Protect Your Investment With Patio Furniture Covers

sunbrella patio furniture covers

No matter the outdoor furniture investment you own – whether that be an outdoor sofa and chair set, porch swing, or barbecue grill – quality furniture covers should always be used to safeguard them against wear.

Ideal cover materials should be water resistant, resist rot and mold growth and provide protection from mold or mildew growth. Furthermore, to maximize durability a covering should also be breathable to avoid trapping moisture underneath it and creating moisture pockets underneath its fabric surface.

Water Resistant

An outdoor furniture cover helps safeguard your investment by shielding it from sun and rain damage, prolonging its life while also protecting fabrics from UV exposure, debris, bugs and debris from getting underneath it all. A patio furniture cover also serves to preserve fabric colors by keeping debris and bugs at bay while keeping you looking your best!

Even the finest outdoor furniture can become damaged from constant exposure to rain and snow. By protecting cushions, chairs and tables with waterproof furniture covers from Neighbor, their lifespan may be extended while helping prevent the buildup of mold and mildew.

If you want a fitted cover designed to repel moisture, make sure it also breathes well. Moisture that accumulates beneath a cover can promote mold and mildew growth on wicker furniture pieces; that’s why Neighbor’s tailored furniture covers are fitted with airflow vents which support air circulation for proper airflow, helping prevent any potential mold or mildew build-up under them.

Moisture can lead to wood rotting, especially with thin materials like those found in wicker furniture that absorbs water quickly and absorbs it to grow mold or mildew. A fitted cover will help avoid this from happening by keeping moisture and humidity away from your rattan chair or sofa set.

Sunbrella fabrics are specially treated to resist fade and stain damage, thanks to solution-dyed acrylic fibers that color all of their fibers throughout, creating an ultra-durable material that keeps its shape well while standing up against weather elements.

To maximize fabric’s water resistance, after performing a thorough cleaning you can re-treat it with 303 High Tech Fabric Guard to enhance water repellency and stay dry even under harsh weather conditions. To re-treat Sunbrella cushions or sling fabrics simply follow the directions on the bottle to apply 303 onto clean surfaces and allow it to completely dry before use.

UV Resistant

Sunlight can damage fabric furniture even when designed to withstand outdoor conditions, so it’s wise to protect outdoor furnishings with covers designed to shield them from weather elements and repel dirt and stains, making maintenance simpler. Fabric covers offer extra protection, making your outdoor furnishings easier to keep looking their best while remaining protected from wear-and-tear damage.

Regular light cleaning with dusting and soap and water is an effective way to maintain the look of outdoor cushions and furniture, such as dusting or washing with soap and water. For stubborn stains or dirt, try making your own bleach solution at home to gently scrub away heavy-duty messes; otherwise some Sunbrella fabric covers can even be machine washed as per brand instructions.

Sunbrella outdoor furniture fabric was specifically created to withstand sun-induced and other environmental fading conditions, making it an excellent choice for your patio furniture. Each thread of this 100% solution dyed fabric contains color pigmentation throughout each strand – this process ensures its vibrant look remains undamaged over time. Besides resisting fade-back effects and moisture accumulation, acrylic fabrics also help combat mildew which often causes staining on other types of fabric fabrics.

The Como outdoor patio Sunbrella Wicker Rattan 4-piece furniture set is an outstanding example of how sunbrella fabric can enhance the look and feel of furniture. The synthetic rattan frame is coated in grey for organic texture while remaining neutral enough to match any outdoor decor style, while thick foam-padded cushions covered with washable Sunbrella covers provide cozy seats and can easily attach via cord tension attachments to its frame.

Are you searching for a luxurious and comfy place to read or take in the sunshine? Look no further. Featuring a lightweight frame and stylish tufted cushion design, this chair makes an elegant addition to your patio furniture set. With removable and washable Sunbrella fabric covers and cushions adding color and flair, this chair brings something extra.

Fade Resistant

Sunbrella fabric covers are specifically designed to prevent outdoor furniture from fading over time, providing long-term protection. Their durable material resists UV radiation as well as environmental influences – providing the perfect choice for any patio set! Sunbrella offers various color and design options making these covers an excellent addition.

Sunbrella goes above and beyond conventional fabrics by employing solution dyeing technology that penetrates each individual strand to achieve lasting color saturation, making this fabric extremely stain- and water-repellent while also being naturally water repellent – making cleanup of liquid spills simple!

Sunbrella fabric stands out from its rivals due to its resistance to pilling. This issue arises when polyester fabrics are constantly exposed to friction and rubbing; removable seat cushion fabric may quickly start looking unsightly and uncomfortable as a result of pilling. Sunbrella fabrics have been engineered specifically to avoid this problem as its yarns have been designed specifically to prevent this occurrence.

Sunbrella places great emphasis on sustainable production practices, and strives to incorporate them throughout their production process – including by using less materials in production. Furthermore, they hold several certifications which show their dedication.

The Southern Company can assist in finding the ideal Sunbrella fabric for your outdoor furniture. We carry an expansive selection of Sunbrella products from woven to sling fabrics; and can even custom design sling fabric to include contrast welting, piping or back strapping for optimal customizability. In addition, we carry Brown Jordan fabrics – Versatex mesh is durable lightweight water-repellent option available here as well.

Replacement cushions for outdoor furniture are also available from us, featuring breathable material to provide optimal comfort during warm weather and water-repellency to keep the furniture looking new all year round.

Easy to Clean

As you spend more time outdoors, your furniture will collect dirt and debris from the elements. However, with proper care Sunbrella fabrics are designed for easy maintenance: they resist oil stains from substances like fuel and solvents as well as mildew growth that damages cushions by breaking them down over time – Sunbrella fabric protects outdoor furniture against these harmful agents and prolongs its longevity!

Sunbrella fabric’s acrylic makeup allows for simple cleaning and stain resistance, thanks to solution dyed construction that keeps its colors and patterns vibrant over time. Plus, its acrylic fibers repel liquids so spills don’t soak through.

Removable Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned by scrubbing away any stains with a sponge or soft bristle brush, as well as washing in cold water with delicate cycle. Add detergent as normal before rinsing thoroughly for air drying.

For more stubborn stains, use a bleach solution: mix 1/4 cup of dishwashing liquid and one cup of bleach per gallon of water and soak the fabric with this solution for 15 minutes (if the stain is particularly deep you can increase bleach quantity accordingly). After cleaning out any soap residue you can rinse your fabric to allow air drying before continuing the treatment process.

To protect outdoor furniture from dirt and grime accumulation, it’s essential to regularly dust it and apply a cover when not in use. Sew your own covers if possible for a custom fit and feel. Choose bright hues for an eye-catching effect or opt for darker gray for something more subdued; just be sure it features weatherproof and breathable fabric as moisture can build up under it and lead to mold or mildew growth underneath the cover!

Quality outdoor furniture can be an expensive investment, and with just a few simple steps you can protect it for many years of enjoyment in your backyard oasis.