Bring a Fashionable Blast From the Past to Your Patio With Retro Patio Furniture

retro patio furniture

Bring back an unforgettable look from the past with retro outdoor furniture. These simple and sleek vintage pieces feature iconic callback designs, making it easy to pair them with new decor items.

Retro patio chairs make an eye-catching statement in any outdoor space, from loungers to dining tables. Shop the vintage options available in our Long Beach warehouse to create a chic backyard retreat.


No matter the style or layout of your home, giving any outdoor space a retro vibe can be achieved through carefully selecting furniture and decor from years gone by. Wicker or metal pieces add an air of nostalgia while also being durable enough for use outdoors – modern metal pieces have this capability while wicker and rattan pieces have proven resilient against harsh outdoor conditions.

If you have a large patio, creating an aesthetic unity can be achieved by selecting matching table and chair sets that appear as though they were designed together. Vintage tables in various styles and sizes such as glass-top tables with metal accents or weathered wood options may work perfectly, while opting for chairs that come complete with matching ottomans (the styles may differ depending on each set) can help complete this look.

Outside of selecting a table and chairs that suit your retro patio theme, you can also add decorative elements. Wall decor, patterned rugs and sculptures can all help add flair to the theme while a chiminea or fire pit add soothing warmth and captivating visual appeal to the area.

Some people choose an eclectic or Bohemian aesthetic when decorating their patios and decks, incorporating vibrant plants and decorative rugs for an eye-catching design aesthetic. You could also try opting for vintage ceiling fans as a finishing touch and to keep cool during warmer months.


Retro patio furniture can add an eclectic charm to your backyard. These pieces, which reference decor from the 1950s through to 1980s with modern updates, can help create this look with Rejuvenation collection outdoor furniture.

This collection offers swivel chairs, couches and ottomans featuring metal bases with nail designs in outdoor-safe nickel or brass finish, upholstered in weather-resistant fabrics for optimal outdoor performance, and may come equipped with matching rugs to complete the color scheme of your patio. If you want to add even more elegance to your backyard patio space, why not add an elegant mosaic patio table instead? These tables feature decorative tabletops featuring hand-laid tiles in slate, terra cotta or marble.

Other items in our selection include metal and wooden outdoor furniture. Metal furniture offers several advantages for patios with limited space; aluminum furniture won’t rust and is less likely to get scorched by sunlight or wind than its steel or wrought iron counterparts, making cleaning much simpler compared with wooden pieces; it can even be used under protective patio covers for added peace of mind.

Galvanized steel furniture provides another great choice in metal furniture – it provides the ideal balance between lightweight aluminum and heavy wrought iron pieces, being slightly heavier than aluminum but lighter than wrought iron. Furthermore, galvanized steel’s ability to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as its range of colors make it suitable for any decor scheme or aesthetic preference.

Wooden patio furniture is an iconic choice that has stood the test of time, made from weatherproof eucalyptus, teak and acacia woods that offer natural beauty unmatched by synthetic alternatives and are long-term reliable investments. However, to preserve its finish and luster it requires regular upkeep by professional cleaning services or regular care at home by your gardener or handyperson.

Wicker patio furniture is an iconic option to bring an updated retro aesthetic. Woven over an aluminum frame, wicker furniture provides a sturdy yet lightweight solution that won’t buckle under wind or heat conditions. Some varieties even use all-weather resin instead of natural materials – however for optimal performance HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) should be preferred over PVC as this won’t crack or break over time.


No matter what size patio chair or lounges you need to fill your outdoor dining area, there is an assortment of patio furniture available that is sure to meet all of your needs. Some pieces feature simple aesthetics designed for durability while others may have luxurious feel to them. Depending on your preferences and needs, rattan or more traditional wicker chairs might suit better; or more ergonomic features like Shivam International’s black Retro Cafe Chair which boasts its curved back for hours of comfortable seating and its solid resin frame stands up well to weather conditions – while protecting it with a cover can extend its usefulness even further.

With the right patio furniture, you can expand your home’s footprint outdoors while relaxing in style. Rattan, wicker and retro metal styles all offer different levels of relaxation for different styles and budgets.


When selecting furniture for your outdoor patio, choose pieces with retro vibes while remaining stylish and durable. Materials like aluminum and wrought iron will stand up well over time and weathering while resin wicker adds handmade character. Choose a set consisting of sofa, table and chair to ensure a comfortable seating area.

Your vintage patio furniture set should reflect its era. Look for pieces featuring traditional hues such as white, pastel blues or sand hues; natural textures; vintage-inspired decorative accessories and any beachy or nautical accents like resin wicker with crosshatched weave or rope accents for the best results.

Metal patio furniture sets are another favorite among those who appreciate vintage styles. Wrought iron furniture usually comes with a black finish, though you can easily have it painted to suit any home decor scheme. Though heavy, it still provides long-term beauty and should be checked periodically for signs of corrosion by wiping it down with damp cloth to avoid further damage.

Retro metal patio furniture typically consists of sturdy tubular steel frames with baked-on enamel finishes in various hues. These pieces come in various configurations ranging from complete dining sets to compact bistro sets that fit in small spaces – an affordable way of adding some pop of color and character to your backyard!