Coastal Beach Patio Furniture

beach patio furniture

No matter where you reside, coastal patio furniture will add the soothing feel of an oceanic retreat into your backyard. Seaside-inspired designs are an ideal fit for casual dining and lounging under the sunshine.

Surfside environments can be especially harsh on furniture, so for maximum resilience in lounge and dining furniture search for sets made of resilient materials like teak, aluminum, or synthetic wicker which can resist sand, salt, moisture and wind.

Coastal Color Palette

For a soothing coastal vibe, opt for neutrals and soothing blue and green shades. These natural tones create an airy environment perfect for oceanside homes – pair these hues with natural materials like rattan, driftwood, or wicker to complete the coastal feel and create a cozy setting.

Blue-green and turquoise colors evoke ocean imagery when used for beachy designs, providing a bright and airy effect. Turquoise pairs beautifully with bright whites and yellows to give an alluring beachy aesthetic; its sunny and breezy vibe works especially well when combined with whites and yellows for maximum impact. Lighter turquoise and baby blue tones also work beautifully for this design, giving it a childlike aesthetic reminiscent of childhood days at the seashore. Furthermore, orange and peach hues work wonderfully to complete this beachy design aesthetic for summer beachy designs!

Earth tones like tan and brown provide an easygoing base color for furniture and accessories, working well with coastal themes as well as complementing various wood tones – an excellent option for naturally-inspired patios.

If you’re going for a modern coastal vibe, opt for shades of gray and blue. These neutral tones create an elegant yet timeless backdrop, which allows you to easily add accents with bolder hues or patterned fabrics. Consider Benjamin Moore 2129-40 Stone Harbor as an understated gray that pairs well with coastal decor.

If your patio furniture is made from plastic, metal, or wood, choose colors that can withstand the elements. Salt air, torrential storms and harsh sunlight in coastal locations can be damaging to surfaces of outdoor furniture – leading to faded or cracked finishes over time. Consider selecting weatherproof materials such as polywood – constructed using recycled plastic bottles which provide added weatherproofing against salt spray, sandstorms, heavy rainfall without losing its like-new appearance!

Open Space Design

Ideally, when setting up a large deck or patio, opt for an open design. This gives plenty of room to move furniture pieces around freely as well as add accessories that add flair, such as throw pillows in shades of blues and greens or classic nautical stripe patterns. Furthermore, more natural light will flood into the area creating an airy space suitable for relaxing.

If your beach patio furniture will be sitting outside on an exposed side of your home, consider weatherproof materials to protect it. Ocean spray and torrential downpours can wreak havoc on outdoor furniture not made from resilient materials that resist stains such as rattan or teak; if your budget doesn’t stretch to such luxury materials then POLYWOOD lumber could stand up well over decades of exposure and still appear brand new!

Consider choosing a color palette that is simple to maintain, in addition to durable furniture. Natural or soft hues such as persimmon, coral and Chinese red are excellent additions for beach house furniture as they bring warmth and contrast into a design typically comprised of blues, whites and tans. Bolder hues like vivid turquoise or deep midnight add interest while drawing the eye throughout a room.

Make the most of your beach-inspired outdoor space by setting aside designated eating and lounging areas, such as dining table with chairs in one spot and lounge chairs or daybed for relaxing. Or arrange seating such as sofas or sectionals directly across from one another in order to encourage conversation and collaboration – like this Miami beach patio designed by Mimi McMakin and Ashley Sharpe of Kemble Interiors with two lime garden stools offering extra seating as well as somewhere to place drinks and snacks!

Rust-Proof Materials

When buying beach patio furniture, prioritize purchasing pieces made of materials which are resistant to humid and salty air conditions. Teak stands out among these materials because it resists rot, mold and mildew as well as rust; other rustproof woods include cypress, redwood and old-growth eucalyptus trees. Metals such as aluminum and wrought iron are popular choices because of their durability and style – aluminum offers both solid and hollow varieties while wrought iron provides more traditional aesthetic options – while both stand up under harsh weather conditions including high winds.

Immediately upon the appearance of rust on your beach patio furniture, it is imperative to act quickly to repair it. Doing so will not only prevent further spread but will help preserve its new-looking appeal for as long as possible. Begin by thoroughly cleansing the affected area with water and sponge before sandpapering any remaining surface rust with fine grit paper to smoothen it over. Finally, seal it all off using Rustoleum protective enamels in order to seal off damaged areas and provide moisture-proof protection.

Although powder-coated steel furniture may seem to be resistant to corrosion, its coating could still become damaged through everyday activities like clinking metal surfaces together, dragging chairs along the ground or using improper moving and storage care. To avoid damaging its coating and reduce risk of corrosion altogether, take extra care when moving and storing your metal furniture by raising pieces off of the ground for transport and using old towels for storage in order to protect their appearance from scratches or scrapes that could leave it vulnerable to rusting.

At home in coastal environments, beach-inspired furniture styles typically consist of materials that won’t rust – such as wicker, recycled plastic and acacia – metals like aluminum and stainless steel are an ideal option because of their durability, low maintenance needs and sleek aesthetic. Florida Backyard offers cast aluminum furniture which goes through an eight-step treatment process to protect it against corrosion while withstanding harsh weather conditions; regular rinsing with clean water also prolongs its life span in coastal environments.

Comfortable Seating

When looking for patio furniture for your beach house, comfort should always come first. Look for reclining chairs with adjustable back and footrests so that you can select your ideal position to soak up some sun or surf. Patio side tables or ottomans come in handy to keep drinks, snacks, books within easy reach.

Consider investing in a chaise lounge to provide additional seating for entertaining and lounging in the warm breeze. Lounge chairs and sofas work beautifully with coastal-inspired decor, creating intentional seating groups for socializing or just lounging around alone. Make it feel even more welcoming by including an all-weather coffee table as part of your beach chair arrangement!

Dining chairs and sofas make an excellent addition to beach-inspired homes. These seating options typically feature contemporary designs with sleek profiles that complement various home styles. Look for chairs with weather-resistant cushions made of salty air-proof materials like weather-resistant wicker or teak wood for optimal beach living environments.

If your porch is large enough, a freestanding hammock can serve as the ideal spot for restful beach days and relaxation for you and your loved ones. Choose one that accentuates your coastal decor to complete its aesthetic appeal.

When selecting seating for a beach-inspired home, consider choosing storage-oriented pieces such as benches equipped with built-in console tables that enable people to store shoes and other accessories on them while in use. Such benches make an elegant yet practical option for entryway patios as guests use them to take off their shoes before entering your home.

No matter which seating options you select for your beach-inspired patio, durable outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella or Outdura can enhance its comfort and longevity. Easy maintenance means less time spent worrying about upkeep; and more time can be spent enjoying it all.