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teak patio furniture

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Teak wood is also relatively low maintenance material that typically only requires periodic cleaning with soapy water or teak-specific cleaner.


Teak wood furniture is highly valued by those searching for outdoor seating due to its durability. The natural oil found in its grain protects it from environmental elements, making it resistant to rot and cracking due to sudden shifts in humidity or temperature fluctuations, while naturally repelling insect damage.

Though plastic, wicker, and metal furniture may fade in direct sunlight or warp with moisture exposure, teak wood remains strong and beautiful for many years with proper care in mild climates – even winter use! Additionally, it resists mold and mildew growth which is commonplace in humid regions.

Even if you decide to store your teak patio furniture during winter, it is still essential not to place it near heaters as this could cause it to dry out and crack. Furthermore, using commercial teak cleaner every spring and fall will help maintain its beauty while also preventing it from becoming too smooth for comfort.

Teak patio furniture also boasts its natural aroma, making it the ideal choice to enhance any outdoor space. In contrast to acacia wood which may emit an offensive odor, teak provides an earthy aroma which adds charm and coziness in any outdoor space.

As with any outdoor furniture, teak wood furniture must be treated like any other piece. Regular cleaning and sealing with sealant will help to ensure its good condition for years to come, creating an aesthetically pleasing seating space.

Protecting teak wood furniture with products such as tectoquinone is also advised, to protect its natural oils from being damaged by insects and environmental hazards. Along with protecting it from damage, regular treatments also make cleaning and maintaining it easier.

As with other outdoor furniture, teak wood furniture requires regular professional maintenance in order to avoid build-up of contaminants and stains as well as any potential problems before they escalate into serious ones. Although this service may be more costly than others, the investment in your teak wood furniture will more than pay for itself in terms of long-term durability.

Weather Resistant

Teak patio furniture can withstand harsh weather conditions, from rain, hail and snow to humidity and heatwaves, thanks to the wood’s protective oil content, which lubricates it and repels water while keeping its strength.

Wood has an inherent resistance to weathering that makes it suitable for ship decks in the past and luxury outdoor furniture that can remain outside year round. Furthermore, this durable material does not warp, crack, swell or fade over time with proper care allowing enjoyment for decades ahead.

Although teak wood offers many advantages, not all types are created equal in this respect. The grade and treatment can greatly affect its ability to withstand environmental elements – this is why we only source Grade A wood from sustainable forests for our furniture, which uses mortise-and-tenon construction, slow growth, and kiln drying methods to ensure it will outlive you over time.

Style should also play an essential part when selecting outdoor furniture, and our teak collection features both formal and organic shapes to meet a range of preferences. Formal pieces feature more classic square or rectangular designs, ideal for pairing with seating options like our reclining teak sofas or slatted back armchairs; organic shapes like circles and ovals offer a modern edge and pair nicely with round teak outdoor tables or curved stools for any setting.

Your furniture’s appearance will also depend on the climate where you reside. Heavy rainfall may leave it covered in dirt and moisture that promotes mildew growth; if this is a concern in your area, we recommend either cleaning more frequently or storing your pieces away safely during wintertime.

Teak wood patio furniture offers many benefits and comes in an assortment of styles that suit any environment. When you are ready to purchase teak patio furniture for your home, contact Peters Billiards or visit our showroom now!


Teak wood is harvested and processed using sustainable practices that help conserve natural forests. As it’s also a renewable resource, adding teak furniture to your outdoor space makes you feel good while at the same time standing up against weathering and UV exposure without needing harsh treatments or treatments that damage its finish. Regular mineral oil applications could help provide this protection too!

Teak furniture isn’t only eco-friendly; it’s also highly attractive and flexible. Over time, its golden hue will develop a rich patina that works beautifully in various design styles. Furthermore, its durability and low maintenance requirements make teak an excellent investment for patio spaces.

No matter your style of outdoor dining, our selection of teak outdoor dining sets has something perfect. Crafted from high-grade materials that last a lifetime and featuring ergonomic designs with smooth sanded finishes for comfort and aesthetic appeal – they’re sure to impress guests of any kind!

Teak patio furniture remains timeless in style, outliving trends while complementing other outdoor materials, like wicker and metal, beautifully.

Teak patio furniture is an eco-friendly choice, as its resistance to rot and mold makes cleaning it easily with detergent and water. Many choose to treat their teak wood with sealants to provide extra UV ray protection, making the furniture last even longer in direct sunlight.

When purchasing teak furniture, it is essential to source it from a reputable dealer and understand where the wood comes from. Reclaimed wood may help reduce tree cutting. One example is Lift Mill 6 Seat Reclaimed Teak Patio Dining Table which uses upcycled Indonesian teak wood that was part of deconstructed buildings or structures as its source material.


Teak wood is a highly versatile material that can be fashioned into numerous types of furniture. Due to its combination of aesthetic appeal and durability, teak patio furniture is an excellent choice. While other wooden pieces may become vulnerable to moisture damage from water or other environmental sources, teak furniture is naturally resistant. Furthermore, its structure means less warping or shrinkage with age making teak an ideal option for patio settings.

Teak wood offers natural resistance against rot and weathering, as well as being an attractive material with numerous applications for staining or sealing to preserve its honey-brown hue or left alone to develop its signature silver patina with age. Its warm tones and intricate patterns of grain make it an eye-catching choice for outdoor living spaces; its versatility allows it to pair perfectly with aluminum and rattan materials as well.

Teak wood furniture makes a striking combination with other neutral tones such as beiges and browns to create an inviting yet luxurious outdoor retreat. A dining table paired with rattan chairs will complete this sophisticated aesthetic, while modern teak sofas can pair elegant, linear rattan frames for a more contemporary aesthetic. Teak is also an excellent material to pair with casual shades such as beiges and browns for a relaxed yet casual aesthetic.

Teak furniture’s versatility lies in its versatility; you can match it with colorful cushions with fun patterns and vibrant hues to create an eye-catching backyard retreat. Additionally, its traditional wood grains such as wicker can add another element of character.

When shopping for teak wood patio furniture, it is essential to consider the quality of materials being used. To ensure you are receiving top-tier quality pieces, look for sets manufactured using only high-grade teak that has been properly kiln-dried before being manufactured into furniture pieces. Also remember to inquire as to which grade was used – lower grades will deteriorate quickly so make sure your retailer provides details about which grade was used before making a decision to purchase from them.