Turn Your Backyard Pool Into a Resort-Like Oasis With Pool Patio Furniture

Your backyard pool should feel like a resort-like oasis with quality patio furniture designed specifically for pool use. Your furniture must be durable enough to withstand frequent exposure to water and sun while remaining comfortable for your guests. When selecting outdoor furniture for poolside seating or tables, ensure its material can withstand constant exposure to elements like weather.

Seek out pieces made with outdoor cushion or sling fabric – both are fade-resistant and easy to maintain.

Chaise Lounges

A chaise lounge is the ideal seat for relaxing by the pool or on your patio, offering full-body support while sunbathing or simply lounging in a reclined position with a good book. Many outdoor chaise lounge chairs come with cushions for extra comfort; choose from various color options to complement the decor of your yard or poolside area.

There are also various styles to choose from, including aluminum and cast aluminum outdoor chaise lounges, teak patio chaises and synthetic wicker outdoor chaise lounges. Many pieces can be stackable for easy storing and moving around the backyard when not being used; the strongest designs can even withstand commercial-grade use in public pools, hotels or cruise ships.

Some outdoor chaise lounge chairs feature wheels to make moving them between locations a breeze, making it simple and efficient for shifting closer to either your own house or that of neighbors. A wheeled chaise can also help if the seasons change quickly – look for models such as Kingsley-Bate Ipanema sectional chaise sofa which feature wheels on their front.

Customize a chaise lounge by selecting from various upholstery options. For instance, consider opting for a tufted chaise upholstered in rich twill or microfiber fabric that complements your garden or poolside area’s colors – plus more comfortable seating than standard chaise cushions – add matching pillows for the full effect!

Some chaise lounge chairs designed for use outdoors come equipped with built-in beverage coolers or cup holders for convenience, making it the ideal solution for poolside lounging areas near a sunroom or near water features, where chilled beverages are kept close at hand while you lounge or read. Others, such as the Tropitone Lagoon chaise lounge, feature extra large beverage trays as well as hidden storage compartments behind for magazines or other items.

High-Top Bistro Sets

High-top bistro sets combine functionality and style, adding both dining space and lounge seating to your pool patio. Available in various heights, materials and styles – some models feature faux marble tabletop while others offer earthy colors or contemporary lines – it’s easy to find the ideal set for you space, design goals and budget.

Wood bistro sets add warmth to any backyard space, while metal designs add modern style. If you prefer tropical themes, teak tables make the ideal base for tiki lanterns and candle holders; otherwise if something more traditional is what you seek consider opting for a three-piece pub set with one table and two barstools.

Your new bistro set should include more than just a table – in fact, Sears offers an extensive selection of chairs for bistro sets as well. Wicker options can be easily cleaned and moved around the deck without much fuss; for a more relaxing lounging experience by the pool or lounging near an indoor fireplace or fireplace pit, recliners with reclining backs provide additional comfort while lounging around; weatherproof sectional sofas give ample room to stretch out and unwind with family or friends.

No matter if your taste runs toward modern, contemporary or rustic decors, the ideal pool patio furniture should be functional, attractive and long-lasting. Many manufacturers use rustproof materials so your new pieces will outlive even their warranty period; additionally, many also provide sales or promo codes so that you can save even further.

Before purchasing pool patio furniture, be sure to measure its dimensions carefully and ensure it will fit comfortably in your yard or porch. Make sure that when moving around the furniture without blocking any doors back into your house and leave at least two to three feet between its edge and any walls or fences and the furniture so you can enjoy its use with friends and family for years.

Outdoor Hammocks

Add a hammock to your pool patio furniture for an inviting space. These inviting pieces of outdoor seating make perfect places for reading a book, relaxing with a drink, or napping for hours on end. We carry various styles from Hatteras brand that match any backyard design perfectly, such as organic cotton or stress-free fade-proof LA SIESTA fabric designed specifically to meet hammock requirements – this material can dry quickly while resisting mold, mildew and UV damage!

For those who prefer not to deal with hanging their hammock, we also offer stand options. These free-standing hammocks provide all of the same comfort and relaxation of traditional rope hammocks but require no assembly for setup and assembly. Plus, their durable steel frames and powder coated finish protect against corrosion and weathering!

The ideal hammocks for outdoor use are specifically constructed to withstand repeated exposure to UV radiation and environmental conditions like high humidity, low temperatures and salt in coastal regions. Their fabric must also be designed to resist UV rays as well as high temperatures or freezing temperatures without suffering damage.

Find a hammock designed specifically for outdoor use, like cotton, polyester or textilene. Some natural materials like nettle, jute and hand-crocheted linen provide stunning aesthetics while supporting local artisans. For something bolder try choosing a brightly-colored hammock with patterns or floral designs woven into its fabric.

Consider where and how often you’ll use it when selecting a hammock. Are you hoping for an au-naturel vibe between trees, on a patio pergola, or balcony ceiling? For open spaces such as parks and beaches, search for spreader bars that keep ends apart, thus preventing it from sagging or collapsing; aside from material considerations also take into account size considerations and whether you plan on relaxing solo or with someone.


Planters add another stylish and practical element to any backyard pool deck, adding to its overall appearance and functionality. Pottery Barn has an outstanding selection of outdoor planters in shapes and finishes that work beautifully with other patio furnishings like loungers, dining tables and fire pits. You’ll find contemporary modern options featuring clean lines or traditional planters with classic round silhouettes; plus unique custom orders!

To select the ideal patio planters for your space, consider how much sun the area receives and which plants you wish to grow within them. Consider what maintenance they require as well as their frequency of use: for instance, do you live near an ocean where salty air could rust metal furniture before its time?

Material selection also affects how easy it is to maintain planters. For instance, fiberglass planters are lightweight compared to their concrete counterparts and thus easier to move when filled with soil and plants. They’re also designed to resist cracking for increased lifespan compared to ceramic and stone options that need frequent replacement.

Fiberglass planters also boast the added advantage of UV inhibitors to keep the sun’s rays from discoloring their finish, an important consideration if your planters will be placed in areas receiving direct sunlight.

For an organic aesthetic, try selecting natural cement or terra cotta planters. These versatile pieces fit right in with any natural landscaping elements while showcasing vibrant flowers and greenery from all angles. For those who prefer monochromatic finishes like black, gray and white finishes there are also numerous planters with these finishes available.

If you prefer not to spend money immediately on a planter, building your own may be an economical alternative. By following a free plan such as that from Cherished Bliss, old wooden spools can become stylish planters with clean lines and modern designs, perfect for poolside use.