Better Homes and Gardens Patio Furniture Cushions

better homes and gardens patio furniture cushions

If your outdoor replacement cushions have lost their shape or just appear worn out, now may be a good time and money to shop for new ones. To save yourself both time and money while purchasing patio furniture cushions efficiently. Make a plan for buying, ordering, and placing orders to obtain quality patio seating cushions.

Start by taking an inventory of your old cushions and furniture. Jot down their type and fabric. Visit furniture manufacturer fabric galleries online, document your favorites fabrics, and finally purchase new furniture with them.


Outdoor furniture sets and cushions designed with comfort in mind offer both style and durability. Made of easy-care materials that don’t need regular upkeep, you’re sure to find a piece perfect for your home here! With many different styles and colors to suit any decor. Some models even feature removable pillows so that you can change up their appearance without changing their cushion covers, keeping the foam firm and comfortable.

No matter the state of your existing cushions, it’s wise to conduct a careful inventory and plan ahead for how best to deal with them. Make a note of each cushion shape, then sketch an accurate representation of their dimensions on clean paper. Most outdoor replacement cushions tend to be rectangular in nature; however, you should alter their dimensions depending on the furniture in which you plan to place them.

Begin by selecting a fabric that complements your existing color scheme and style preferences. Newer fabrics like Gardelle One Fabric System can withstand Mother Nature and unexpected spills while remaining fade-resistant to coordinate perfectly with furniture and accessories in your space.

Traditional ticking stripes have also made an unexpected comeback this year, such as Joe Brown’s reversible chair pad featuring this timeless design with updated hues – currently 50% off! Joe Brown offers other fabrics like this for your garden furniture as well, such as traditional ticking stripes that come back into fashion every few years – the ideal additions that bring new life to garden furniture and make an excellent focal point in your outdoor spaces.

Better Homes & Gardens’ Ravenbrooke 4-Piece Patio Conversation Set with Blue Cushions will transform your patio into an inviting outdoor retreat, ideal for relaxing and entertaining. This set consists of a loveseat, two chairs, and coffee table crafted of all-weather resin wicker over powder-coated steel frames – plus its plush blue cushions are water, stain, and mildew resistant so they will stay looking their best season after season!


Better Homes and Gardens patio furniture cushions are made of weatherproof fabrics designed to withstand all sorts of climate conditions, but proper storage can help prevent mold and mildew growth, saving both money and hassle if they must be replaced soon. By following these tips, your cushions may last years!

First, take an inventory of your furniture and cushions so you can accurately order replacement cushions. Next, begin selecting fabric. Browse fabric galleries; be sure to open full-scale images rather than thumbnails to get an accurate idea of patterns and colors available; if any issues arise contact a customer service representative directly for assistance.

Once you’ve chosen your fabric(s), be sure to write down its name (if available) and number so as to easily match colors and ensure you receive enough material for your project. This step is especially crucial if creating multiple furniture cushions.

Fabric swatches can also be purchased either online or from local fabric shops to give an idea of how the fabric looks and feels on furniture, as well as helping determine whether or not it matches your home decor; for instance, traditional ticking stripes may work great with curtains but may not work with chair cushions.

Once you have selected the fabric you wish to use, you can begin the process of crafting furniture cushions. Be sure to follow instructions carefully and use proper measurements; the last thing you want is cushions which are too small or large for your furniture!

Once your cushions have been completed, be sure to clean and treat the fabric with waterproofing spray to help protect against moisture and insects. For outside storage purposes, choose an area with low humidity and stable temperature; inside storage solutions should utilize airtight containers that keep out moisture and moths.


Recreate an oasis in your outdoor space with the Better Homes and Gardens Ravenbrooke 4-Piece Patio Conversation Set. Its richly-colored all-weather wicker frame features plush blue cushions for an added touch of elegance in your backyard oasis, and the Gardelle One Fabric System helps protect against stains, mildew and rain that might penetrate foam cushions over time – providing long-term use without being affected by wear and tear.

If you prefer a rustic aesthetic in your outdoor seating arrangements, opt for the Braxton 4-Piece Wood Conversation Set. Crafted from Eucalyptus wood solids with black Olefin rope details and highlighted by natural colors in their materials such as the natural color of wood frame covered by weather-proof 50% recycled polyester cushions, this set offers everything from love seats and chairs to coffee tables.

If your patio furniture set doesn’t quite fit the way you hoped, consider getting universal replacement cushions which will work with most styles on the market. They come complete with zipper closures and weather- and fade-resistant fabrics to provide your furniture with protection against elements. Plus, there’s even a range of sizes and colors so that you can find one to complement your unique outdoor set perfectly – this option makes an excellent way to replace current patio cushions too.


When purchasing patio furniture, look for pieces with durable in-built cushions to provide maximum comfort year after year. When possible, steer clear of bulky metal furniture which is hard to move and clean – instead opt for high-quality wicker, teak, or cedar pieces as these look great with different furniture styles as well.

Consider how easily cushions will fit onto each chair, sofa, and table when purchasing patio furniture. Some pieces feature built-in storage compartments which can hold up to 12 cushions at one time; otherwise if space is an issue consider investing in an easily transportable standalone storage chest that you can store away when not needed.

Better Homes and Gardens’ Ravenbrooke 4-Piece Patio Conversation Set with Blue Cushions features a luxurious all-weather wicker design, combined with richly-colored UV-protected blue fabric to form an exquisite outdoor seating area for four. Take comfort in its plush tufted cushions which are water, stain and mildew resistant for optimal support; plus the eucalyptus wood-framed loveseat features elegant black Olefin rope details to complete its sophisticated appearance.

Maintaining the appearance of Better Homes and Garden patio furniture requires investing in quality covers to protect its cushions from potential spills, rain or sun damage. Classic Accessories’ Gardelle One Fabric System protects from Mother Nature with weather-resistant 50% recycled polyester that’s both snag resistant and tear proof; available in multiple colors to fit Hampton Bay, Better Homes & Gardens Frontgate or Allen + Roth patio sets.