How to Choose the Right Patio Furniture for Your Climate

patio furniture

Are You Updating an Existing Patio or Designing a Brand New One? Patio furniture that meets both style and function will be key. Select pieces that can stand up to local weather conditions while still making a statement of style and luxury.

There are plenty of solutions that meet this goal, such as rust-resistant materials such as teak and recycled plastic, aluminum and eucalyptus.


Teak patio furniture adds an air of luxury to outdoor spaces. Though it may cost more than plastic, wicker or metal furniture options, its long lifespan and striking appearance justify its cost. Teak wood offers natural resistance against rot, cracking and insect damage as well as humidity levels, making it suitable for many weather conditions and decor styles. Plus its striations grain patterns blend nicely into many decor schemes!

Teak wood furniture is eco-friendly. It grows sustainably and requires minimal pesticide use during cultivation, while its natural oils ward off bacteria and fungus growth for added durability and longevity. In general, teak furniture can remain outdoors year-round without warping or rotting; however, areas receiving heavy snowfall may need to cover it to protect it.

If you decide to invest in teak furniture, look for pieces that have been kiln-dried and grade A certified. This ensures they are both rot and insect resistant as well as possess an eye-catching honey hue which can be preserved further with commercial teak oil. Re-sealing twice annually will also extend its life and beauty.

Before moving your teak furniture, examine its surroundings carefully in order to identify any pain points. Ceramic plant pots and other items could easily break if dropped during transport; to prevent this from occurring, clear away items around your furniture to make maneuvering simpler and lift rather than push as this may cause splinters in the wood. If necessary, ask someone for help from family or friends if you lack strength in lifting furniture alone.

Recycled Plastic

Recycling plastic patio furniture can be an eco-friendly choice with many advantages. Recycled plastic is usually much less costly than alternative materials like wicker, aluminum and cast iron – perfect for budget conscious buyers who don’t want heavier pieces that require assembly. Furthermore, recycled plastic furniture doesn’t emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which have been linked to both adverse environmental impacts and human health impacts.

Recycled plastic furniture is highly resilient, lasting through rain, hail, snow and strong winds without breaking. Furthermore, its impervious to rust makes it resistant to cracking or splintering; plus its wide selection of colors makes finding the ideal set for your patio easy. Recycled plastic’s color can even be customized using dye directly mixed into its melting plastic form, providing wood-like aesthetic without needing harsh chemical treatments or staining treatments.

Recycled plastic’s primary benefit lies in keeping nonbiodegradable waste out of landfills and oceans, using less energy in production than when manufacturing new materials from scratch, thus helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions while conserving natural resources.

Recycled plastic patio furniture allows you to achieve luxury styles without breaking the bank. Polywood is one of the premier manufacturers of recycled plastic outdoor furniture and provides chairs, sofas, tables and more at competitive prices. Plus, their furniture doesn’t require regular refinishing like teak does! Plus their UV protected plastic keeps its colors from fading over time!


Aluminum patio furniture provides the ideal combination of style, durability and affordability. Constructed of lightweight material that’s resistant to corrosion and easy to maintain – aluminum is an eco-friendly choice; being made from one of the world’s most recyclable metals allows it to be reused repeatedly without losing strength or durability – aluminum is also moldable into various shapes to form outdoor furniture making it a top pick among homeowners looking for stylish yet practical patio sets.

When purchasing aluminum patio furniture, it’s essential to pay careful attention to warranty terms and build quality. A manufacturer that offers long-term guarantees is more likely to be confident in the quality of their product, whereas ones offering shorter guarantees could have quality control issues. Furthermore, smart shoppers should assess weight to make sure it will withstand strong winds; lighter pieces are more prone to being blown over than heavier pieces which stand up better against environmental threats.

To keep aluminum patio furniture in good condition, it is recommended that owners regularly wipe down its surfaces with a damp cloth to remove dust, dirt, food or drink spill marks and crevice debris that has accumulated on its surfaces. To preserve its lifespan it may also be wise to regularly clean these crevices of any debris build-up that might accumulate.

Aluminium furniture requires periodic treatment with metal sealant or paint to maintain its attractive appearance, protect its surface from weathering, and keep its look new for as long as possible. This practice should also extend the lifespan of its longevity.


Eucalyptus wood is an elegant and eco-friendly hardwood that makes an excellent material for outdoor furniture applications. It is far less costly than teak, mahogany or other popular hardwoods such as maple; plus maintenance requirements are minimal compared to those associated with teak, mahogany or similar traditional hardwoods. Eucalyptus patio furniture should only be left outside during periods of extremely low temperatures as eucalyptus fibers become flexible again, leading to cracking if left in too low an environment; for best results it should be covered during cold climates so cover or store it during extreme cold climate months if necessary.

Eucalptus patio furniture features a natural aesthetic that pairs well with other wooden accents. Its dark hue and tight wood grain recall that of teak at a fraction of its cost; additionally, this wood can be stained or painted in various hues to suit any decor imaginable and provides ample opportunity for staining or painting of various shades – ideal for conversation sets featuring matching arm chairs and loveseats; additionally slatted table tops will reduce standing water accumulation for extended longevity of this outdoor piece of furniture!

Eucalyptus furniture, like acacia and teak, is resistant to decay and insect infestation. Over time it will develop a gray patina which may be stained, whitewashed or painted according to any color scheme. Eucalyptus wood should also be protected with oil regularly in order to resist staining, dirt accumulation and weather conditions; otherwise it will become swollen and rougher over time.

Eucalyptus patio tables’ slatted surface is ideal for covered decks or enclosed porches, while beach homes can use the wood’s ability to be washed clean to reduce buildup of sand. To preserve long-term beauty of this furniture, eucalyptus furniture must be treated twice annually with protective sealants that will maintain color while shielding against moisture, sun damage, and fungal growth.


Rattan patio furniture provides stylish yet versatile outdoor seating that stands the test of time, ideal for relaxing outdoor areas. Constructed of lightweight material resistant to water and sun damage, rattan provides a soft feeling when sitting – making it the ideal place for relaxation. Plus, intricate patterns can be weaved into beautiful furniture pieces to complete the look in any garden!

Rattan is a sustainable natural resource that grows quickly, requiring minimal care. It can be used for furniture indoors and outdoors, awnings, outdoor decor and decor items like plant hangers. Traditional and synthetic varieties are both available; with synthetic varieties made of weatherproof polyethylene. While both varieties appear similar, synthetic varieties provide greater durability without regular refinishing needs.

Many of the rattan garden furniture sets we sell feature high-grade powder-coated aluminum frames constructed to withstand adverse weather conditions, while also coming in an assortment of colors ranging from dark coffee and jet black frames, light caramel and warm walnut motifs, soft grey or even icy white hues. Furthermore, many include matching footstools that conveniently slot beneath their chairs when not being used – ideal for storage when not required!

While rattan furniture can last for many years, it is still recommended that it receive an occasional deep clean using detergent or another mildew remover to help prevent mold and mildew growth that could potentially do irreparable damage to it. Furthermore, during wet or snowy conditions it would be wise to bring any outdoor pieces indoors to protect them.