Choosing Colors for Black and White Patio Furniture

black and white patio furniture

Patios provide the ideal spot for relaxation after an exhausting day at work, entertaining with fun backyard parties and stargazing under the night sky with your favorite drink in hand. Plus, patios provide the ideal opportunity to add new furniture that makes an impressionful statement about who you are as an individual.

To minimize cleaning efforts, select metal, plastic or all-weather wicker pieces – they’re easier to keep looking their best year round!


White outdoor furniture can be easy to keep clean if you choose plastic or metal options, which can be easily brushed down and washed with soapy water. Wicker may prove harder, especially with children and pets in the house – its delicate material may become vulnerable to dust accumulation from paws, so cover cushions when not in use and at night when possible to prevent dust build-up from paw prints and body sweat. Also keep an eye out for dye stains from clothing which could yellow the fabric over time and ensure frequent washing to avoid yellowing over time!

Opt for this five-piece wicker patio furniture set, complete with cushions and ottomans for an elegant and versatile look. Featuring chairs with curved backs and built-in footrests as well as a side table.


Neutral colors are among the most versatile hues, as they can adapt to almost any decor scheme and be styled to meet almost any need. Plus, neutral tones serve as an ideal base for more dynamic furniture and home decorations!

Neutrals create an airy yet cozy ambience in any room they fill, depending on which hues are selected. A great way to incorporate neutrals is through monochromatic color schemes – selecting one of your favorite shades, then choosing complementary hues such as light beige to nutmeg as accent pieces for pillows and lamps to achieve this stylish neutral look.

Charcoal gray is another timeless neutral hue. It works well with both warm and cool shades, as well as woods and metals. To add some depth and warmth to a charcoal gray room, try pairing it with warm colored patterns on draperies or wall art that pop! This will create an arresting contrast that makes the space feel sophisticated rather than stark and cold.

Earth tones provide a sense of groundedness to any space, drawing inspiration directly from nature to add an organic feel in your home. There’s a range of earthy tones available such as grays, tans and browns as well as muted greens and rich auburns – for bolder accents consider including brass or unlacquered gold accents that may look particularly flattering against various skin tones.


red adds an instant pop of color that cannot be missed when combined with black and white patio furniture, whether you are creating your entire design around red pieces or just adding one here or there – adding red will provide timeless style that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon!

Red elements are an effective way to achieve an upscale aesthetic when combined with complementary hues. Pair vibrant red wrought iron dining chairs with moss green outdoor rugs for an exquisite garden scene; pair streamlined ivory chaise cushions with black-and-white striped pillows to keep patio designs refined without going overboard; etc.

White patio furniture makes an excellent addition to any black and white outdoor design scheme, serving as an unobtrusive backdrop for other colors and textures to stand out. Consider pairing an acacia wood chaise lounge with its matching slatted coffee table for an elegant outdoor room; or add textural throw pillows in eggshell white hue for midcentury modern metal and polypropylene chairs to tie everything together.


Turquoise, an eye-catching shade of blue that leans green, pairs well with numerous hues. Coral provides the perfect tropical vibe and makes an eye-catching statement in your home! A perfect combination for creating summery vibes in your space.

Turquoise pairs beautifully with orange rust, an inviting hue ranging between burnt orange and reddish brown that gives an inviting vibe when used in kitchens. For something bolder, pair turquoise with mustard yellow for maximum impact!

Some turquoise is dyed or impregnated with resins in order to make it more aesthetically pleasing, though these procedures should generally be harmless. As it’s important that you purchase genuine turquoise, be on the lookout for signs that it might not be genuine; such as lightness or an unusual feel in the stone that could indicate whether it has been faked; also, pay attention to cracks and veins which should be distinct, rather than painted-on.

If you prefer more natural looking turquoise pieces, look to Iran’s Nishapur district for your purchase. This turquoise is known for its vibrant sky blue hue, known as Robin’s Egg Blue or Persian Blue by some in the trade. Other turquoise varieties from Los Cerrillos Mine may have more of an earthier quality with subtle green tones.

Turquoise pairs well with rustic-looking terra cotta furniture, lending it an earthy charm that complements its color. Terra cotta and turquoise pair especially well together when trying to create a Southwest aesthetic in their homes.


Are you looking to upgrade your patio into an elegant entertainment space? Check out this antique bronze patio dining set! It comes complete with a table and six chairs that look straight out of a Victorian mansion; their dark finishes pair nicely with weather-resistant seat cushions, creating an unforgettable classic aesthetic. Featuring intricate scrolling details and openwork details, it adds an air of sophistication and grace to any backyard space.

Bronze pairs well with nature’s greens and blues, as well as stonework or wooden finishes in your home. When choosing outdoor furniture, make sure your colors match those inside as you don’t want a clash between interior and exterior spaces.

Painting patio furniture can make it completely transform your outdoor space, and the choice of color is entirely up to you. Bolder choices might include neon green, bright red, or sun-kissed orange; for those seeking something less daring black furniture can give any backyard the appearance of sophistication and makes a bold statement about its owner.

If you need help selecting furniture for your backyard, consult PatioLiving’s Buying Guides for advice and tips on purchasing and caring for patio furniture. These will enable you to select pieces that meet both your needs and aesthetic preferences; and there are even numerous finishes and cushion color choices so your new patio looks exactly like how you envisioned it – especially true of brands such as Darlee that provide customers with control over how their furniture will look!