White Resin Wicker Patio Furniture

white resin wicker patio furniture

Bring style to your outdoor living space with one of these stunning wicker furniture sets from this collection. There are even porch rocking chair sets perfect as gifts.

Add a white resin wicker patio table between your lounge sofa and chairs for easy access to drinkware, snacks and plants. Or add an outdoor storage trunk as an extra blanket repository when chilly evenings arrive!

Perfect for Outdoor Entertaining

Make your backyard the go-to gathering spot with white wicker patio furniture! A timeless classic that has graced backyards and balconies for decades, white wicker has long been the focal point of backyard entertaining, from casual family get-togethers to intimate evenings with friends. Perfect for anything from informal family get-togethers to al fresco dining rooms; our collection of wicker furniture sets includes seating and table pieces to help transform any outdoor space into the ideal setting for events of all kinds!

Our white synthetic wicker furniture is dyed all the way through with UV protectors for long-term white hue. Additionally, its non porous structure keeps dirt at bay if any soiling occurs – regular maintenance with mild dish detergent and garden hose will ensure its great appearance!

Wicker rocking chairs and sofas feature classic designs that match any aesthetic, making them versatile enough to pair with throw pillows or cozy blankets for maximum relaxation on those cool early summer nights. Our large selection makes finding just the right white wicker outdoor furniture set easy!

For an intimate or large family dinner party, these comfortable patio chairs and loveseats provide ample seating. Boasting neutral-hued Sunbrella cushions that blend easily into any outdoor decor scheme, you can easily create an oasis-like backyard paradise using these pieces of outdoor furniture. Plus, ottomans underneath each chair double up as extra seating as well as storage!

Dependent upon your local climate conditions, it may be wise to cover white wicker furniture with an outdoor canopy or umbrella when not in use in order to prevent rain, snow and UV ray exposure causing it to brittle over time. Doing this may prevent premature cracking as well as help preserve its beauty for years ahead.

If you’re searching for that special someone, these wicker outdoor furniture sets make great presents. Unravel the joys of marriage with an elegant Portside rocking chair set or treat a close friend to an impressive wicker chair for their milestone birthday – our wide range of sizes means finding exactly the right set for any home or vacation property!

Versatile Styling Options

If you want your wicker furniture to become the focal point of your outdoor area, look for pieces with plenty of visual interest. There are woven chairs and sofas of various shapes and sizes as well as tables, ottomans and accessories in different hues that would enhance any outdoor setting. With its flexibility of color pairing it can easily match other decor elements for a look tailored specifically for you!

To create a classic outdoor atmosphere, opt for furniture made of natural materials like rattan or bamboo furniture. These pieces tend to be sturdy and durable while available in multiple finishes to fit into your backyard environment. For something a bit more modern, opt for synthetic wicker instead – often weatherproof and low maintenance requirements may make it the ideal choice!

Consider your backyard height and width when selecting a wicker chair to determine the amount of seating necessary. If entertaining guests is part of your plans, larger seating may be needed to provide comfortable lounging space; but for cozy conversation nooks a smaller loveseat or chair set might make more sense.

As you prepare to host an al fresco brunch or relax with a good book on your wicker chairs, make sure the cushions are both comfortable and easy to maintain – especially those featuring piped edges and zippered covers that can be machine washed for optimal results in maintaining their shape and color. Look for options with piped edges and zippered covers which can be machine washed for optimal results in maintaining shape and color retention.

Once you have established the size and shape of your wicker furniture, you can begin adding other accents to complete your seating arrangement. A table or coffee table provides storage for drinkware and serveware while adding visual interest and providing extra visual storage space in your patio space – for an elegant touch, consider investing in a tempered glass patio table!

Consider adding a wicker bench to your seating area for additional storage and style. These benches boast a woven seat with cushioned back and armrests, designed to easily fit into small spaces. For a classic feel, check out the International Caravan Furniture Piece Camelback Resin Wicker Rocker in White for even more traditional aesthetic.


Like traditional natural wicker furniture, synthetic resin wicker furniture looks and feels similar to its real life counterpart, yet is designed to withstand outdoor elements better. Choose from various colors and styles – everything from modern designs featuring sleek silhouettes with metal accents to more classic shapes with plush cushions; there are so many choices you’ll be sure to find a white wicker patio set that complements your current home decor perfectly!

Rattan and reed have long been used to craft baskets and other household goods made of wicker. Resin wicker uses durable plant fibers woven into sturdy frames reinforced by steel or aluminum for even more strength and longevity. White wicker pieces offer sophisticated aesthetics in bedrooms or dining rooms alike.

Many homeowners confuse rattan and wicker as two distinct concepts, but they should not be confused. Rattan refers to any one of over 600 species of palm vine; wicker refers to weaving flexible strands into furniture frames. Both natural and synthetic rattans may be used for crafting wicker furniture; only synthetic versions can withstand rain, sleet, snow or any other inclement weather conditions effectively.

High-quality wicker furniture can easily endure outside for 10-15 years when cared for properly, without losing its texture or color. Rinsing with water regularly to remove dust build-up helps maintain shape, while using cushion covers when not in use protect them from dirt, rain and UV rays.

Wicker furniture’s durability is another key reason it remains such an appealing choice for outdoor living spaces. Ideal for busy households with families and pets alike, its easy maintenance makes it ideal for extended use – simply use mild detergent mixed with warm water to wipe down its surfaces before rinsing off as needed to keep it looking like new!


Your outdoor living space should be an investment and be something you enjoy for many years, which is why investing in high-quality furniture is so essential. Our collection of white wicker patio furniture is expertly handcrafted by master craftspeople to withstand even the harshest elements with ease and stay looking its best year after year.

Our all weather wicker furniture is constructed of synthetic materials specifically engineered to withstand rain and sun damage while remaining colorfast over time. With many colors to choose from, you are sure to find a piece that complements existing decor perfectly or creates something entirely your own! We offer multiple color choices so that you can find what suits you.

Natural rattan usually comes with brown and beige finishes, while synthetic wicker can be dyed to almost any shade imaginable. This allows you to create truly distinctive looks by customizing their hue based on what goes well with other pieces in the room (such as darker wood tables or chairs) We offer many white wicker patio sets so that you can find one to meet both your needs and budget requirements.

Our affordable modular wicker seating sets are an excellent way to outfit a small outdoor area in comfort, complete with all of the cushions required for lounging on them and extra seating if required. Plus, adding one of our matching ottomans – ideal as footrests or extra seats – makes creating seating arrangements that perfectly suit any outdoor living area simple!