Heavy Duty Resin Patio Furniture For Restaurants and Cafes

heavy duty resin patio furniture

Attain a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic with commercial-grade resin patio furniture. Its cross-back design will complement restaurant patios and cafe seating areas perfectly.

Patio furniture materials come in all forms imaginable, from extremely costly options like marble and slate, to affordable choices like plastic resin. Each one offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Weather Resistant

Commercial outdoor furniture designed specifically for hospitality and multifamily properties is the best way to ensure it will withstand daily use in hospitality environments, including multifamily properties. These pieces feature durable materials like powder-coated metal and cast aluminum frames with heavy-duty plastic resin construction – far surpassing residential patio pieces in terms of materials used and construction techniques – and come equipped with amenities designed to keep users comfortable for extended periods while withstanding weather elements like rain, sleet and snow.

Synthetic Resin Wicker

When purchasing synthetic resin wicker, be sure to purchase high quality HDPE (high density polyethylene). PVC synthetics tend to unravel over time and crack, while HDPE wicker is strong yet easily cleaned; offering various styles, colors and options that fit any outdoor space perfectly.

Teak furniture is one of the most attractive and long-lasting types of patio furniture available, boasting natural resistance against rot, fungus and insects for minimal upkeep and care. Properly cared for this furniture could last decades or more!

Metal Furniture Crafted of aluminum or iron, metal furniture is highly weather-resistant and requires little care or maintenance to look its best. But since uncoated metal can become susceptible to corrosion from moisture infiltration, it is best to look for pieces coated with either rustproofing material or painted finish for the best performance.

Rustic Patio Furniture Looking to create an intimate and relaxing outdoor area? Rustic patio furniture may be just what’s needed to achieve this effect. Typically featuring white, blue or pastel colors along with natural textures and finishes such as wood or distressed metal constructions that can be embellished further with decorative accessories for an ornate touch.

Cross Back Patio Chairs

Easy to Clean

When purchasing patio furniture sets, look for materials that can withstand moisture and harsh conditions. Bare metals found on traditional wrought iron furniture may become susceptible to rust upon exposure to rainwater; luckily heavy duty resin furniture features a rust-proof coating designed specifically to prevent this. Plus, resin furniture is easier to keep clean!

Wicker furniture has long been revered for its comfort, durability, and low costs. While natural wicker may be delicate to handle weather elements, synthetic wicker is significantly more robust.

Resin wicker furniture is easy to care for. Thanks to its woven construction, its weave allows it to “breathe” with weight shifts of users, adding to their enjoyment of it. Resin wicker can simply be rinsed off using water from a garden hose or wiped down using mild detergent and water solutions for quick cleanup.

Teak outdoor furniture is another fantastic option, boasting exceptional strength and natural resistance against rot, insects, and weathering. As time passes it will acquire an exquisite patina which adds to its beauty and longevity – though unfortunately its high price may preclude its purchase for all.

Grosfillex resin tables provide a cost-effective alternative to wooden tables, providing commercial outdoor seating at an economical price point. Their highly durable yet versatile composition allows it to withstand salt air, chlorine, stain resistance and comes with an extended limited warranty so you can be confident about your purchase decision.

No matter the style or budget of your outdoor furniture needs, Patio Productions has something perfect. Enjoy free shipping to any lower 48 state with no sales tax! Browse online or call one of our knowledgeable customer service agents – together we look forward to helping create the ideal outdoor living space!


Heavy-duty resin patio furniture was made specifically for commercial use, designed to withstand frequent customer seating. Resin patio furniture resists fading and cracking of outdoor furniture and requires much less maintenance than wood or metal varieties; plus it stands up well to sunlight, rain, snow and extreme temperatures! Plus it comes in multiple styles and colors so you can find one to fit into any restaurant, bar or cafe environment!

When purchasing resin table tops, it’s essential to remember that the quality of material used determines their durability. Low-grade tables may crack and break, while top-of-the-line pieces come with special moisture, scratch, and heat protection formulas built into them for enhanced resistance against moisture intrusion.

For maximum longevity, select bistro sets made of materials such as powder-coated metal and cast aluminum that won’t corrode in outdoor elements like powder coating and plastic resin for natural-looking but sturdy finishes that stand up to weather and wear and tear. Furthermore, selecting an outdoor bistro set with solid plastic bases and durable sling fabric upholstery will extend its life significantly.

Teak patio furniture is another resilient solution for outdoor dining, made of dense tropical hardwood that resists weathering, rot and insects while producing its own natural oils to provide additional protection from abrasions and environmental factors. While costly, teak furniture will outlive other forms of outdoor seating if properly maintained over decades.

For an affordable, durable, low maintenance outdoor restaurant chair that’s also stylish, consider this cross back resin patio chair. Ideal for banquet halls, event spaces and restaurant patios alike, its thermally infused epoxy resin coating features a phenolic edge to provide strength. Plus it comes in various frame colors making storage and transport effortless!


Heavy duty resin patio furniture can be an economical and easy solution for businesses with limited budgets. Not only can you expect it to be cost-effective, but maintenance is much simpler as well; just think of all those wooden chairs needing repainting or chipping after prolonged use! Synthetic resin makes an excellent investment option.

Furniture Leisure offers bistro sets designed specifically to suit hotels, multifamily housing developments and hospitality properties. Constructed from highly durable commercial outdoor material such as wood, aluminum, plastic resin and wicker for frequent, repeated use – you have several styles and materials from which to select when searching our selection of bistro sets for hotels, multifamily residences or hospitality properties.

Whatever material you prefer, we have something suitable to meet your space and aesthetic. Our bistro sets come in an assortment of colors and finishes to enhance any existing decor; choose between traditional metal designs with intricate details for traditional spaces or sleek modern pieces featuring clean lines and neutral tones for contemporary settings.

Resin or poly outdoor furniture goes by various names; commonly it’s known as plastic resin, composite lumber or poly lumber. Made of durable yet high-performing materials such as resin or poly lumber, commercial grade poly furniture offers low maintenance requirements ideal for hotel, multifamily and hospitality settings.

Finding the ideal patio furniture is a key decision, as it should reflect both your ambiance and aesthetic while being comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time. If you want a casual, relaxing vibe, choose coastal-inspired pieces featuring blue or white color palettes with resin wicker or nautical-themed decorative accessories; for more formal dining areas opt for elegant restaurant outdoor bistro sets featuring intricate details with IPE wood (also known as Brazilian walnut or ironwood).