Patio Furniture Table and Chairs

Find options that meet any style or space need when looking for furniture tables and chairs to complete your backyard design.

Add a coastal charm with furniture in blue, white and pastel hues; or make an impressionful statement with dark wood furniture featuring details in lighter tones that allow design elements to pop!


Your deck or patio deserves comfortable, well-appointed seating that suits its environment. Choose from durable outdoor chairs and tables designed specifically to meet the requirements of your space – patio table and chair sets provide two to four chairs to match a dining or coffee table, so choose accordingly! Browse bistro tables with folding chairs suitable for small outdoor areas up to large patio dining sets designed to cater for large areas of land.

Your patio furniture table and chair set will likely be constructed of various materials. Wood patio tables make a classic addition to any backyard, while metal outdoor tables complement modern aesthetics. Weather-resistant aluminum slat and resin wicker tables also work well, and resin wicker tables have become increasingly popular options as a weather-resistant material woven from UV-resistant synthetic fibers that resemble real rattan but cost significantly less and require less upkeep than solid wicker alternatives.

For maximum versatility in your patio table and chair set, select one with swivel rocking motion. This allows users to comfortably eat, chat or drink from their seats without getting up or moving around too often. Also look for one featuring high back chairs to provide upper body support when dining or relaxing outdoors.

An adaptable patio table and chair set can be further customized by pairing it with various accent pieces such as side tables and outdoor umbrellas, which add both decorative flair and additional storage capacity. Patio umbrellas come in various sizes, shapes, colors, sizes to match any exterior decor scheme.

Before selecting patio table and chairs, it is crucial that you measure your patio area to ensure they will fit. As a rule of thumb, allow at least 3 feet on either side of the table for seating and movement purposes; for more precise measurements consult with an outdoor furniture store near you.

Williams Sonoma Home’s selection of outdoor chairs and tables will bring any outdoor area indoors – like Williams Sonoma Home itself! Explore your style preferences while adding accessories like pillows, blankets and planters/pots for an inviting patio set look.


If you like relaxing on your porch for an enjoyable afternoon or hosting dinner parties with friends outdoors, a set of patio chairs from Pottery Barn can help maximize your outdoor living space. Choose from dining room chair sets or standalone designs – there’s sure to be one perfect for your space and style.

Contemporary chairs feature sleek metallic frames. Ideal for seating a group around a table, these types of chairs boast slim profiles that add visual interest. Plus, they’re easy to combine with flowers or stone/brick patio decor ideas for an integrated design aesthetic.

Wooden patio furniture can add warmth and character to any setting, including gardens with green hues or woody textures. Crafted from weather-resistant woods like teak, acacia, or eucalyptus; wooden chairs from these materials offer stylish designs with comfortable seating designs that complement them perfectly. Wooden furniture makes an excellent complement for garden planting ideas featuring green hues or woody textures.

Resin-wicker patio chairs are another versatile addition that can fit in with a range of design styles. Constructed using UV-resistant synthetic fibers woven together into strips, their material emulates the look of traditional rattan for an airy and breezy appearance – ideal for casual-themed patios with coastal or beachy themes and breezy atmospheres. Some wicker chairs offer accent cushions in white, blue or pastel colors to complete their look.

If your patio faces direct sunlight, choose bright-colored chairs to complement the vibrant blooms in your yard. Neutral finishes may work better with landscapes that predominantly consist of green or dark hues; when selecting colors keep in mind how their fabric will weather in hot summer weather and wind gusts; choose stain or finishes that can withstand these elements.

If space is at a premium, look for patio furniture pieces designed to save space. These are ideal for decks, balconies and courtyards where space may be at a premium. Options available to you could include loveseats with room for two; compact lounge chairs with narrow arms and shallow depth which take up minimal floor area; round tables which eliminate the need for chairs around a table and chairs with swivel bases that make moving around tight spaces simpler; round tables without chairs around it and round tables which remove them altogether as well as chairs with swivel bases to allow easier maneuverability when moving through tight areas.


When it’s time to unwind on your balcony, patio, or garden area, having comfortable chairs and ottomans can transform it into an inviting retreat where you can spend quality time with loved ones. While investing in supportive patio chairs that promote good posture is vital, you can add instant impact by including outdoor ottomans or cube seating Toronto as these versatile pieces add both style and functionality – the ideal combination!

Ottomans are an excellent way to bring the comforts of home outdoors, particularly for those with limited space. Ottomans serve multiple functions; footrests, extra seating during entertaining guests and coffee tables all serve a purpose – and come in different styles with cushioned designs for a luxurious feel or built-in storage for more organization!

Patio ottomans can easily coordinate with our furniture collections to help create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor seating area. Combine one with an L-shaped outdoor sectional for plenty of sitting space for all in your family, or pair several with lounge chairs to comfortably host multiple guests at once. Our durable rattan and wicker ottomans can withstand the elements while remaining easy to keep clean – a win/win combination!

An ottoman differs from a pouf by resting its legs on the ground while remaining stylish and comfortable, whereas poufs lie flat against it. Both types offer stylish seating solutions; however, an ottoman provides more versatile functionality as you can use it as a coffee table or extra seats on your balcony for conversations.

With such an expansive selection of patio furniture in Toronto, it’s easy to transform outdoor spaces into welcoming retreats that reflect who you are as an individual. Take your time exploring all the design possibilities available and you will end up with a patio that improves everyday living and promotes overall quality of life.

Chaise Lounges

Patio lounge chairs provide the ultimate in relaxation, offering the ideal seat to soak up some sun or read a good book. Some models allow for multiple reclining positions to find your ideal lounging spot. When selecting one for your backyard and climate zone, make sure it matches both aesthetics and climate conditions; some materials, like aluminum and teak are naturally weather resistant, while resin wicker and metal furniture have built-in protective coatings which prevent fading, rusting or other forms of damage caused by sunlight or rain.

Some chaise lounges feature sturdy frames topped with comfortable fabric sling seats, while other designs provide similar comfort without one. Both options can be cleaned using soap and water; for poolside use, choose one featuring an antimicrobial cover to protect it against mold and mildew growth; Grosfillex sling chaises offer exceptional durability with commercial-grade vinyl material that resists corrosion from chlorine and salt water environments.

Consider investing in a poolside lounge chair equipped with an adjustable headrest that lets you tilt it to any position, as well as one featuring a footrest to support your legs while relaxing. For added comfort, select a model featuring stylish wooden armrests or go for contemporary designs with linear aluminum frames covered by fade-proof Sunbrella acrylic cushions for casual looks or more streamlined contemporary ones with fade-proof and water-proof Sunbrella acrylic cushions for more stylish options.

If you want to create an inviting spot for two, consider purchasing a double patio lounge chair that easily converts into a sofa for relaxing with family and friends. If your backyard features a pool, pair these lounge chairs with a matching outdoor canopy to offer extra shade from the sun.

At its heart, selecting an outdoor chaise lounge chair will add an air of resort-like relaxation and aesthetic appeal to your backyard. Choose a style that complements the pool area as well as other pieces such as side tables and dining chairs to form a cohesive set. For limited spaces, foldable or stackable models may fit easily under deck umbrellas when not being used – great space savers.