Pool Patio Furniture Ideas

Pool patio furniture needs to be designed with care in order to balance sun with shade, as humidity can quickly damage wood and wicker furniture while salt in the air can rust wrought iron pieces more rapidly than is desired.

Keep weather conditions at bay by choosing durable furniture materials like poly lumber or resin that’s weather resistant, while fade-proof textiles are essential given how much UV radiation the sun’s UV rays can fade colors over time.

Chairs or benches

If you plan on spending much time at the pool, invest in lounge chairs that provide plenty of room to lounge comfortably. Choose wicker or rattan options designed specifically for outdoor use to withstand sun and humidity; add cushions and throw pillows for additional comfort and aesthetic enhancement of your pool patio furniture set.

Consider an Amish picnic table as an inviting space to socialize at. Casual enough for swimsuit-clad guests, these tables work great when set near a barbecue while providing plenty of surface area to offer snacks and refreshments.

Modular patio furniture is another great solution for seating on pool decks, offering endless reconfigurability to form long couches or pair into adirondack chairs and balcony settees. Plus, with multiple colors and textures to choose from, there’s bound to be one perfect for your patio!

Furniture selection for commercial poolside areas is key to creating an inviting experience for customers. Be mindful of climate in your region as humid environments may warp wood and rattan pieces while salty coastal air may rust metal quickly. Also take into account maintenance and storage costs so you can make smart purchasing decisions according to both budget and space needs.

Weather-proof table sets

When it comes to patio furniture for pool areas, durability is of the utmost importance. Wood materials like cedar or teak tend to withstand moisture more effectively. Aluminum, stainless steel and wrought iron metals such as table sets produced from these can withstand chlorinated conditions more readily, though periodic painting will likely be necessary due to exposure.

Plastic and wicker furniture tends to be more flexible than their wooden counterparts, yet can still be vulnerable to temperature fluctuations and sun exposure over time. Plastic furniture may become unbearably hot during the summer heat wave while its color may fade due to UV exposure over time. If you want a stylish yet relaxing pool patio experience, resin or poly lumber lounge chairs would make an excellent addition – they provide comfort during long naps under the sun without becoming unbearably hot!

If you plan to host guests around your swimming pool, dining tables will be essential pieces of furniture. Choose between classic picnic tables or outdoor-specific dining sets when selecting outdoor dining table options.


Add an extra touch to your outdoor space by choosing umbrellas with fade-proof colors. While UV rays from the sun may be beneficial, their long-term exposure can cause colors on furniture such as umbrellas to fade over time – not an attractive look! When selecting an umbrella color scheme that matches that of your decor (for instance reds or yellows can provide an inviting pop of color while fitting seamlessly in with existing themes), consider umbrellas with fade-proof hues.

Consider selecting an umbrella with an auto-tilt feature, which makes opening, closing, and rotating it with just one hand. Not only is this type of umbrella easy but it provides comprehensive patio coverage.

Add an eye-catching and practical vignette by placing two or three lounge chairs with side tables near a pool for an eye-catching, stylish, and functional vignette. Select lounges that overlook the water to enhance the atmosphere and provide guests with an ideal spot to unwind, and use side tables between them to hold drinks, sunscreen, or any other necessities without reaching over seating areas. For an even more luxurious experience, add reclining chairs to your patio furniture set near the pool.

Adirondack chairs

An exquisite pool patio offers more than just an ideal place for cooling off in the water and basking in the sunshine: It can also serve as an intimate gathering spot, creating memories for you and your family, and adding warmth and intimacy to your outdoor space.

Adirondack chairs have become one of the most iconic poolside lounging solutions since their invention by Thomas Lee in 1903. Since their debut, these iconic chairs have become synonymous with vacations and leisure in the summer sun. Boasting classic flat armrests and low profiles that make it perfect for outdoor lounging, adirondack chairs come in numerous styles including dining chairs, rocking chairs and chaise lounges – one of which may just fit right.

Adirondack chairs are specifically designed to offer comfort and convenience, providing ample reclining room. Their slats allow airflow while their waterproof material prevents wet bodies from soaking up moisture from swimming pools. Plus, adirondack chairs are easy to maintain compared to fabric chairs which become uncomfortably damp after long swim sessions.

Adirondack chairs come in all sorts of colors and materials, from pine, cedar and teak to more affordable poly lumber options like those provided by Phat Tommy. Poly lumber patio furniture provides the look of painted wood without the maintenance requirements that accompany its ownership.

Sectional sofas

When planning your poolside layout, ensure each chair or table has at least several feet between it and others to avoid creating a cluttered and chaotic look. Furthermore, it’s also essential that all members of your furniture can move safely in their respective places.

Sectional sofas provide a chic and sociable seating option for your pool patio. Consider a nine-piece wicker outdoor sectional furniture set, featuring two corner couch sections and four standalone sofa sections, along with two reclining chaise chairs – seating up to eight people comfortably in this set! Add low tables between each section for easy accessing drinks, snacks, books, etc.

Natural wood-like hues add a soft aesthetic to pool patio furniture, from light browns and whites to deep tans and grays that work beautifully in any garden design. Or opt for poolside rattan furniture which features an innovative weave construction, designed to withstand heavy use while resisting moisture build-up – or create a modern and inviting style with poolside rattan furniture designed specifically for poolside use!


Lounges are an invaluable addition to any swimming pool patio, enabling users to lounge poolside while reading or hosting cocktail parties with friends. When selecting pool chairs that go well with the overall design of your backyard – from plants and textures of grasses and pavers, to fabrics used for plantings, lawn care, pavers or even upholstery in complimentary shades (such as green chairs upholstered with soft tones blending into the environment and a soothing water color scheme ) consider including lounges.

Chaise lounges are the ultimate poolside chairs – comfortable yet stylish and durable enough to withstand sun, rain and wind elements found outdoors. Look for designs with adjustable backrests so you can recline at different angles. If hosting a large gathering, pair lounges with poolside tables that can house drinks and snacks.

Considering modular patio furniture as a versatile poolside seating solution? Consider modular pieces that easily reconfigure into long sofas or smaller sections of paired seating, like long sofas. This style works particularly well in backyards that have limited space or need to accommodate for changing weather conditions.


Hammocks can provide an equally relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere at poolside hammocks, providing additional opportunities to rebalance. Their reclining position encourages muscle relief after an intensive swim. In addition, their airflow-regulating slats facilitate healthy airflow and allow water to drip downward – an added layer of comfort for swimmers and sunbathers alike.

When purchasing pool furniture, remember that its purpose must match its location if you want it to endure prolonged exposure to sunlight and weather elements. Look for furniture made of weather-proof materials like synthetic wicker or aluminum as well as fade-proof colors made with Sunbrella outdoor fabrics or poly lumber to maximize longevity and UV resistance.

Another key consideration when purchasing outdoor furniture is how much shade it offers. Direct sunlight can damage furniture while its UV rays also have the power to damage skin, so an umbrella may be beneficial in providing adequate shade on patio furniture sets.