Add a Modern Flair to Your Patio With a Patio Furniture Fire Pit Table Set

patio furniture fire pit table set

Bring modern flair to your patio with this chic fire pit table set. Crafted from rustproof aluminum frame and handwoven resin wicker for durability yet sophistication in design. Low maintenance requirements complete the picture.

The tempered clear glass top allows you to quickly identify your fuel source, helping keep the fire from going out prematurely. Also included with your purchase will be a lava rock burner and convenient propane tank storage box.


An ideal patio furniture fire pit table set must be constructed of weather-resistant materials that can withstand the elements and last for years. Look for sets with sturdy frames, durable upholstery and fade-resistant cushions that are easy to maintain and clean; heat should also be distributed through flames without becoming damaged; synthetic wicker will make for an eye-catching outdoor set that also requires little upkeep and maintenance.

Your fire pit’s size and fuel type determine how much heat it generates; its intensity of warmth is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). A gas fire pit usually generates higher temperatures than its electric counterpart and the warmth from its flames can often be felt up to 8 feet away from its burner.

Housings of fire pit tables may be constructed of various materials, including steel, stone and concrete. Stone and concrete fire pits tend to have more traditional aesthetics while other styles have sleek edges and glass tops for an ultramodern touch.

Some of these tables come equipped with grill grates that allow users to roast marshmallows or create full BBQ meals, making them an excellent addition to backyards of any size.

If you’re in search of a rattan patio set with a fire pit, there are numerous options available. One such is the BillyOh Capri corner sofa with fire pit table which makes an excellent way to enjoy cocktails outdoors during an evening gathering. This set consists of an inviting sofa, two swivel armchairs and a glass-topped coffee table; its chairs boast comfortable seat and back cushions covered in quick-dry sponge filling which come wrapped with polyester blend covers that feature zip closures – and its weather resistance means it’s ideal all year round use outdoors! Woven rattan weathers well too, while UV resistance allows it to ensure outdoor enjoyment regardless of season!


Providing that your patio furniture set features a fire pit table, a cover is available to protect it from rain. Not only is the material breathable to reduce condensation levels but the additional features like grommets for legs security and elastic bands with push clips make this cover even more versatile; some even include vents to help regulate temperatures in storage rooms where patio furniture may be kept.

Fire pit tables make an excellent addition to any outdoor living space, offering warmth, ambience, and versatility throughout the year. From being used all season round to serving as an eye-catching focal point in your yard – our wide range of styles guarantees you’re bound to find one to match your tastes!

As all fire pit tables provide heat, their levels of warmth can differ depending on factors like your patio size, burner size and BTU rating; higher BTU numbers typically result in greater heat generation.

An attractive fireplace table provides the ideal atmosphere for gathering together family and friends to gather around its warmth, or to simply unwind after a hard day’s work with a glass of wine or cup of coffee. Our fireplace tables come in all sizes, shapes, and styles; whether fueled by propane or natural gas and featuring in-ground holes surrounded by pavers or metal wood-burning basins they are sure to create the ideal setting.

Chat height fire pit tables make an excellent addition to any outdoor seating area, providing a warm and welcoming environment perfect for socializing with friends or sipping coffee on a cool autumn evening. Our collection of chat height fire pit sets comes in various finishes such as aluminum, stainless steel and concrete – most are easy to assemble with light textures that blend in seamlessly with most decor styles.

Wind Guard

No matter if you are entertaining guests or simply relaxing with family and friends, a fire pit table adds warmth and ambience to any outdoor space. This is particularly true if the table includes a wind guard that protects flames against sudden gusts of wind; some brands offer this accessory while others may include it with their set.

Although all fire pits generate heat, their intensity varies based on several factors including size, fuel type and BTU rating; the higher the BTU rating is, the hotter the fire will burn. Some models also come equipped with glass lids to prevent winds from blowing away their flame.

Wind guards used in patio furniture fire pit table sets consist of metal structures which wrap around the edge of the glass cover to secure it against sudden gusts of wind while still allowing you to enjoy your fire without taking it off or having to remove its cover. You can easily detach or store away this wind guard if required.

Patio furniture sets featuring built-in propane fire pits make modern gathering areas even more inviting. This 9-piece conversation and seating group with firepit features coffee table, end table, two armed and four armless seating modules with arm rests for armless seating and an included rectangular propane fire pit cover. Its steel frame combines clean lines wrapped with all-weather resin wicker to provide a sleek contemporary aesthetic while comfortably seating six people comfortably; cushions feature quick-dry sponge filling covered with polyester blend covers that have zippers for easy maintenance when cleaning needs to take place.

Though designed for outdoor use, patio furniture sets should always be covered when not being used to prevent dirt and dust from collecting on cushion covers and protecting it from weather damage. Fire pit tables also benefit from having durable waterproof covers to shield against weather damage.

Glass Lid

Patio furniture fire pit table sets provide warmth, ambience and comfort while enjoying outdoor gatherings with friends or family. Available in various sizes and styles to complement your space, some models even feature glass lids to keep fire contained when not in use. Perfect addition to restaurant patios and hospitality lounge areas!

Round: A round fire pit is the most popular style as it evokes memories of traditional campfires while creating an intimate and comfortable setting, suitable for both residential and commercial settings. Square-shaped fire tables boast strong right angles and lines, creating more formal yet elegant settings in sophisticated settings with less maintenance needed than other shapes. Rectangular Chat Height tables create the ideal atmosphere for enjoying meals and drinks comfortably in warm and welcoming hospitality lounge spaces or patio restaurants.

Natural Gas: Although propane gas is more popular, natural gas offers another convenient option for those who wish to reduce the hassle of purchasing and storing fuel. Outdoor patio furniture featuring built-in burners connected with tanks that run off natural gas is available that is ready to connect directly to a natural gas line, certified CSA weather, sun, and rust proof.

This 9-piece patio conversation and fire table set will accompany you through all seasons, providing steady warmth with its powerful 50,000 BTU heat output during winter nights. When summer arrives, simply cover the fire pit table to convert into an additional surface space by covering it as a coffee table.

This patio conversation and fire table set includes two armed and four armless seating modules, a side table, and a rectangular gas fire pit. Each piece in this set is constructed from iron frames wrapped with all-weather synthetic PE wicker rattan for ultimate weatherproofing and moisture-resistant moisture-wicking cushions with zip closures for quick cleanup – for convenient storage when not in use this sofa set can easily fit in its space-saving storage box covered by waterproof covers to protect it from rainwater.