Wicker Patio Furniture – A Stylish Addition to Your Outdoor Decor

outdoor wicker patio furniture

Wicker furniture makes an elegant addition to any outdoor area and will outlive other materials if taken care of properly.

Choose between synthetic wicker or traditional natural rattan furniture sets for outdoor patio seating, featuring powder coat aluminum frames and weatherproof Sunbrella acrylic cushions.


Wicker furniture is not only attractive, but it is also extremely resilient due to the materials used and its construction. Many sets use synthetic resins which are tough enough to withstand many weather conditions – rain, snow and intense sunlight can all affect it – while its unique weave design helps ensure it doesn’t loosen over time. Importantly, however, wicker must always be stored safely when not being used and frequent inspection should take place to detect wear-and-tear or loosening signs before it goes unprotected outdoors.

To experience the comfort and beauty of wicker furniture year-round, it’s essential that only quality pieces are purchased. Unfortunately, some large stores make the mistake of selling sets with inferior frames in an attempt to cut costs; this results in shorter furniture lifespan. A quality set should include thick aluminum frames powder-coated with antirust spray that will last years with proper care and cleaning.

Searching for a long-lasting wicker set? When considering your options, another durable solution could be to choose one made out of seagrass reed. Commonly found in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, seagrass reed has tighter weave than rattan and can therefore create sturdy furniture frames more readily.

Resin wicker furniture offers the perfect way to escape to tropical bliss right at home. Constructed from an eco-friendly material such as fibrous climbing vine, resin wicker furniture makes an impressive statement on any patio or deck while being easy to care for and keep looking like new; simply rinse off with garden hose to clean regularly or unzip off cushions for quick washing – saving both time and energy in cleaning them off regularly!


Wicker furniture is lightweight and easily moveable around a patio or deck for entertaining and relaxing, offering greater versatility and entertainment opportunities. Plus, its materials are highly comfortable – lightweight yet strong enough for regular use; its cushions soft yet strong; its slats on some chairs may even feature padding to increase comfort further while protecting them from the sun’s UV rays which could potentially fade them over time; specific cushion covers exist specifically to reduce this fading; it may even be possible to get individual covers as needed.

Wicker furniture is popular because it is both attractive and long-lasting, making it perfect for outdoor spaces. Additionally, its affordability makes it suitable for any decor style or aesthetic imaginable. When choosing this kind of patio furniture it is important to take into account how it will be used and maintained so it lasts as long as possible.

Cleaning wicker patio furniture is easy and affordable. Regularly using mild liquid soap and water will keep it looking its best, and for added protection during harsh weather conditions it should be stored away in a garage or shed and given some protective cover when not being used or covered by harsh weather. Outdoor seating in high heat temperatures could quickly dry out and fade over time; so this type of furniture is best left indoors or semi-indoor use.

Outdoor wicker furniture can become damaged when subjected to very wet conditions, making it essential to clean it immediately following a rainfall. When saturated with water, wicker can become severely deformed and become weak beyond repair if not maintained regularly. Furthermore, placing heavy weight directly on wet wicker will cause it to deform permanently if placed too close together or placed near a fan or sunlight with light breeze will aid the drying process significantly.


Wicker patio furniture exudes sophistication and refinement, from natural or synthetic materials. Crafted for all sorts of outdoor decor and color palettes, its timeless beauty can complement almost all designs ranging from contemporary sleek geometric styles to more traditional rounded shapes or beachy coastal or tropical themes. Choose a set that includes loveseat, chairs and coffee table or mix and match pieces to meet the space requirements.

Both natural and synthetic (resin) wicker require special care in order to remain looking its best. Dust and dirt tend to accumulate quickly, so regular cleaning is key. A soft brush works great at gently brushing away light soot from slats, while vacuum cleaners with brush attachments may be required if there’s lots of stubborn dirt and grime buildup. When finished with vacuuming, use a garden hose to rinse away any remaining debris or dirt before placing back outdoors.

After cleaning the wicker, it is vital that it dries completely before applying reapplication of any protective sealant as directed. This protects it against elements and helps avoid cracking, chalkiness or fading over time.

Extreme heat and salt water are harmful to wicker. Salt draws moisture from it, shortening its life. If you live in an environment with high heat and humidity, consider covering your wicker to protect it from the sun’s UV rays.

If you plan to store your wicker furniture for extended periods, it is a smart move to cover it. This will protect it from dust and other debris as well as prevent it from absorbing unwanted odors, while providing ventilation at the same time. Ideally, use a cover that allows airflow. However, if this is not available then placing in shaded area such as garage or shed may provide adequate shelter against harsh weather conditions – or in areas experiencing extreme winter temperatures consider bringing it inside for winter storage purposes.


When it comes to the value of wicker patio furniture, several factors play a part in its estimation. Chief among them is material quality. Higher-end pieces typically use natural materials like rattan, bamboo or reed that are highly resistant to wear and tear – and tend to command more value than their cheaper counterparts which use synthetic components.

Another key consideration in the valuation of wicker furniture is how it’s used and maintained over time. Well-kept pieces tend to experience less wear-and-tear damages and wear that depreciates its value over time, while more well-maintained pieces will be in better condition and increase its worth over time. Furthermore, style influences its worth; typically more stylish modern pieces tend to command a higher valuation than outdated classic pieces.

Resin wicker furniture is designed to withstand a range of climate conditions, from scorching heat and humidity to snowy winters. Furthermore, its easy cleaning requires minimal maintenance compared with other forms of outdoor furniture. Resin wicker can be found on patios, gardens or by pools alike – giving more flexibility in seating arrangements!

Finding all-weather wicker patio furniture when it is on clearance sales can be a great opportunity to score big savings – up to 50% off its regular purchase price, yet still getting high-quality furniture for your outdoor space. Clearance sales provide the ideal opportunity to upgrade existing pieces with something fresh.

Wicker patio furniture makes an excellent addition to your garden or patio, offering both comfort and style. From relaxing after a long day to hosting guests and friends for gatherings or simply adding elegance and sophistication to the exterior decor of your home, wicker furniture brings both these qualities.