How to Create Relaxing Living Spaces With Patio Furniture

living spaces patio furniture

Make your backyard into a relaxing sanctuary with luxurious upholstered patio furniture. Select a comfortable sectional for group seating or an adaptable lounge that features a cocktail table for flexible configurations.

Create separate living areas by using visual cues such as outdoor area rugs to define each “room.” Hanging an elegant chandelier is another easy way to add glamour.


Contemporary outdoor furniture blends simple yet sophisticated designs with top-quality materials to create a relaxing backyard retreat. Our Mojave lounge collection and sleek curved patio tables add the finishing touch for modern designs which are great for both relaxing and entertaining in any backyard space.

Find contemporary patio furniture pieces characterized by smooth woods and polished metals with light colors such as blonde. Neutral tones with brighter accent colors define this design style; woven wicker pieces also add natural charm for their smooth texture and smooth surfaces.

Your backyard patio should serve as an extension of the living room inside your home, so creating an aesthetically pleasing, inviting and comfortable space to welcome friends and family is of utmost importance. Make sure that its color scheme complements that found within your house to tie both areas together seamlessly.

Nothing elevates a patio like adding chic chandelier or lighting fixture. Simply string together string lights or Luna lights on living space patio furniture for an eye-catching nighttime glow. Our stylish selection of contemporary furniture includes coffee tables, end tables, dining sets and bistro sets that will turn your backyard into an amazing entertainment area.


Minimalism creates a peaceful space where your mind can unwind, so to achieve this look start by employing popular decluttering methods such as Marie Kondo. Doing this will remove items you no longer use or need, helping create an uncluttered base for the remainder of your design scheme.

Minimalism provides an adaptable design aesthetic that easily accommodates diverse design styles and preferences. With its neutral palette and clean lines providing a blank canvas on which to layer in textures, materials and accents of color without disrupting the integrity of the space.

Discover minimalist patio furniture to match your personal aesthetic in our selection. With pieces made of recycled waste like our sustainable chairs to classic high-street designs, you are sure to find pieces that reflect your minimalist sensibilities. Browse reclaimed chairs, modern tables and outdoor kitchen sets that exemplify this trend!

Keep your space organized by limiting decorative accents to just one or two pieces per room. This will keep clutter at bay while still displaying your favorite accessories. For an extra pop of character in your living space, add some statement lighting or wall art pieces as focal points.


Scandinavian design proves that less is indeed more. This style makes an excellent cottage retreat, as its sleek styles create larger and brighter rooms with natural lighting. Furthermore, Scandinavian designs emphasize functionality, making it easy to maximize use of space without compromising style or comfort.

Choose a palette consisting primarily of white, gray and tan shades to keep your Scandinavian living room furniture looking sleek and uncluttered. Add pops of blue for more vibrant accents in this space.

Add texture and warmth to your space with a wool or cotton rug, which will highlight the light hues in your living space patio furniture and complement them beautifully.

Be the envy of the neighborhood with an all-weather woven rug made of polyresin to add durability and beauty to your living space. Crafted from recycled plastics, polyresin resembles polyethylene material while being eco-friendly. We offer various frame and fabric combinations so you can find one to match the Nordic aesthetic of your cottage retreat.


A coastal living space exudes relaxation. Breezy yet casual, its design fosters an easygoing ambiance perfect for warm-weather entertaining. To achieve the coastal aesthetic, choose blue or pastel color schemes and incorporate elements such as resin-wicker furniture, flat regatta rope, weathered wood construction or prints of corals, seashells or other marine life to achieve an ambience conducive to restful restorative moments.

the POLYWOOD Nautical Dining Table will elevate your outdoor lounging experience. Boasting ample leg room and sturdy construction, this dining table makes for the ideal setting to share a leisurely meal with family or host an informal conversation amongst friends. UV protected HDPE plastic ensures colors don’t fade with changing weather conditions or rot or splinter over time – providing years of worry-free enjoyment!


Many Dublin, OH homeowners appreciate the charming rustic aesthetic for their outdoor living spaces. This style creates an effortless transition between interior and exterior spaces of their home – something many interior designers specialize in helping achieve by unifying both rooms into one attractive yet functional design scheme.

Designing a rustic living space means choosing pieces crafted from quality materials that can withstand the elements, such as durable weather-resistant finishes that protect them against rain, wind, and sun exposure. Furthermore, furniture should be comfortable and easy to maintain; look for seating options with plush cushions and ergonomic designs, and consider adding throw pillows for an additional layer of warmth and coziness.

Rugs are also an integral component of rustic living space decor items, providing the color palette a cohesive look while serving as a focal point that draws the eye and defines an area better. A chic chandy or chandelier can also instantly elevate any patio’s overall aesthetic; additionally, garden style accessories with more ornate furnishings and rustic finishes is becoming increasingly trendy.


MCM patio furniture draws on inspiration from the 1960s and ’70s to create a relaxing yet contemporary aesthetic. Customers can find woven MCM sofas, lounge chairs and chaises with tasteful curves and tapered frames; tables featuring hairpin legs with molded plastic seats complete this look. Combine pieces to form an intimate patio sitting area or opt for an entire MCM lounge set which includes couches, loveseats, chairs, loungers and side tables.

Industrial Chic

Industrial furniture is perfect for open spaces with raw brick walls and concrete floors. The minimalist yet functional designs bring an urban edge and help showcase your home’s personality. Salvage and repurposing pieces that exhibit character or texture is encouraged with this decor style, so visit local thrift stores or flea markets in search of pieces with character!

Industrial chic is often associated with converted factory and warehouse buildings, where its trademark blend of rough with refined elements creates an upscale downtown appeal. Not afraid of using soft materials like pink shag and animal print for an unexpected juxtaposition against hard metals and rugged hardwoods; industrial chic’s uninhibited appearance includes exposed wires and open floor plans that showcase its authentic, unrefined aesthetic.

Add an industrial vibe to your patio by including rustic elements such as reclaimed wood chairs, distressed steel tables, copper pipes and copper pipes in the decor. Bring some greenery indoors by placing plants inside metal containers like old oil barrels or repurposed metal troughs containing lush vegetation.