Patio Furniture With Fire Table

patio furniture with fire table

Patio furniture featuring fire tables create a cozy, welcoming environment in any outdoor space, turning any backyard into an idyllic escape. Available in various shapes and sizes to meet various seating arrangements and design aesthetics.

Look for a fire table with an ample ledge to set drinks and plates safely upon, as well as an easy-to-control gas burner system. Also consider purchasing a propane-to-natural gas conversion kit so that your fire table can still be used during fire bans.

The Granville Fire Table

This stunning rectangular fire table will definitely impress your guests. Crafted with durable high-performance concrete and featuring an affordable yet attractive price point, the Granville can be used either with natural gas or liquid propane and operates at 45,000 BTUs – offering easy ignition and flame control so that everyone enjoys an enjoyable and safe bonfire experience!

This exquisitely designed fire pit will add the perfect finishing touch to any backyard patio. Handcrafted from glass-reinforced concrete and certified by both CSA & CE, its beautiful finish features strong and sturdy 16 gauge stainless steel burner pan and ring for optimal heat distribution. Plus, its dual purpose allows easy transitions between entertaining modes! Plus, The Granville can double up as both coffee table and fire pit!

Are you in search of an elegant patio fire table to elevate your space? Elementi’s Granville fire table may just be what’s needed. Boasting its light gray finish, this fire pit gives it a modern yet contemporary appearance that pairs perfectly with any outdoor furniture set. Furthermore, this fire pit can use either propane or natural gas and comes complete with a 1-year limited warranty and an auto shut-off safety feature.

Robson from OUTLAND LIVING offers another excellent option for backyard fire tables: its sleek resin wicker tabletop adds an inviting appearance while providing enough room for plates, glasses and drinks. Plus it comes equipped with a handy propane tank storage space making the Robson even easier to use!

Rectangular fire tables make an elegant centerpiece in any backyard or entertainment area, adding beauty and warmth. Unlike traditional outdoor fireplaces, fire tables do not produce smoke and flying embers that could potentially pose risks around patio furniture and accessories; plus they can easily switch between propane and natural gas usage for year-round enjoyment!

The Robson Fire Table

Fire tables are one of the most sought-after features for any patio space, providing warmth during chilly evenings while creating an intimate ambiance at any event. Shopping for one can be quite personal as many details depend on personal needs; design aesthetics should take precedence when making this decision; material quality, safety features and heat output should all be key considerations when purchasing one.

The Robson Fire Table from OUTLAND LIVING is an award-winning option that perfectly complements contemporary patio furniture, while its glass top provides plenty of room to set plates and drinks. Plus, its built-in propane tank storage compartment keeps your gas tanks safely out of sight when not in use!

OUTLAND LIVING’s fire table boasts a sophisticated yet sleek design, complete with a 55,000 BTU CSA-certified burner to provide your guests with warmth. Operation is effortless – making this fire table an excellent choice for beginners! Additionally, its lid allows users to convert its surface into stylish dining space when not using its fire feature.

Finally, this table comes equipped with a natural gas conversion kit to make switching from propane to natural gas a seamless process and save on long-term fuel costs. Sold separately and easily installed into any table setup from its initial propane state into its new natural gas state, enabling easy conversion.

An essential feature for your fire table should be a wind guard. Depending on where and how often you plan to use your table, this safety feature could prove essential in protecting patio furniture from overexposure to flames, or becoming fire hazards themselves. In addition, wind guards provide essential weatherproofing – they help keep flames away from furniture as well as shield patio tables from heavy rainfall or snowfall conditions.

The Wicker Conversation Set

All-weather wicker furniture combines classic style with versatile functionality for the perfect patio essential. Wicker is often associated with seaside life; however, its wide variety of colors and weave styles allow it to fit seamlessly with almost any decor style. Natural pieces may add rustic charm, while manufactured resin or polyethylene options can provide long-term affordability and long-term enjoyment in outdoor settings.

A wicker conversation set offers the perfect environment to relax, chat and catch up with friends. It features chairs or loveseats with curved arms and thick cushions, along with a coffee table featuring slatted top. Some wicker conversation sets come equipped with gas fire tables for even greater coziness as you enjoy an afternoon wine or barbecue!

A quality outdoor wicker furniture set will include cushion fabrics that can withstand the elements, such as polyester or acrylic blends that resist stains, mildew, and sun damage. Cleaning these fabrics requires only water and mild detergent – some manufacturers even employ UV inhibitors to make sure their color won’t fade over time from constant sun exposure.

Though most people associate wicker conversation sets with dining furniture sets, these versatile units can also create comfortable seating areas in other parts of your yard. A three-piece bistro set is an attractive way to set up breakfast nooks while five-piece sets with chairs and matching tables make an excellent statement piece in cocktail areas.

For an inviting and casual backyard, try selecting a brown wicker patio furniture set. This rustic-inspired style pairs well with country touches like woven baskets, brass lanterns and string lights; rocking chairs or swings made from this material add an inviting look, especially when combined with pillows and throws that boast patterns. Alternatively, if your aesthetic leans more urbane consider adding white wicker conversation sets for some tasteful glitz to the space.

The Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Are you looking to upgrade your outdoor lounge chairs or patio furniture set with an elegant fire feature? An outdoor fire pit table may be just what’s needed! Unlike fireplaces which require wood logs to ignite, propane-powered tables like these ignite with just the press of a button – no risk of overheating or sparks here! Additionally, many models come equipped with protective covers and lava rocks so your furniture and surrounding area remain safe from flames or embers; modern gas fire tables to rustic wooden designs offer something suitable.

Your new outdoor fire table’s tabletop provides plenty of room to place drinks, food, and utensils when entertaining guests. Plus, its ideal for roasting marshmallows and playing card/board games together as a family or with friends! Some models even feature built-in cooking surfaces so you can easily host barbecue dinner parties!

Round propane fire tables are great options for smaller spaces as they don’t take up much room in your living area. Perfect for an intimate backyard bonfire with loved ones or stargazing under the night sky, round fire tables can even be decorated further by adding throw blankets and decorative pillows for additional warmth and comfort.

No matter the event or occasion, an outdoor fire pit table is an essential piece of luxury furniture for creating elegant backyard settings and intimate gatherings alike. Just remember that they can pose serious safety hazards to young children so it is vital that they are monitored at all times by adults. Should any concerns arise that the table may ignite into flames unexpectedly, immediately contact a fire damage restoration service immediately to arrange service restoration and prevent further loss.

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as an outdoor fire pit table to turn any backyard into the ultimate relaxation zone. From hosting barbecue parties and stargazing sessions to simply taking advantage of its warmth during nights in, this piece of patio furniture will turn any home into an envy-inducing attraction in no time. Come visit one of our showrooms now to find your ideal fire pit table!