Wicker Patio Furniture – Long-Lasting and Stylish

Furnishing a patio requires an investment, and no one wants to waste that amount on furniture that only lasts a few years. By choosing quality wicker pieces, your patio’s new furniture could last decades.

Resin wicker furniture is highly resistant to UV discoloration and easily cleans itself when rinsed off with a garden hose – both features make this an eco-friendly solution, which should please those concerned about deforestation and overharvesting.


Wicker furniture combines the natural look of your outdoor space with comfort and convenience of home, providing a striking combination. Wicker’s versatility enables it to fit a range of decor styles, including coastal, Zen and rustic; lightweight construction makes it easy to move around your backyard or deck space, creating cozy conversation nooks using rattan wicker sofa sets or dining table and chair combinations, or add one as part of patio or deck design for relaxation and entertainment.

Wicker was brought back from the Philippines during the Age of Exploration when international sea traders brought back rattan palm fiber from tropical regions. Rattan is an extremely durable type of palm that grows in tropical regions, featuring strong outer leaves which peel away to reveal a soft inner core used for weaving. More durable than European-style wicker materials and resistant to elements, rattan became increasingly popular as an outdoor furniture material choice.

Modern wicker furniture can be constructed using either natural or synthetic materials. Natural wicker is created using plant products such as rattan, bamboo, reeds and willow branches which are then woven to form furniture pieces like baskets. Unfortunately natural wicker is vulnerable to damage caused by weather elements, making it less suitable for outdoor furniture use.

Synthetic wicker furniture is constructed using aluminum, resin and vinyl materials which can be woven to emulate hand-woven natural rattan. Available in an array of colors to match any patio design aesthetic and can even be combined with other materials to add texture or add something extra aesthetically pleasing. Lighter and more affordable than natural rattan, synthetic wicker is an excellent budget-friendly choice – however all-weather cushions should still be used to protect it against harsh elements.


Wicker furniture’s unique aesthetic adds visual interest and texture to any backyard patio layout, whether modern or traditional decor is used, as it does not adhere to one design style exclusively. Wicker can even come in unusual shapes that wouldn’t be achievable using other materials; perhaps an eye-catching modern wicker sofa may fit right in with contemporary living room aesthetics.

Wicker furniture can add an organic, natural element to any garden sitting area while soft walnut pieces lend themselves well to more laidback spaces like sun decks and front porches. Furthermore, wicker pieces make an excellent companion piece when combined with other outdoor decor items like pillows, rugs and lamps.

Wicker furniture offers many advantages over its counterparts in terms of its durability. It can withstand rain and snowfall with ease, and cleaning it requires only household products. Furthermore, you can paint rattan furniture to match the colors of your home for an instant makeover of your backyard patio as often as desired.

When purchasing rattan wicker patio furniture, it’s important to consider which kind of rattan will be used in each piece. There are various varieties, such as reed, seagrass and water hyacinth; all have unique properties and benefits but all work great as furniture weaving materials. Natural rattan is more suitable for indoor environments while synthetic is best suited for outdoor environments; natural material fades over time while synthetic will remain weather-protected against elements with minimum maintenance needs.


Wicker used in rattan furniture is an extremely durable material. Harvested from rainforest trees, its wood-like core contains natural fibers which make it strong. Wicker can be woven into various designs making it suitable for various furnishings; its lightweight nature also makes moving or rearrangement easy when changing outdoor decor.

Rattan wicker patio furniture comes in all-weather styles for year-round enjoyment. These pieces feature rustproof frames with man-made resin or vinyl strands designed to mimic handwoven wicker, making for long-term protection against rain and sun exposure; though for optimal use it’s wise to cover your furniture when not in use to avoid damage from bird droppings over time.

Natural or synthetic wicker furniture should last many years with minimal upkeep required. You should simply rinse it down with water from a garden hose occasionally and brush away any dust or dirt from its weave strands. Keep in mind that in very hot climates all wicker furniture, including all-weather pieces, may experience shorter lifespans due to intense sunlight drying out their fibers faster.

Individual strands of synthetic rattan furniture should rarely break under normal use; if any wide gaps appear due to shifting, plastic wicker repair kits offer an easy solution for fixing them. They contain everything needed for reweaving broken strands and sealing them with waterproof sealant.


By adding rattan wicker patio furniture, you can evoke feelings of refreshing relaxation and casual comfort in your outdoor space. For instance, consider pairing it with dining tables designed in coastal, Zen or rustic themes, along with chairs made of the material to complete a sophisticated backyard bar look.

Make the most of the patio bar design by including rattan and wicker chaise lounges or daybeds to relax poolside, work on your tan, and host guests at home’s outdoor bar. A stylish bar cart like one made of rattan or wicker will add another stylish element, while using a wicker storage bin may help organize all of your floats and toys while keeping everything tidy.

Wicker furniture is not only comfortable, but its versatility also allows you to incorporate it seamlessly into any patio design scheme. Choose your perfect color, size and style – including standalone chairs, sectionals or sofas as well as sets that include tables or other complementary pieces – by exploring this versatile material’s endless uses in patio designs.

Natural and synthetic wicker can both be used to craft furniture of a similar aesthetic; however, each has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Natural rattan is harvested from wood-like vines which grow in tropical regions of Australia, Africa, and Asia while synthetic rattan is composed of synthetic materials woven together in factories in Southeast Asia or Russia.

Rattan furniture sets typically consist of natural hues while others feature colors like white, black or neutral tones that provide sturdy yet comfortable seating surfaces. Cushioned seat and back support add additional levels of comfort, making the furniture set ideal for family living spaces or use in offices.


Rattan furniture makes an attractive and long-term addition to your porch or patio, offering long-term durability. In fact, you could even bring it inside during winter as an outdoor living room in an enclosed gazebo or sunroom!

Buying a patio set should include elegant pieces like rattan lounge chairs, ottomans or sofas adorned with matching cushions to complete the look. Wicker dining tables may be found as well as bar carts to serve drinks and snacks during backyard parties.

Wicker furniture comes in an array of vibrant oranges to powder blue hues, perfect for cozy patio layouts or beachfront homes. Pair warm hues with colorful throw blankets for added cohesion; pair cool shades with an accompanying firepit or heater to transform outdoor space into an inviting gathering space.

Create an island paradise in your backyard or add coastal cottage charm to a Maine vacation house by decorating with rattan wicker patio furniture, which offers a relaxing feel. Its classic design complements many other pieces such as modern metal patio furniture or natural wooden tables and chairs for an inviting aesthetic.

Understanding the difference between rattan and wicker furniture will enable you to make an informed decision when it comes to furnishing your outdoor space. Although both terms are often used interchangeably, rattan refers to its material composition while weaving techniques vary greatly; selecting furniture for your porch or garden requires making an investment, so ensure that you understand all available options so you can select those best suited to your space.