Woodard Patio Furniture Dresses Up Any Outdoor Space

woodard patio furniture

Woodard patio furniture adds the perfect finishing touches to any outdoor living space, be it iron, aluminum, or all-weather wicker. Since 1860 this company has been crafting exquisite pieces that reflect their craftsmanship.

Iron and aluminum outdoor furniture manufactured by this American-made company utilizes modern production methods, including powder coat paint finishes. Each item is meticulously handcrafted and assembled right here in America.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron furniture is a classic choice for outdoor spaces. Made of sturdy yet beautiful material, wrought iron lends itself to intricate scrollwork designs and other decorative features, as well as being easily customizable and lasting generations. Although heavier than aluminum or powder-coated steel patio furniture options, its corrosion-resistance means it can easily fit in with any decor – despite this it remains durable enough for use outdoors!

Wrought iron may be strong and durable, but it still leaves itself vulnerable to moisture and humidity that could cause it to rust, but this can often be prevented with the application of protective coating or coverings. Keep in mind that it’s heavier than aluminum or wicker furniture so it may make moving it around often difficult as well as heavy enough for moving up stairs.

Wrought iron patio furniture stands out among its counterparts due to its rust-proof qualities. As one of the more durable metals for outdoor use, it can withstand all sorts of weather conditions with relative ease. Plus, its paintable surface can match any color or pattern while its wide variety of finishes provides something suitable for any design aesthetic. Plus, cleaning and maintaining this furniture type is easier than most alternatives, making wrought iron an excellent choice for those who don’t wish to deal with dealing with maintenance hassles!

Wrought iron patio furniture is an iconic and timeless choice for any outdoor living space, making it one of the most popular offerings from Woodard. After 140 years in business, they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to creating high-quality products that exceed industry standards. Their wrought iron is handmade in America by over 50 skilled hands that form, craft, and finish each piece prior to being sent out as orders for customers to enjoy; making their products truly exceptional and long-term durable solutions.

Cast Aluminum

Woodard aluminum outdoor furniture provides an elegant and durable alternative to wrought iron. While wrought iron requires hand-forming techniques, cast aluminum furniture is made by pouring molten aluminum into molds which create unique textures and designs. Furthermore, cast aluminum furniture is lighter than its iron counterpart making it easier for transportation. Woodard offers a range of styles, colors and finishes so there is bound to be something perfect for you home!

Woodard aluminum designs combine elegance and strength, having been produced for more than 140 years. Based in Michigan, their commitment to quality can be seen through each piece that’s built to stand the test of time.

Wrought iron and aluminum furniture can be challenging to keep looking its best, but Woodard’s maintenance products make cleaning and upkeep simple. Their specially formulated cleaners and protectants help ensure your woodard aluminum and wrought iron patio furniture keeps looking brand new for years.

Woodard offers modern furniture fans many aluminum furniture collections. One such example is Wiltshire: meticulously engineered from rust-proof cast aluminum and inspired by upper class styles with thick curved arms and gently tapered legs reminiscent of upper crust living, this collection makes an attractive outdoor furniture option to decorate however you like.

Woodard Aluminum’s collection provides unparalleled customization of seating, dining and bistro tables. Over fifty artisans form, craft, finish and test every frame to guarantee its quality – this unparalleled level of care makes Woodard aluminum furniture an unrivaled option.

Woodard furniture offers an expansive selection, which may prove daunting at times. There are so many different styles, materials and fabrics to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to begin when selecting pieces from their catalog. But this issue isn’t limited to Woodard; most furniture companies face this same challenge. By taking time for research purposes you may just find something perfect from their outdoor selection that complements your home environment perfectly!

All Seasons Wicker

Woodard offers weatherproof wicker patio furniture that will stand the test of time, including UV inhibitors to keep its colors looking vibrant for decades to come. Their all-weather weave won’t fade even under intense sunlight conditions and UV protectors help preserve its vibrant appearance.

Their wicker furniture frames are constructed of strong wrought iron or aluminum frames with classic or modern designs depending on your personal taste. Over 50 pairs of hands will form, craft, and finish each piece before it leaves their factory; their craftsmanship sets it apart from other brands.

Your outdoor chair collection also offers comfortable wicker chairs to relax on after dinner or to take in the outdoors in the morning, such as wicker chaise lounges and reclining wicker sofas that allow two people to sit together comfortably and unwind together. Recliner wicker chairs may help reduce back pain because their rocking motion increases blood flow to joints while relieving tension from tight muscles.

Woodard Collection also features an expansive selection of wicker tables. Their dining tables are tailored to accommodate large family and friend gatherings and come in various sizes that suit any space; from bistro tables that can fit tight spaces to larger patio dining tables. Their coffee and side tables come with different finishes that complement any decor perfectly, including glass tops.

Woodard benches offer extra seating in your outdoor living space and make an excellent way to increase space without compromising comfort. Their selection includes both wrought iron and aluminum models that offer versatile solutions when extra seating is required without compromising comfort. Some styles feature lightweight reticulated drum and cube seats which quickly dry after rain showers to protect you against moisture intrusion.


Woodard has been creating patio furniture in America for more than 150 years, and remains one of the leading patio furniture producers today. Such longevity demonstrates Woodard’s expertise and ability to craft well-designed and cost-effective patio furnishings that stand the test of time. No matter your design preference – traditional wrought iron scrolls, classic modern, or something in between – you can trust Woodard to deliver.

Woodard Patio Furniture remains in Michigan and continues to use modern production techniques to craft superior patio furniture that will stand the test of time. You can customize your piece by selecting frame color and fabric which perfectly match your lifestyle and outdoor living space.

Woodard offers an assortment of coffee tables to perfectly compliment your dining and lounging furniture. Their tables come in various styles such as wicker, hand-forged iron and aluminum; square or rectangular shape available with glass top or slat top options available; stackable options also provide space saving solutions.

Woodard offers an assortment of cushions designed to add style and functionality to any piece of furniture, such as sling or cushion seats and throw pillows in various shapes and sizes. Fabric options are nearly unlimited with colors and patterns galore to choose from – should anything not meet your satisfaction within one year, it may be returned – their one year limited cushion warranty covers workmanship for both cushion and filler construction!

Add some elegance to your patio with a Woodard fire pit! There are various models to choose from and each comes equipped with a burner capable of producing up to 30.000 BTU’s. Plus, their cast aluminum grates come with different finishes for extra choice! Finally, Woodard also offers various accessories specifically tailored to each fire pit model!

If you’re in the market for some furniture from Woodard’s collection, their website makes it easy to locate an authorized stockist near you. Their listing provides all locations where their products can be purchased as well as contact details so that if any questions arise or if you want to view something specific they can assist.