Vintage Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Wrought iron furniture has long been the go-to material for backyard spaces in San Diego and is timeless in terms of its durability and elegance.

However, it is essential to recognize the differences between wrought iron and cast aluminum furniture so you can determine which would best suit your space.

It’s Craftsman-Like

Although many modern patio furniture is designed to compromise durability for aesthetics, vintage wrought iron outdoor furniture offers the best of both worlds. Wrought iron is an artisanal metal that can be easily formed into any design you can imagine; decorated with decorative details for extra style. Furthermore, its luxury and elegance simply cannot be rivaled by other forms of outdoor furniture.

Wrought iron patio furniture differs from its cast counterpart in that it is heated and bent into shape instead of being cast from molds, giving it its unique appearance and strength that collectors, dealers and homeowners appreciate so much. Furthermore, its weight means it won’t blow over easily in strong winds or be knocked around by kids or pets, providing greater stability for outdoor living areas. Wrought iron is one of the most comfortable seating materials, especially when combined with plush cushions or tablecloths to provide ultimate comfort when sitting on.

Antique dealers and others knowledgeable about patio furniture frequently search flea markets, garage sales and estate auctions in search of vintage wrought iron pieces. While these may not always bear maker marks (and sometimes no marks at all!), there were certain brands popular during certain eras which can add significantly to its worth; finding such an unmarked chair may only fetch half as much!

At Woodard Furniture Co, Leinfelder and Russell Woodard manufacture 1950 wrought iron patio furniture that can fetch higher prices when sold used than an unmarked piece. Even without visible markings on your find, catalogs from these companies should provide some insight as to who designed the piece you own.

It’s Durable

Wrought iron is an extremely hardwearing material that stands up well over time, needing only minimal upkeep for maintenance purposes and providing unparalleled resistance against corrosion and rusting. Due to this durability, wrought iron patio furniture makes for an excellent outdoor solution.

Wrought iron patio furniture offers the best of both worlds: durability combined with elegance. Crafted from strong material and featuring intricate patterns that give this elegant, yet rugged piece its classic charm.

As opposed to aluminum furniture which tends to corrode over time, vintage wrought iron furniture is relatively easy to maintain and clean. You can quickly wipe it down with a damp cloth to eliminate dust or dirt; mild detergent can be used to wash its surface; soft brushing may also help remove stubborn stains before painting is applied over them for touch up purposes – available at most hardware stores.

Many modern homeowners enjoy creating an outdoor area to use for lounging and dining, adding chairs or tables from wrought iron to their patios and porches for guests to sit around on. To give their outdoor area an elegant and unique appearance, they could install a pergola to provide shelter from rain or other weather conditions.

Wrought iron patio furniture offers another major benefit – its customizability! Re-paint or even shape it to create something completely new; those looking to add some bling can even do so by adding colorful cushions on seats or backrests.

Before purchasing wrought iron patio furniture, it is advisable to conduct some preliminary research. This will enable you to find furniture suitable to your home by searching online retailers and specialty stores, auction websites, live auctions, second-hand stores or second-hand dealers. Once you know what exactly to search for, search can begin in earnest – making a purchase that will bring years of pleasure!

It’s Comfortable

Old vintage iron furniture was designed with comfort in mind, from chairs for the screened porch and patio sets, to tables and chairs forged and welded by craftspeople to ensure moisture doesn’t seep into joints and cause corrosion. Even large wrought iron pieces are ergonomic, with sleek contoured designs adding to their aesthetic value.

Wrought iron patio furniture doesn’t mind getting wet in the rain or wind. While left outside it may rust over time, this can easily be remedied with spraying with water from a hose or using protective furniture covers to shield it. Furthermore, its weight means it is less likely to get blown about by strong gusts like other lightweight patio pieces are.

Wrought iron’s weight makes it more difficult for thieves to transport and move, making antique dealers and others with experience in finding good deals regularly scour flea markets, garage sales and second-hand stores for 1950 wrought iron patio furniture deals.

Avoid purchasing fake iron pieces by keeping an eye out for mold lines in cast and wrought iron items. Cast iron is formed in molds while wrought iron must be heated and bent by hand; mold lines look similar to ridged grooves on an item and provide the easiest way to determine its authenticity.

If it is, its name should be on it somewhere – this helps identify its style, which in turn guides your decision-making process. If a piece has the name of an established designer or brand attached, chances are high that it’s genuine.

Russell Woodard, John Salterini and Woodard Furniture Co. are well-known designers of wrought iron furniture; all three continue to produce popular versions today. Also notable is Maurizio Tempestini who made groundbreaking midcentury modern pieces during his 40s-50s heyday that inspired future mid-century modern designers.

It’s Decorative

Vintage wrought iron patio furniture boasts an eye-catching charm that sets it apart from other metal furniture pieces. The durability of its material enables more intricate designs and details, creating beautiful outdoor pieces that reflect your design style and add character. Wrought iron tables and chairs complement various decor styles ranging from traditional to contemporary; plush cushions add softness for additional comfort.

Wrought iron furniture stands up well to sun, wind and sea spray that can damage other materials. It doesn’t fade, rust or corrode like aluminum and resin furniture does, making wrought iron an easy choice when it comes to maintenance. Simply rinse down with water mixed with soap or wipe with damp cloth every now and then; applying protective wax coating can also provide additional benefits.

Wrought iron furniture may seem heavy, but its weight can actually come in handy in areas with windy weather. Due to its sturdy design and sturdy frame, wrought iron won’t blow over easily with gusty winds; and can support heavier objects like planters without tipping over accidently. Additionally, its weight helps prevent accidental tipping from accidental tips being given out accidentally.

Wrought iron furniture differs from cast iron in that it can be bent by heating and shaping with tools, offering more decorative possibilities and styles ranging from mid-Century Modern designs to ornate Victorian vintage bistro chairs with brass accents.

When purchasing vintage wrought iron furniture, look out for any maker’s marks or names stamped onto its underside or back. A maker’s mark provides insight into who created it, as well as potential value indicators. Even if a piece doesn’t bear one directly, patterns from old catalogs could provide clues as to its designer and value.

Vintage wrought iron patio furniture makes an elegant and historical addition to any backyard, and 1stDibs provides you with access to an expansive selection of sizes and finishes so that you can find pieces tailored precisely to fit your space and taste.