5 Must-Have Styles For Your Woodard Patio Furniture Collection

woodard patio furniture

Woodard patio furniture strikes the perfect balance between modern artistry and comfort for your backyard, with styles ranging from wrought iron dining chairs to gliding sofas and loveseats with multiple finishes and fabrics to choose from.

Wherever your style takes you, 1stDibs offers vintage and new Woodard seating and tables that will complete the perfect outdoor entertaining space.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron patio furniture offers an elegant, sturdy solution for outdoor furniture that stands up well to the elements. Wrought iron’s intricate detailing such as swirls, beads and vines add character and make this material easy to care for with proper maintenance – lasting years with proper upkeep!

When shopping for wrought iron patio furniture, look for pieces coated with rust-proofing material. Uncoated metals can easily rust when exposed to rain and humidity, whereas Wrought iron is an extremely strong material that can be formed into various shapes for comfortable and attractive furniture pieces – it even comes in different finishes that match any style of decor!

Wrought iron patio furniture offers many advantages, including being less costly than its wicker and rattan counterparts and featuring various styles that complement almost any decor from traditional to contemporary. Furthermore, its timeless appeal means it never goes out of style.

Wrought iron patio furniture can be the ideal choice for those who seek to relax in their outdoor space for extended periods. Furthermore, its versatility means it can easily adapt to larger areas as it can be arranged to meet each unique space’s requirements.

Woodard offers an expansive collection of wrought iron furniture, offering endless size and style options. Choose from butterfly chairs to tables with scroll-work designs; there is something suitable for everyone here! Plus there is an impressive array of colors and fabrics to select from – they even provide outdoor cushions designed specifically to withstand weather damage!


Woodard furniture makes selecting your outdoor space easy by offering you a selection of materials and styles – wrought iron, cast aluminum, extruded aluminum as well as wicker styles are just some of the options offered – giving you plenty of choices when creating the ideal patio setting.

Wrought iron is an exceptionally sturdy yet versatile material that can be formed into flowing curves for classic or contemporary designs alike. Aluminum provides another durable yet flexible choice that can be transformed into elegant yet comfortable pieces.

Aluminum is an ideal material for low maintenance requirements. It does not rust easily like other metals and UV rays won’t harm it either. Plus, many outdoor furniture pieces made of aluminum come with powder coating for additional protection from environmental conditions like fade and weather conditions.

Woodard furniture is proudly produced right here in America by over 50 pairs of hands who work tirelessly to form, craft, finish and test each piece before it leaves the factory – this ensures your patio furniture will last you a long time and look its best even after decades of use! Thanks to such meticulous care being paid in production of vintage Woodard pieces.

All-Weather Wicker

Wicker outdoor furniture has long been a classic. Woodard offers various designs, such as wrought iron and wicker-style seating, dining chairs, and tables – offering comfort with style! Plus it requires minimal upkeep; just wipe down with water from time to time for like new results!

All-weather wicker furniture utilizes cutting-edge synthetic fibers that are hand-woven onto painted aluminum frames for long-term stability and color retention, without fading or breaking down in harsh elements. Not as fragile than natural rattan, all-weather wicker can be cleaned using just damp cloth wipings; and its powder coat paint finish protects it from rain and sun damage.

Woodard offers an assortment of versatile and durable wicker furniture pieces to meet every backyard decor need, such as the Cortland collection of swivel rocker dining chairs or Cayman Isle chaise lounges – each piece complements any outdoor space in style, and come in styles ranging from traditional to modern designs.

Resin wicker furniture offers the look of wicker but is much more resilient, perfect for those who enjoy its elegance but require something stronger than natural rattan. Crafted from flexible fibers but designed to withstand long term use, resin wicker requires little upkeep compared to its counterpart. Available in multiple color choices to complement any decor style – stain and mildew resistant too, resin wicker makes a fantastic addition to any backyard space!

Chaise Lounges

Chaise lounges have long been associated with relaxation, and their widespread appeal can be attributed to their combination of comfort and style. From lounging poolside or taking in the sights at the beach to just taking it all in on their own patio – chaises provide guests with a comfortable place to sit while taking in all that sunshine has to offer!

Hotels often find chaise lounges can elevate outdoor spaces and enhance the ambiance of their property, creating an enjoyable guest experience and encouraging positive reviews and recommendations from guests. When selecting durable furniture that can withstand elements, many hoteliers choose wrought iron chaise lounges.

Consider size and design when selecting your chaise lounge. A larger one will provide enough room for multiple people to relax comfortably. Furthermore, larger chaises often allow more customization options, including the ability to alter backrest and footrest heights.

Selecting the ideal fabric when purchasing a chaise lounge is also paramount to its success. A high-performing material such as Nuvella can ensure that the chair will withstand weather elements, and remain at its best over time. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance work, opt for something easy-care.

Woodard offers an assortment of chaise lounges designed to complement any decor. Their Cortland Collection showcases beautiful combination of contemporary and traditional styling that works beautifully in various environments. Additionally, there are multiple color and fabric choices to help find your ideal match easily – as well as accessories like throw pillows or removable neck pillows to add an extra touch of flare!


Tables are essential components of patio furniture as they help you to create an area for dining, entertaining or simply relaxing outdoors. There is an array of sizes, styles and materials to choose from; each offers different advantages and disadvantages; for instance solid wood tables may require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best and free from pests like termites; on the other hand aluminum tables are lightweight enough to move around easily between locations but rust more easily in humid environments.

Woodard outdoor tables are constructed from premium-quality wood that has been treated to resist rot and insects, using kiln drying technology to protect it from extreme weather conditions. Woodard is known for combining durability with beauty through offering products in various shapes, colors and finishes to suit every preference.

Woodard tables stand out from other patio furniture brands by boasting an attractive, contemporary style that suits almost any setting. Their collections can easily blend in on Central Park terraces as easily as with beach house ocean view views or into parterre gardens in France and South of France.

Woodard patio furniture boasts many positives that it’s hard to come up with any negatives about them at all. Perhaps their vast selection of styles, materials, and fabrics can be overwhelming when making a choice; but that problem doesn’t just belong to Woodard – most brands of furniture offer too many choices!