Wicker Patio Furniture – The Best Wicker Patio Furniture Sets

best wicker patio furniture

Bring style and comfort into your backyard with our high-quality wicker furniture sets, from porch rocking chair sets to dining and sofa lounge sets.

When purchasing wicker patio furniture, always check that its inner frame is made from aluminum instead of steel (which will rust). Furthermore, look for synthetic fibers with lots of texture and natural variations rather than uniform smooth strands that lack texture.

Resin Wicker

Resin wicker furniture is handwoven over aluminum frames to form an inviting outdoor set that you can enjoy all year round. Made from durable and cost-effective resin wicker, it makes an excellent addition to any patio space and comes in both traditional and modern styles, providing homeowners with plenty of seating and table options such as sofas, dining sets and daybeds to choose from.

Resin furniture is produced by melting organic materials and forcing them into permanent hardening in a vacuum, creating durable and waterproof resin wicker furniture that resists sun damage compared to organic wicker furniture. Furthermore, resin wicker furniture is easier to keep clean compared to organic versions; any dirt or dust found on it should simply be wiped off with damp cloth before mild soap may also help.

Synthetic wicker’s primary advantage lies in its color palette. Many wicker patio furniture sets come in neutral tones such as white, brown, and grey so you can easily match them to existing patio decor. Some manufacturers even provide full spectrum vibrant hues allowing you to create your ideal outdoor retreat.

When purchasing wicker patio furniture sets, take into account both your space and personal style when selecting one. Options range from compact bistro sets to larger sectionals that seat six or more people – so take some measurements of your patio or deck before purchasing any furniture – in order to be certain it fits comfortably and without taking up too much room. It may also be beneficial to buy something slightly larger than what will fit, which allows more free movement between pieces of wicker. A four-piece sectional may suffice if entertaining is only occasional; consider getting smaller bistro sets if entertaining more regularly.

Natural Wicker

Wicker furniture can be constructed using various materials, from plant matter like rattan and willow to bamboo and thinner reeds – typically, it was only made using organic fibers such as willow. Now synthetic fibers such as polyester can also be used to simulate its look; this new style known as all-weather wicker has become increasingly popular due to being more durable than natural wicker pieces due to being exposed to extreme sun and rain without becoming dry and brittle over time.

All-weather wicker has many advantages over its organic counterparts, as it does not require moisture- and weather-resistant coating to remain weatherproof and be easily maintained. This makes cleaning and maintaining all-weather wicker much simpler and lower maintenance; plus its more cost effective since you do not require as much upkeep with this form of furniture. Additionally, this type of wicker requires far less upkeep as organic varieties.

Outer offers an impressive collection of all-weather wicker furniture suitable for every style imaginable – dining tables, U sectionals and 7 person seating arrangements, to name just two options. No matter your aesthetic preferences, Outer has something perfect to add elegance and comfort to your backyard oasis.

With proper care and maintenance, wicker patio sets can last 30 years or more depending on their quality of weave and fabric used. As long as it remains out of direct sunlight and away from water sources, your wicker furniture should continue looking beautiful over the decades ahead. Alternatively, investing in woven rattan sofa sets might provide more comfortable places for relaxing outdoors.

Aluminum Frames

Frames of wicker patio furniture are critical components to its long-term durability and longevity. To achieve this goal, they should be sturdy and well-constructed so as to support the weight of the furniture without bowing under stress or breaking under strain; additionally they should be resistant to corrosion, have an aesthetically pleasing finish, and don’t rust – aluminum frames make an excellent choice as they won’t rust and have an attractive aesthetic while being lightweight for easy rearranging when necessary.

Your furniture’s outer layer of wicker will come in various colors, shapes, and sizes to complement the decor of your backyard space. Choose from sets consisting of chairs or sofas/loveseats/loveseats only or opt for sectionals to create an inviting lounge area. Natural and painted finishes of wicker finish options may also be available to you; for maximum longevity aim towards neutral palette colors.

Quality wicker furniture sets will feature an aluminum frame coated in powder to prevent rust and provide aesthetic appeal, with its interior made up of either weather-resistant resin or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) wicker – though HDPE offers numerous advantages over traditional wicker, such as long lifecycle and fade resistance.

Low-quality synthetic wicker furniture tends to be inexpensive, which means it will degrade rapidly. Look for tightly woven strands without gaps between them and fade-resistant synthetic fibers in its construction. Higher-grade wicker can last much longer while still looking beautiful after years of use compared with lower quality versions.

Houston Home & Patio can help you refresh your outdoor living space with wicker patio furniture set that fits the bill, from conversation pieces to dining collections – and we will show you how to keep it looking its best for years. Our staff also can show you how to properly maintain it so it lasts even longer!


Cushions for wicker furniture add style and decor to your outdoor space, beyond providing comfort. Available in an array of colors and patterns to complement the design of your backyard space, replacement cushions for worn out patio chairs or sofas can bring new life. Select the hue that complements the existing wicker furniture as well as your personal taste for best results – you could also buy matching throw pillows to give it even more color!

Your fabric selection for wicker seat cushions should take into account sunlight and rain exposure as well as mildew growth, to avoid mold formation. Select waterproof fabrics treated with UV protection and antimicrobial/antifungal agents to help combat mildew/mold growth; quick-drying durable with double stitched seams/hems/hems to strengthen seams/hems for extra strength; double-stitched seams and hems are best as additional strength measures; for optimal cushion fill, purchase polyfiber or down fills stuffed with at least high density polyurethane foam paddings to maximize cushion fill quality /stuffetagain control!

Avoid cheap wicker sets made with PVC synthetics that will unravel quickly in wet weather, and make sure the wicker is not wrapped in plastic as this may eventually crack and degrade over time.

High-quality wicker patio sets feature aluminum frames coated with powdered resin to prevent rusting. Aluminum is an extremely strong and lightweight material ideal for outdoor use; its corrosion-proof surface makes cleaning simple while being weather resistant against rain or wind conditions.

For maximum longevity, the ideal wicker patio furniture should be stored away when not in use to protect it from harsh winter elements and preserve its beauty.

The ideal wicker sofa set for families features a loveseat and two swivel chairs with affordable pricing and beautiful dark finishes, along with weather-resistant cushions.