Skyline Design Outdoor Furniture

skyline design outdoor furniture

Skyline design outdoor furniture boasts sleek and contemporary styling for timeless results. Their selection of seating, dining, loungers and daybeds suit any decor style perfectly.

Quality materials used in their products make them suitable for harsh weather conditions and offer customizable colors and fabrics to meet the unique tastes of each customer.

The Horizon Collection

Skyline Design Outdoor Furniture’s Horizon Collection can help create any variety of living spaces with its versatile selection of sofas and chairs as well as tables and accessories that can be mixed-and-matched to suit your personal taste. Plus it comes with an extensive array of cushion colors and fabrics so you’re sure to find your ideal combination!

Skyline Design’s luxury rattan garden furniture collection is designed to bring sophistication and relaxation into outdoor living spaces. Their selection includes loungers for ultimate relaxation as well as luxury day beds that make an impressionful statement. Their outdoor dining table sets and chairs meet the highest quality standards; and Skyline has an extensive catalog of both classic and contemporary styles as well as various weave colors available to them.

Luxury rattan furniture from KLH Group is created to last and can be enjoyed for years by family members and friends. Constructed from high-quality weather-resistant and durable materials, its two-year warranty can be purchased from an authorized dealer worldwide – making this furniture truly an exceptional quality designer outdoor piece!

Skyline Design’s modern and lineal styling is perfectly complimented by high quality natural rattan weaves and aluminium structures, which pair beautifully with Skyline Design furniture used in top hotels and resorts globally. Their collections have also proven incredibly popular among contract customers, interior designers and architects – Skyline’s patented manufacturing process marries innovation with traditional craftsmanship to produce chemical and UV resistant premium furniture pieces that meet contract customers’ requirements.

Kingsway Cane Furniture was established as Kingsway Cane Furniture back in 1978, and since then have refined their styles and designs. Over time they have developed an expansive rattan furniture and parasol range featuring various weave colors from Sunbrella (one of the leading textile manufacturers).

They offer an impressive showroom that caters to both commercial and domestic clients, stocking every Skyline Design product available – offering white glove delivery and installation if necessary. Furthermore, bespoke furniture made to order allows you to design the rattan garden furniture exactly how you’d like it.

Made from teak wood

Teak wood is an exceptionally hard and resilient material, naturally resistant to weather damage, termites, beetles and fungus – making it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture. Furthermore, teak’s dense density requires little care or maintenance and will last you for many years; however it should be remembered that not all teak products are created equal and quality can easily be distinguished from inferior products.

When purchasing outdoor teak furniture, look for manufacturers who utilize only first-grade plantation-grown teak from reputable and legal sources in Indonesia. Furthermore, select FSC-Certified teak which ensures it comes from a sustainable supply chain with responsible forestry practices in mind.

teak wood differs from other species in that it does not need staining in order to retain its beautiful colors, instead fading naturally to a beautiful gray over time, allowing its natural beauty and style to come through and complement your home’s design. Furthermore, its naturally anti-rust qualities make it an important factor when purchasing outdoor furniture with metal fittings.

To maintain the original color of your teak furniture, natural oil may be an effective solution. When purchasing second-hand pieces, inspect for cracks, dents and rot – these could indicate improper construction and care of the piece, so if they exist then avoid buying it.

Skyline Design’s Horizon Collection boasts high-quality teak furniture with modern style. This collection offers sofas, chairs, and tables made of teak wood sourced from PT Perhutani forestry reserve; durable yet long-lasting while still being visually pleasing. Furthermore, these pieces come with multiple finishes so as to match any interior decor; additionally Skyline offers an extensive warranty with each purchase made through this collection.

Sustainable design

Sustainable design refers to creating products with minimal environmental impacts and using energy efficiently in production processes. Sustainable designers consider all stages of product lifecycle from materials used, their source, their usage or reuse or disposal as well as energy needed in its creation; in doing this they try to minimize fossil fuel usage when producing a product.

This global luxury furniture manufacturer provides an expansive collection of outdoor wicker furniture in over 30 countries worldwide. Every piece is handcrafted by highly trained artisans in Indonesia using traditional hand woven braiding techniques combined with modern technology for an entirely unique piece of furniture. This process ensures each object created is truly one-of-a-kind!

Products by this brand are weather proof and virtually maintenance free, featuring high tensile fibres that are chemical- and UV-resistant, safe for the environment and 100% recyclable, stain and rot resistant, stainproof, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They come in dining chairs, living sofas and day beds; with some notable collections including JOURNEY, DYNASTY KUBU Flowing and Belen Burguete being among them.

Skyline Design furniture stands out for being both environmentally sustainable and aesthetically pleasing, offering collections in various colours and sizes to fit any room or space. Some pieces even come with matching side tables or cushions making them the ideal option for hotels and resorts.

Another key element of sustainable design is using renewable energy sources for production purposes. One company currently relies on solar panels to power their factory and showrooms, with plans to extend this initiative elsewhere in order to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, which contributes significantly to climate change.

SKYLINE DESIGN has long been known for manufacturing luxury furniture from natural rattan, which has earned the brand widespread popularity. Their products can be found in 5-star hotel brands and interior designer showrooms around the globe – UBER Interiors is among a limited number of UK stockists for this brand, so you can experience its superior quality and lasting durability first-hand at our showroom.

Comfortable seating

Skyline Design outdoor furniture was designed with comfort in mind, making them popular with 5-star hotel brands, interior designers and architects. Skyline pays close attention to technical details in production using only premium grade materials in its collections like JOURNEY, DYNASTY KUBU ONA SERPENT to provide durable yet comfortable outdoor seating solutions for living areas, dining tables and loungers.

These high-end designer garden furniture pieces feature weaves, frame colors and cushions from Sunbrella fabrics which are waterproof yet breathable for outdoor use. Furthermore, quick-dry foam cushions with stain resistant fabric cover make these easy to maintain while looking brand new for years.

Skyline Furniture manufactures each piece to order at its factory in Indonesia, guaranteeing that each product you receive will be unique and of superior quality. They combine cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship for creating luxury rattan furniture products which are used all around the globe.

The collection offers an assortment of styles spanning minimalist modern to more classic design, and features sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and side tables – in addition to modular wicker daybeds and accessories such as modular daybeds with removable mattress bases and more. Of the comfortable pieces offered is the DYNASTY KUBU lounge chair which boasts ergonomic shape with powder coated black rattan.

Noel Royo Asenjo of Noel Royo Asenjo and Belen Burguete of CLEO. Santiago Sevillano created an innovative daybed that is both elegant and timeless – ideal for any style of space.

The Ultimate Living Company is proud to be an official UK stockist of Skyline Design products. We can provide samples for you to consider, with delivery across the UK available upon request. Furthermore, we can arrange for you to visit our showroom where you can experience their products first-hand while discussing options with one of our team members.