Patio Furniture Cushions and Pillows

outdoor patio furniture pillows

Give your patio furniture a makeover with new cushions from our wide selection of styles and colors!

Our outdoor cushions are expertly crafted to resist fading, moisture and sun exposure while remaining comfortable for outdoor living. Woven from fibers specifically engineered for the outdoors, choose Rave Cherry for vibrant pops of color or Rave Kiwi for natural, earthy vibes.

They Add Comfort

No matter if you are lounging in the sun or hosting a family meal outdoors, outdoor furniture should be comfortable. Patio cushions and pillows are an easy way to enhance their comfort on chairs, sofas, chaise lounges. From adding support and comfort features like chaise pillows to adding color accents they come in various styles to suit every lifestyle. Explore all these options now to find something suitable!

Decorative outdoor pillows add both softness and visual interest to your patio furniture, complementing it beautifully while simultaneously increasing comfort levels. Use decorative outdoor pillows to brighten up a neutral-colored porch chair, add color to upholstered benches or sofas in the backyard, or enhance traditional dining chairs such as spring chairs swivel chairs reclining chairs; there are even lumbar cushions designed specifically to relieve back discomfort caused by extended sitting sessions.

Most outdoor patio furniture pillows are constructed from weather-resistant materials that will withstand all sorts of climate conditions, from moisture resistance and fade resistance, to mildew and mold growth resistance – so they remain visually appealing long after other pieces of furniture have faded or disintegrated.

These pillows are specially crafted to match or complement existing patio furniture and can be easily removed for cleaning when necessary. Many feature ties to keep them securely in place as well as handles for easy transporting; additionally, some cushions may even be machine washable to ensure ongoing hygiene!

Cushion materials play a vital role in how comfortable and long-term your pillows will be. Sunbrella fabric offers some excellent options; it is fade-resistant, waterproof, and refillable so that you can continue enjoying them over time. Refillable cushions also ensure long term enjoyment!

They Add Style

Make an outdoor furniture set more fashionable without breaking the bank! Patio pillows are an affordable and simple way to dress up chairs, sofas and other seating pieces in your backyard deck, porch or screened-in verandah. Use them on wooden outdoor chairs or upholstered patio chairs – adding color pops in either your front yard wicker set or classic wrought iron table and chairs!

Choose fabric carefully when selecting outdoor patio furniture pillows to meet the challenges of weather conditions, from extreme sun and mildew exposure to mildew growth and more. Many outdoor pillows feature fade-resistant polyester or other durable materials like polypropylene for optimal sun exposure and mildew resistance – perfect for your outdoor living space! Choose from various solid and boldly patterned patterns for the perfect complementing decor.

Pillows come in an endless variety of designs, ranging from basic stripes to floral patterns and geometric prints. Some even boast decorative embellishments like tassels and trim for extra visual interest. If you want a specific look, use outdoor throw pillows together to create a vignette on your porch or patio.

Foam or down chair cushions offer maximum comfort and support, respectively, while down pillows can provide heavier warmth in colder climates. You may also purchase replacement outdoor pillows for existing chairs or chaise lounges that have begun showing signs of wear and tear.

Selecting furniture that complements the aesthetic and functionality of your outdoor living spaces is paramount in creating an inviting space for relaxing or hosting guests. A patio set with chairs and table provides ample room to sit, dine and chat in your backyard; additional accent pieces like coffee tables, ottomans or fire pits may complete the setup.

They Are Affordable

Decorative pillows are an affordable and beautiful way to add color and pattern to patio furniture, create more comfortable sitting positions or provide back support. There is an assortment of styles and fabrics available so it should be easy for you to find something to match the aesthetic of your outdoor decor.

Outdoor cushion materials are specially formulated to withstand rain, dew drops, UV rays and other inclement weather conditions; however, it’s important to remember that even with the highest-rated UV resistant fabrics, prolonged sunlight exposure may eventually discolor and weaken them over time.

To ensure the cushions last as long as possible, it’s best to use ties that attach directly to their cover instead of glueing them on. This allows airflow and prevents moisture build-up that could otherwise lead to mildew growth in your pillow. Furthermore, washing outdoor cushions regularly is also highly recommended as this removes dirt that contributes to mould and mildew growth.

While most outdoor cushions are water-resistant, it is always wise to read and follow any applicable label instructions when purchasing new cushions. Even without access to a washing machine, cushions can still be cleaned by hand with gentle soap and warm water; any special care instructions might also apply depending on fabric composition.

Most people choose outdoor fabrics due to their ability to withstand the elements. Treated with chemicals to repel moisture, staining, and damage caused by UV radiation exposure, popular options for these fabrics include acrylic, olefin, cotton canvas, and PU-coated polyester fabrics.

Even with top quality outdoor furniture, it is wise to move cushions inside before the forecast predicts inclement weather. This will prevent dampness from creating mould or mildew growth while protecting them from elements and cold. When storing, be sure to use plastic storage bags that contain ventilation holes so fabric can breathe properly.

They Are Easy to Clean

Outdoor fabrics may be designed to withstand the elements, but they still get dirty over time. Luckily, cleaning patio furniture cushions is quick and simple with the appropriate products and techniques.

First, vacuum or brush the cushions to remove loose dirt and dust, before spraying 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner onto any stains or spots using a soft brush to scrub. Finally, rinse your cushions using a water hose until all cleaning solution has been removed from their fabric surface.

Outdoor cushion covers can also be washed on a cold, delicate cycle in your machine. However, before doing so it’s wise to double check with their labelling as some may require professional dry cleaning services while others simply require machine washing. If in doubt contact your cushion manufacturer.

Alternately, commercial cleaners may be necessary for tough stains on cushions. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions when using one; always test an area first if doing a full clean-up session. We suggest oxygen bleach (OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover is an example) instead of chlorine bleach as this solution won’t fade or change color of fabrics in your cushion cover.

Maintaining outdoor cushions and pillows regularly to extend their longevity is essential to making sure they last as long as possible. Vacuuming or brushing them at least once weekly will prevent dust or debris from building up on their surface, and also hose them down regularly so moisture doesn’t build up and cause mold or mildew growth.

Sunlight can wreak havoc on outdoor cushions by draining their color from fabric. To minimize this damage, rotate and place cushions in shaded areas when possible. Furthermore, consider investing in UV protection spray that protects furniture against short-term sun damage so it looks its best longer.

Cleaning outdoor cushions regularly is a simple and straightforward task. Doing this regularly ensures they will remain comfortable and stylish for years.