stackable models are now widely available to save storage space while making transporting them from one location to the next easier.

Vintage Patio Sets

Patio and garden furniture is an integral component of any outdoor living space, from gathering around a firepit for conversation while sipping wine to setting the atmosphere at your next backyard barbecue. While modern teak dining tables may be your preference, vintage-inspired options also exist that make stylish statements in their own right and can add character and individuality to an otherwise boring outdoor area.

When purchasing a vintage patio set, be sure to select pieces with distinctive designs that will add a distinctive element to your backyard retreat. A set of sculptural metal lounge chairs could serve as the focal point of an otherwise standard backyard – or pair slat-back chairs with curved wood pedestal tables for more traditional aesthetic. Vintage patio sets come in an assortment of colors including green and brown tones – perfect for making any backyard truly idyllic!

One great option for your patio is selecting a vintage metal bistro set. These tables and chairs provide the ideal atmosphere for casual outdoor breakfast or lunch gatherings, while creating its own outdoor room feel. Plus, these sets tend to be more affordable than other vintage patio furniture pieces!

If you’re going for an elegantly luxurious aesthetic, vintage cast aluminum garden chairs might just be what you need. These sets boast elegantly slim profiles reminiscent of Victorian-era furniture; making them a wonderful choice for formal gardens as well as patios that border water features like fountains or ponds.

Find vintage aluminum bistro sets in various styles – you’ll likely encounter sets with grapevine or fern designs from the early 20th century, which were immensely popular then and still used today by certain makers.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal vintage outdoor furniture, complete your space by adding decor items that add character and personality. A vintage sign or antique cocktail pitcher could serve as the ideal accent to your backyard barbecue while cast-stone statues or sculptural busts can create drama within your garden space.

Vintage Lounge Chairs & Stools

Vintage lounge chairs add character and style to any room in the house. Unlike the cookie-cutter seating options found at most big box stores, vintage chairs boast intricate details that set them apart – from elegant cane designs to timeless bent wood swivel chairs, you’re sure to find your ideal vintage lounge chair at Chairish!

An Eames MO-90 Lounge Chair and Ottoman is an iconic statement piece, while vintage lounge chairs add character and class to any room. However, finding quality pieces may prove challenging due to repairs over time; so when searching for quality chairs be sure to look for manufacturer labels on each cushion as well as serial numbers matching those listed by the serial numbers on each chair’s label.

Mid-century design was known for its iconic pieces, including lounge chairs. Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair, Finn Juhl’s tribal-inspired Chieftan Chair and stately PP19 Papa Bear Chair from Finn Juhl as well as Hans Wegner’s elegant Lady Chair have become timeless classics of their period. As time progressed designers experimented with new materials and forms such as Pierre Paulin’s Ribbon Chair or Eero Aarnio Ball Chair or Joe Colombo Tube Chair from Joe Colombo or Colombo respectively.

An elegant vintage lounge chair will not only add beauty and value to your home, but also be durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. Sunbrella fabric outdoor seating has been specially crafted to withstand sudden temperature shifts so you can always rest easy knowing you have your favorite chair by your side no matter the season!

Discover your perfect addition for your home from our vintage lounge chair selection in Los Angeles. With classics such as Eames MO-90 chairs or unique accent chairs ranging from our showroom, you’re sure to find what you’re searching for! Our showroom provides stylish seating solutions at unbeatably reasonable prices!