Choosing the Right Patio Furniture Fabric

patio furniture fabric

When shopping for patio furniture or replacing cushions on existing pieces, fabric selection is an essential decision. Your fabric should provide comfort while being durable enough for daily use without needing much upkeep or maintenance.

Always opt for fabric that resists mold, mildew and is bleach-cleanable – for example a 100% solution dyed acrylic like Sunbrella is your best bet.


Acrylic fabric makes an excellent material choice for outdoor furniture cushions because of its durability and breathability, resisting mildew growth as well as tough stains like mold. Cleaning it requires simply using soapy water; drying times are quick while maintenance requirements can be reduced quickly in hot climates. Furthermore, acrylic fabrics resist sunlight fading as well as chlorine or salty water contamination, making it the ideal option when used on awnings or umbrellas.

Acrylic fabric comes in an assortment of colors and patterns, making it an ideal choice for patio chairs and other upholstered pieces. Solution dyed acrylic fabrics are often preferred because their pigments penetrate deep into their fibers rather than simply being painted onto its surface, giving it vibrant and lasting colors that do not fade easily over time. Brands popular among this category of fabric include Sunbrella and Outdura.

Solution-dyed fabrics are easier to care for than yarn-dyed ones, which tend to fade rapidly with repeated washings and discolor over time. Since solution-dyed acrylic fabrics have fibers saturated with their color during manufacturing, the fabric will stay vibrant even after years of direct sunlight exposure or harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, acrylic fabrics offer soft comfort – ideal for outdoor pillows and lounge chair cushions!

Olefin (polypropylene) is another ideal material for outdoor furniture cushions, offering extreme durability against stains, mold and mildew growth, quick drying times when wet and easy maintenance with most household cleaners – not to mention less cost than more luxurious alternatives like Sunbrella fabric! It also makes cleaning simple!

Spun polyester fabric offers an economical alternative to acrylic fabrics, yet may not withstand adverse weather conditions as well. Over time it may shrink and pill, and moisture-wicking may not be as efficient. Spun polyester can create static which may annoy some individuals; additionally, this material is flammable so care must be taken when near open flames such as fire pits or other sources of ignition.


Olefin fabrics used in outdoor furniture are composed of synthetics like polypropylene and polyethylene that can be easily woven together for lightweight durability and lightweight feel. Olefin fabric’s properties make it suitable for patio furniture fabric use as it has outstanding UV resistance compared to natural fibers, meaning no mildew, mold, or fading due to UV rays; its stretch/bend strength means it stretches easily without losing its shape; drying quickly makes cleaning up sticky spills easy as well as sunscreen stains from this material!

Olefin is also eco-friendly; the production process for it produces little byproduct and it can be recycled up to 10 times, which makes it more eco-friendly than acrylic which does not biodegrade and can only be recycled a handful of times before beginning to degrade. Olefin material feels soft against your touch when brushing or rubbing against its surface and does not transmit static charges like acrylic does, which may become an inconvenience when worn against wool or cotton clothing.

As previously noted, olefin fabric is highly adaptable and comes in various colors, weaves and textures that enable you to choose a patio furniture fabric that complements the decor in which you live while providing durable weather-resistant and stain-proof protection for outdoor furniture. Olefin outshines acrylic in most regards but may fade under extreme heat exposure.

Olefin fabric outshines acrylic as a resilient and resistant choice to abrasion, and makes an ideal material for heavier applications like cushions or sling seat fabric. Olefin’s flexible yet resilient nature make it perfect for application such as cushions or sling seat fabric; plus its more pliable nature means it stretches without losing its original form; an essential feature in chairs with backs designed to adapt to body contours. Plus it breathes better, keeping you cool even under direct sunlight exposure! However unlike Sunbrella it may show signs of wear faster!


Textilene fabric adds style and comfort to patio furniture. Available in neutral hues that complement most decor styles, Textilene is highly durable with easy care requirements that dry quickly after rainfall; its mold/mildew resistance makes it the ideal choice for outdoor seating on sunny days when temperatures can become extremely warm and humid.

Textilene is an ideal material choice for outdoor furniture due to its ability to withstand various climate conditions and other factors that would harm other materials. With its durable yet hygienic woven construction and air circulation features that prevent moisture build-up, textileene has low flammability ratings as well as fade resistance – plus its high tensile strength makes it suitable for applications including awnings, tents and seats.

This material is often utilized when building pergolas due to its ability to withstand extreme heat and humidity conditions, as well as UV rays from the sun’s harsh rays. Furthermore, it makes great outdoor furniture as it is lightweight yet breathable; durable cleaning makes maintenance simple; thus guaranteeing its long life cycle.

Outdoor fabrics come in many varieties, with one key characteristic in common: they must withstand the elements. Selecting an exterior-grade fabric that resists elements while keeping its color and texture is of vital importance when selecting fabric for pergola and garden furniture.

Acrylic – As an extremely strong and lightweight fabric that comes in various colors, acrylic makes an excellent option for patio furniture. Assembly is simple thanks to its strength and lightweight nature while stain-resistance and fade-resistance extend its longevity for years of enjoyment outdoors. Plus, its ease of maintenance make acrylic an incredibly popular choice!

Olefin- Crafted from solution-dyed synthetic fabric, Olefin is durable, quick-drying and fade-resistant; additionally it resists mold and mildew growth for easy outdoor furniture maintenance. While more costly than other fabrics, its longevity makes the investment worthwhile.


Comfort and style may be top priorities when selecting patio furniture, but durability should never be overlooked. Cushions must withstand rain, wind and direct sunlight without deformity or degradation – and resilient outdoor fabrics such as polyester are resistant to fade, abrasion and mold/mildew growth as well as being easy to maintain with quick dry times – essential qualities in everyday use situations.

Sunbrella patio furniture fabric stands above all others when it comes to durability. Crafted of 100% solution dyed acrylic threads, each thread of Sunbrella features vibrant pigment that permeates every thread – making this fade-resistant fabric fade-proof in full sun conditions, with 5 year warranties available and offering various styles and patterns to find one that complements your patio decor perfectly.

Outdura outdoor fabric employs the same manufacturing process as Sunbrella to prevent its fabric from fading over time. Similar to Sunbrella, Outdura uses UV inhibitors to keep its colors vibrant while remaining water-repellant, mildew-resistant, stain-proof, breathable and stainproof – plus you won’t get hot when sitting on furniture made with it!

Olefin and Sunbrella fabrics are both widely utilized commercially and residentially for outdoor cushion covers, patio chair pads, outdoor pillows, awnings and marine upholstery purposes (such as boat upholstery). Both durable fabrics offer easy maintenance while being resistant to fading, water and mildew/mold growth – providing soft suppleness while remaining lightweight and long-term use.

As each fabric differs from another, it is best to inquire as to the kind of durable outdoor fabric your furniture uses. When investing in durable fabric that will stand up over time, quality should always win out over quantity. Our team can assist if any questions arise regarding fabric selection – show you samples of various options, and discuss our stylish yet comfortable outdoor patio furniture solutions – contact us now and start shopping!