How to Find Affordable Patio Furniture

affordable patio furniture

No matter your budget, creating an inviting outdoor space with the proper patio furniture is possible. From affordable table and chair sets to cozy wicker sofas, here are pieces that will help you realize your ideal outdoor room.

This wicker set comprises three chairs and an ottoman that can be configured into either two loveseats or a sectional couch, complete with stain-, mildew- and fade-resistant cushions.

The Best Time to Buy

One of the key points when purchasing patio furniture is quality being your top priority. Although budgetary concerns might make you opt for cheaper pieces, investing in better pieces that last will ultimately cost less in the long run. When is the best time and place for me to buy patio furniture? That depends on your overall goal but if you want the latest styles or models it would be beneficial if shopping begins as early as March or April when companies release their latest looks for summertime use.

If you want patio furniture that will last multiple seasons, now is an excellent time to shop – prices drop significantly as stores and online retailers clear out old inventory to prepare for winter, making now an excellent opportunity to find stunning tables, chairs, and sofas at more reasonable costs.

If you don’t need patio furniture immediately, wait until mid-to-late summer when clearance sales start; that way you could score some incredible deals on everything from dining tables, lounges and swings to side tables, table umbrellas and luxurious rocking chairs for your porch!

Not to be overlooked is that many retailers host seasonal sales and promotions throughout the year, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Memorial Day – popular times to take advantage of amazing patio furniture discounts. To be sure you don’t miss any great offers and discounts from your favorite retailer it is recommended that you subscribe to their email newsletter or follow them on social media in order to be among the first to know of any significant savings on patio furniture!

The Right Materials

Material choice when creating patio furniture has an enormous effect on its lifespan and maintenance requirements, as well as cost. Some materials, like stainless steel, are highly weather-resistant yet costly compared to others such as wood, metal, plastic and synthetic resins – be sure to find what best meets your needs and climate conditions!

As teak or wrought iron are highly resistant to moisture, and require minimal upkeep, they make excellent choices for outdoor furniture. Teak wood has natural oils which repel moisture away from it reducing mold and bacteria growth as well as having beautiful grain patterns which last long term.

Cast aluminum patio furniture is another cost-effective and long-lasting material option, and its lightweight design makes it easy to move around the yard or deck. Ideal for areas that experience high winds as it can easily be secured to prevent it from blowing away, cast aluminum also comes in various colors and finishes that complement any decor style.

Plastic and synthetic resins have quickly become popular materials for outdoor furniture. Many pieces mimic more expensive and higher-grade materials like wicker rattan or wood to add an air of luxury to any backyard space. When purchasing synthetic wicker furniture, look for pieces made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) instead of low-grade PVC plastic as these will not unravel and degrade over time.

No matter the material, cheap metal or bare metal outdoor furniture should be avoided as it will rust in time when exposed to elements. If this furniture must be purchased anyway, look for pieces with anti-rust coating for the best results.

The Right Size

Experience California’s gorgeous weather all year-round while relaxing and dining outdoors, dining on affordable patio furniture sets from Jerome’s. Your outdoor space becomes a place where family and friends can congregate and unwind together.

Before beginning the search for new patio furniture pieces such as tables, sofas, chairs or other pieces of seating options for guests and how much space between each piece, take an inventory of your space by taking measurements of its existing dimensions. This will allow you to accurately gauge how many seating options will best serve your guests as well as any gaps that exist in between each piece.

Once you know how many seats you need, visit your local furniture store and select affordable patio furniture that meets both your style and budget. Consider dining sets featuring table and chairs or sectionals with sofa. Many sets also come in standard or bar height models so that you can customize seat height for optimal use.

Taller guests should consider getting adjustable patio chairs with reclining backrests or extendable legs to make sitting more comfortable over longer. For even greater relaxation, choose lounge chairs that offer adjustable headrests and foot rests as well as arm rests that come equipped with arm rests – these will offer optimal seating comfort!

Find an aluminum patio furniture set that stands the test of time by selecting one with a strong and resilient aluminum frame. While more costly than steel, aluminum is much stronger and resistant to corrosion, and should feature powder-coated finish and thick gauge aluminum gauges to maximize its lifelong value as an investment.

An important piece of advice is investing in quality patio furniture covers as they will protect your investment when not being used. Covers provide protection from rain, snow, UV rays, dust mites, mildew and pest infestation – all threats which could shorten its life and shorten your relaxing hot spot experience. When selecting covers that suit your specific size of furniture ensure they won’t pool water inside and cause further damage.

The Right Style

From hosting cocktail parties and hosting reading parties to relaxing with a good book outdoors, outdoor furniture makes all the difference. Pottery Barn offers an impressive selection of patio sets for both lounging and dining – from powder coated cast aluminum seating to cozy cushioned sofas and soft cushioned chairs and sofas with soft cushioning – as well as multifunctional pieces such as ottomans and poufs that double as extra seating or footrests in front of deck chairs.

Rustic outdoor side tables make an eye-catching statement in any garden or porch, and are an easy DIY project suitable for beginners to complete. Paint or stain can add custom color options for an authentic finish; additionally, slatted wood benches offer affordable seating solutions which work as standalone pieces or in groups.

Outdoor corner wedge chairs are an ideal addition to any outdoor space, perfect for accommodating many guests with limited floor space. Furthermore, these versatile chairs make a great addition to larger patios as an additional seating option.

If you have limited space, modular patio furniture may help maximize usable area. These versatile sets usually include sofa and coffee tables that can be moved around as your needs shift – perfect for balconies, small terraces or screened-in porches.

An affordable way to create a stylish patio on a budget is through selecting affordable rattan furniture. This classic cottage style makes a lovely addition to either a sun-kissed brick patio or covered lanai; synthetic material provides more protection against harsh weather conditions than its natural counterpart.

If you have a large space to fill, modern patio furniture could be an ideal solution. This style features sleek lines and neutral color finishes that easily pair with any decor style, such as resin wicker which resists elements while being weatherproof if sprayed with protective finish.