Eco-Friendly Polywood Patio Furniture

polywood patio furniture

Polywood patio furniture is an eco-friendly solution that is both cost effective and easy to care for, never splintering or rotting; making it highly durable.

This type of furniture looks and feels similar to wood, yet is much cheaper than teak. Furthermore, it is easier to maintain and perfect for families.


Polywood furniture is made from a material similar to wood, yet far more resilient and long-term reliable. It can withstand rain, snow, salty air and the beating sun without cracking, chipping or warping; scrapes and spills; it maintains its color year after year while remaining low maintenance and easy to clean.

As with most polywood furniture, a soft cloth or brush should be used to wipe away dirt and debris on polywood patio furniture. For tough stains, mild soap mixed with warm water may work; alternatively you could try commercial plastic-safe cleaners if possible. If mildew or mold build-up has formed on your furniture, using a pressure washer would likely be ideal, otherwise household bleach diluted in warm water may help eliminate mold, mildew or algae growth from polywood patio furniture.

Polywood furniture doesn’t require staining or painting like traditional wooden pieces do. Made of high-density polyethylene material that’s recyclable and reused multiple times, polywood helps the environment by reducing waste to landfills while being left outside year-round – an attractive feature for those wanting to save both time and money by not having to repaint or stain their outdoor furniture every few years. It makes polywood an excellent option for people looking for easy care outdoor solutions!

Polywood furniture offers many advantages over real wooden pieces; however, its lifespan may not match. This is because extreme temperatures and humidity levels can damage its surfaces; to help protect this investment in your polywood furniture’s longevity it would be wise to invest in high-quality wax protection for it.

Polywood patio furniture may be pricey, which may put off those without the budget to afford it. But investing in quality pieces that last will certainly be worth your while – and searching online will often reveal more affordable pieces than in store!

Easy to clean

Polywood furniture resembles wood in appearance and texture, yet is far more resilient. It stands up well to sunlight, rain, sleet, snowfall, saltwater and chlorine conditions and resists mildew growth as well. Easy cleaning methods with soap water and soft bristle brush work just fine, or sanitization using bleach solutions won’t compromise its color or finish either – should power washing be required, it may even work just as effectively!

Polywood furniture features color that’s permanently embedded into its plastic lumber during production, so no new coat of paint is ever required to keep its beauty. Plus, its resistance to many different solvents means it won’t fade or chip from oil-based cleaners or gasoline products like gasoline-powered products like car washes. Polywood chairs weigh 30-50 pounds each for optimal stability during moderate winds – although more than one person will be needed to move a large sectional across your patio.

Care for POLYWOOD outdoor furniture will keep it looking its best for many years to come. Aim to clean it regularly – once or twice each season would be ideal. Additionally, keep candles or tiki torches away from it as these could damage or discolor it.

When cleaning, select a warm and sunny day. Combine a bucket of warm water with mild dish soap, remove cushions or tablecloths and take other steps as necessary (removing cushions is often easier), dip a sponge or cloth into this solution and begin wiping down surfaces – extra scrubbing may be needed on areas with mildew or dirt build-up before rinsing with clean water before either towel drying it directly under sunlight or drying using another method ( Rinsing clean water then air drying your furniture will finish this step

To maintain the finish on your polywood furniture, consider applying furniture wax. This will protect its surface from damage and reduce costly repairs and maintenance expenses. Test it first on an inconspicuous area to make sure it won’t discolor or damage your piece, then if applying proceed by allowing it to dry completely before using your piece again – these products can be found online or at DIY stores near you.


Polywood furniture provides a versatile selection for outdoor spaces. Ranging from dining tables and chairs, rocking seats, glider seats and folding options for easy rearranging or storage purposes. Polywood also stands up well against weather damage compared to box store plastic furniture; its material doesn’t absorb moisture like traditional plastic pieces do while being resistant to mold, mildew and insect damage as well as being resistant to chemicals oils salt as well as its design not allowing water into its inner structure of chairs or tables.

Polywood patio furniture comes in various colors to fit in perfectly with any existing decor or stand out on its own. A set of brown rocking chairs may complement rustic designs while bright blue Adirondack seats work beautifully with coastal or tropical-themed furniture. POLYWOOD furniture also comes in multiple sizes to ensure it can fit comfortably on any patio space.

Polywood furniture offers many advantages over its wood counterpart, including no need to be sanded or painted. Thanks to its superior construction and UV stabilizers, its surface stays protected from direct sunlight allowing its color to remain intact no matter the climate or environment. Furthermore, its resistance against chlorine, saltwater and other chemicals that would typically damage other materials makes polywood an excellent option.

Polywood furniture offers durability and versatility for active households or living in harsh environments. Additionally, this material makes cleaning much simpler than with wooden or wicker options, helping your furniture remain looking brand new for longer.

Polywood furniture’s secondary advantage is its use of recycled HDPE plastic, repurposed from post-consumer products such as milk and detergent jugs to reduce waste while increasing environmental sustainability. Furthermore, there’s no need for insect or moisture barriers, meaning less exposure to additional chemicals over time for you and your family.

Polywood furniture can help your backyard stand out without breaking the bank. While more costly than other options, its long warranty and minimal maintenance requirements make this an excellent value proposition. Plus, with its variety of styles and finishes to choose from, Polywood will complement any decor seamlessly.


Polywood patio furniture is made with high-density recycled plastic that comes from detergent bottles, milk jugs and other post consumer waste. By recycling such waste materials into stylish outdoor furniture for your backyard, polywood reduces landfill trash while still providing stylish outdoor furnishings that won’t rot or splinter; in addition it resists environmental pollutants, corrosive substances, oil & fuels as well as mildew & salt spray damage.

This makes plastic furniture an excellent investment for areas with hot, dry summers and snowy winters as well as coastal winds that damage wood furniture, providing year-round enjoyment of one’s backyard.

Many pieces of this durable furniture come in various color options to match the decor and personal taste of your patio, as well as matching accessories that make a cohesive look in your backyard. Plus, many lightweight models make moving or repositioning pieces easily.

These pieces require little in the way of upkeep. Polywood furniture can withstand sun, rain, sleet and snow as well as harsh cleaning solutions without warping or cracking over time – meaning you’ll enjoy it for many years!

Cleaning Polywood furniture should be an effortless affair; warm water alone should suffice, or try using a mixture of 1/3 bleach and 2/3 warm water if stubborn stains need help being lifted from your furniture’s surface. However, do not use any harsh cleaners such as steel wool as this could corrode and scratch its surface further.

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