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Phillips Collection has long been recognized for their groundbreaking organic contemporary furnishings. They have set global style trends with award-winning organic contemporary furnishings that have earned multiple prestigious accolades over four decades.

Their selection includes truly original pieces designed by artists and artisans from around the globe. Additionally, their Origins Collection of eco-friendly furniture ensures no tree is cut down for its production.

Seat Belt Black Red Dining Chair

Are you in search of modern organic furniture? Look no further than the Seat Belt Dining Chair. This eye-catching chair fuses contemporary design with natural materials in an eye-catching sculptural shape, making it a fantastic addition to any space.

Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn of Thailand created the Seat Belt Dining Chair collection as part of her award-winning design career. Her inspiration came from seeing intertwining fabric spools at a seat belt factory; these straps were then handwoven onto frames made of wood reinforced with metal to form this beautiful seating collection that comes both monochromatic and two tone versions along with rockers and ottomans for her seating collection.

Phillips Collection offers another stunning piece in their Cascade Coffee Table. Crafted from reclaimed teak roots, each table in this collection stands out as being unique and full of character. Additionally, their sustainable approach helps reduce waste while protecting natural resources.

Phillips Collection is an industry leader in organic contemporary furniture and home furnishings, known for their luxurious designs defining global style for over four decades. Their eco-friendly furniture combines beauty with functionality; making a statement in any room where it is placed.

Phillips Collection furniture offers an eclectic array of textures, colors and shapes designed to fit into any interior space perfectly. The company is well known for using natural materials such as wood and stone in its designs; as well as featuring patterns and shapes with an organic touch reminiscent of modernism. Furthermore, their dedication to sustainability sets them apart from other companies as they aim to produce products as eco-friendly as possible.

Crazy Cut Club Chair

Phillips Collection offers organic modern furniture that’s both visually stunning and practical – stunning coffee tables will bring something new into your living room, while unique dining table designs show off natural curves of reclaimed wood, making this irresistible collection irresistible to all!

One of the standout pieces from this collection is the Crazy Cut Club Chair designed by award-winning Thai artisan Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn. Crafted from stainless steel that has been expertly cut to form intricate puzzle designs by hand, the resultant chair offers both eye-catching and comfortable seating with its silky smooth surface that complements modern decor schemes beautifully.

Moonlit Stool from this collection is another must-have piece, constructed of one piece of reclaimed teak. This beautiful stool accentuates its natural curves by emphasizing their curvier design for an artistic and functional piece that works beautifully in contemporary homes.

Phillips Collection strives to set global fashion trends with its stunning home decor pieces. Their innovative products are handcrafted by artisan producers from all around the globe and combine eco-friendliness and stylishness, including recycled wood, stone and metal materials integrated into modern furniture designs for truly organic pieces that will impress all your guests.

Phillips Collection offers beautiful furniture pieces to complement their array of home accessories that will take your decor to the next level. Their Kimono wall art, an artistic interpretation of traditional Japanese garment, showcases a woman’s dramatic silhouette while adding color to your home decor. Furthermore, decorative bowls and pedestals add an additional splash of brightness for added flair in your space.

Phillips Collection stands by its commitment to sustainable style through their Origins line of eco-friendly furniture, where no trees are cut down during production. Additionally, they partner with many artisan producers to support communities and maintain traditional skills, offering their customers organic home decor that makes a statement in any room. Their collections leave a lasting impression. This innovative brand stands as an innovator of organic modern furniture design.

River Stone Coffee Table

There’s something mesmerizing about watching water turn rocks into smooth stones that glimmer with texture, which inspired designer Jason Phillips when creating the River Stone collection of coffee tables. Constructed of composite material with Roman stone finishes, this deceptively strong coffee table can withstand people sitting on it, feet being set upon it and other types of abuse without suffering damage – its flat top provides high functionality that works equally well in modern and traditional homes alike.

This unique coffee table, inspired by Indonesia’s Ayung River and featuring an eye-catching starburst pattern on its top, boasts an ebony base reminiscent of smooth stones found there. Furthermore, this piece is eco-friendly! And most importantly – green!

This coffee table is handcrafted from cement-look fiberglass resin and aggregate, creating a lightweight yet sturdy table suitable for almost any outdoor setting. Plus, its gel coat process allows its color to permeate throughout its composition reducing scratched spots over time while its ease of care requires only occasional wiping down with damp cloth for maintenance purposes.

The River Stone Coffee Table by Jason Phillips will surely become the focal point of any living space. Boasting both an organic form and modern design elements, this piece of furniture comes complete with its signature gel coat process that gives each surface color throughout so any scratches or stains become less apparent over time.

A table isn’t simply somewhere you put drinks and snacks; it is an integral component of your living space where you spend most of your time. So why not choose one that speaks volumes about who you are as an individual? Phillips Collection offers this River Stone Coffee Table which will add style and personality to any contemporary or transitional living room, thanks to its concrete-inspired design with natural river rocks for a peaceful vibe, while its sleek black finish adds modernity.