Wicker Patio Furniture Sale

wicker patio furniture sale

Revamp your backyard patio in style with a luxurious wicker sofa set from Patio Living Concepts. Perfect for entertaining, these classic pieces of outdoor furniture offer the perfect way to bring comfort into any outdoor setting.

Find great value wicker patio furniture sales to enhance your backyard year-round. Made of high-quality materials that withstand weather and maintain their beauty through years of use.


Outdoor wicker furniture adds classic beauty and weather-resistance to any deck or porch, lasting for years with proper care. Off-season sales provide great opportunities to purchase this form of home decor on a budget – perfect for updating any deck or porch’s decor!

All-weather wicker patio furniture is constructed with high quality synthetic materials that resist UV rays and moisture, making it easy to keep outdoors all year round as long as it is covered with something. Available as dining chairs, sofas, rockers and chaise lounges – making creating the ideal outdoor living space easy!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events, when stores offer deep discounts on a range of products including outdoor furniture, are held usually during November and December. It is wise to sign up for newsletters or follow retailers on social media in order to stay informed about upcoming offers and promotions as these events often sell out quickly.

Wicker patio furniture comes in various sizes, styles and colors – making it an adaptable addition to any home. Its lightweight construction also makes it easy to move around or store indoors during colder temperatures; additionally it blends easily with other pieces of furniture – ideal for any theme ranging from nautical, traditional, rustic to modern settings.

There are various strategies you can employ to save money on wicker patio furniture, with special deals during the off-season being among the most effective. Many manufacturers offer sales during this time to attract new customers and can result in considerable savings. You might also try shopping online – there are numerous websites specializing in discounted wicker furniture with many offering free shipping services!


As temperatures begin to cool, now is an excellent time to invest in new wicker patio furniture. Labor Day sales provide an ideal opportunity to acquire high-end pieces designed to make your backyard an inviting space ideal for relaxation and entertainment. Labor Day sales also feature many great offers on outdoor pieces with strength and durability to withstand many years of use over time.

When looking at a wicker patio furniture sale, it is essential to take note of both its material and frame type. Some wicker pieces are constructed using natural fibers while others use plastic or synthetic materials; when considering colors for these pieces, sunrays can alter them over time and fade their hue. Synthetic wicker tends to fade less due to moisture resistance compared to natural varieties.

Furniture selection for your patio should reflect your personal taste in terms of style, comfort and functionality. For instance, if your plan is to use it as an outdoor dining room, an elegant patio table and chair set would bring sophistication and ample seating capacity.

If you prefer lazing about in the sun, wicker hammocks may be just what you need to relax comfortably in style. Available in various sizes and styles, you’re sure to find one that perfectly complements your space – some models even allow two people to share simultaneously! Some can accommodate three people while still others can accommodate even more!

At any wicker patio furniture sale, another popular purchase to consider is an outdoor fire pit table set. These complete sets come with everything needed for an enjoyable afternoon reading or relaxing: firepit, table, four wicker chairs arranged in a circle that swivel, as well as adjustable arm rests that ensure they can always provide optimal reading or relaxing positions.


No matter if your goal is to transform your patio into an idyllic summertime retreat or simply want to unwind in comfort and style with a book and some refreshing iced tea, now is an excellent time of year to find bargains on wicker patio furniture sales. Set out an outdoor dining set or create a relaxing reading nook with one of these modern pieces – there’s bound to be an affordable bargain waiting just around the corner!

When looking for wicker patio furniture sales, make sure that the items are made from high-grade synthetic resin or aluminum rather than cheaper plastic or PVC wicker which may deteriorate more quickly in outdoor elements. Also try and avoid exposed metals like wrought iron as these could rust over time.

Extreme hot climates like those found in Florida Keys, desert areas and places near salt water have the ability to significantly shorten the life of wicker patio furniture because salt draws moisture away from it. Therefore, it’s essential that you become acquainted with your climate before making a purchase decision and always purchase quality wicker pieces made using an extensive UV protection protocol.


At clearance sales, wicker furniture items can often be found for much lower than their original purchase prices, enabling homeowners to upgrade their outdoor living area without spending an exorbitant sum of money. Over time, quality has improved as manufacturers have utilized more durable materials and refined weaving techniques in creating pieces with longer-term use in mind.

Even though natural rattan remains popular for patio furniture crafted of wicker, synthetic wicker is becoming more and more prevalent as an option for outdoor use. Made with modern resin fibers that can be woven over an aluminum frame to produce durable pieces that won’t fade as easily in rain and sun exposure compared to older organic materials such as rattan.

Resin wicker furniture is durable and easy to keep clean, using just water from a garden hose for daily maintenance. Plus, resin wicker’s lightweight yet resilient nature means it won’t splinter like wood furniture would, making it a more eco-friendly choice when used outdoors.

Modern homeowners seeking a relaxing outdoor lounging space will find that purchasing new wicker furniture makes an excellent investment. Paired with colorful waterproof patio cushions, wicker can create an inviting setting perfect for taking advantage of nature.

Wicker furniture can be found both outdoors (such as patio seating) and indoors, including living room settings or vacation cottages. Wicker’s versatile nature means it works in casual, traditional, and formal settings alike – offering endless styling possibilities!

No matter the space or budget constraints, Sears offers outdoor furniture that will meet both. Their selection of wicker patio furniture sale features top brands with various styles to suit any home – our knowledgeable wicker experts are also on hand to help find you what will suit best!