Wicker Patio Furniture – Durable and Weather Resistant

resin patio furniture

There is an assortment of outdoor furniture options to choose from; some more so than others when it comes to weatherproofing your space.

Resin patio furniture is an ideal way to keep any outdoor area looking its best. Highly resistant to all forms of weather and more cost-effective than natural wicker pieces, resin furniture provides long-term enjoyment at a much more reasonable cost than natural alternatives.


Resin patio furniture‘s durability makes it an excellent addition to your backyard, providing it can withstand rain, snow and other weather elements that might damage other types of outdoor furniture materials. Plus, its longer lifespan makes resin an excellent choice for creating an inviting and stress-free area to spend your free time.

As there are various outdoor furniture materials to choose from, which one suits your personal taste and space will ultimately depend on your personal preferences and space considerations. If you prefer wood furniture pieces such as teak, try teak for its traditional yet highly durable style; aluminum or stainless steel provide more modern aesthetics without rusting; however when it comes to durability resin stands above all others: its highly resistant properties repel moisture, rot, cracking and most chemicals found around pools or yards as well.

Recycled plastic or synthetic resin furniture is another durable option for outdoor seating, known as recycled poly lumber or composite resin furniture. Also referred to as “reclaimed plastic”, “recycled poly lumber”, composite resin, synthetic resin or commercial resin furniture is an all-weather material suitable for hospitality and multifamily properties – particularly suitable for wicker-look seating in all its variety of colors that won’t fade over time.

Clean-up and maintenance are extremely simple with this material; its woven construction of recycled plastics makes for easy dust management and air circulation, providing ample ventilation. Furthermore, this durable product can endure long exposure to direct sunlight without fading and is an ideal choice for outdoor wicker furniture.

When purchasing resin wicker furniture, be sure you purchase high-grade pieces constructed with HDPE (high-density polyethylene). Lesser-grade plastics may unravel easily and may not provide as strong or long-term support compared to superior resins; thus it’s essential that you shop from a reputable retailer.

Weather Resistant

Resin furniture is weather resistant, making it the ideal choice for use outside for an extended period. One major benefit that makes resin furniture superior is that it can withstand Arizona’s scorching heat, Texas humidity and New England snowfall; simply spray down regularly with water hose to maintain cleanliness; the color won’t fade from sun exposure like natural materials do and it stands up well to salt water which makes resin ideal for coastal homes or those living near beaches.

Resin furniture is lightweight and easy to move around, which makes it much easier than its aluminum counterpart which can be cumbersome and heavy. Furthermore, resin makes cleaning much simpler as it doesn’t rust or develop mold like its aluminum counterpart does – simply wipe down with damp cloth or sponge regularly and stay fresh looking!

Resin Wicker offers the look of traditional plant material with more durability. Woven from synthetic fiber, resin wicker can look just like it but is significantly longer-lived and more cost-effective due to not requiring cutting from plants themselves – instead using thin threads of PVC, polyethylene, or nylon it is weaved onto thin panels of vinyl material for weaving purposes.

Wicker furniture, commonly referred to as all-weather wicker, is known for withstanding different forms of weather conditions such as rain, extreme temperatures, humidity and salt water. Furthermore, its lightweight structure withstands strong winds without succumbing to breaking like its wooden or metal counterparts would.

While wicker can withstand the elements better than other materials, it is still wise to bring your furniture indoors during storms or when strong winds are predicted. Furthermore, it should also be stored inside over winter in snowy regions as prolonged exposure to cold and wet temperatures could damage its paint over time and reduce its aesthetic quality.

Variety of Styles

No matter your outdoor living space design goals, furniture selection is key to creating a beautiful and welcoming space. Resin patio furniture holds up exceptionally well against all weather elements and climate conditions, enabling you to keep favorite pieces outside without fear of them being brought indoors at the first sign of rain or other damaging climate conditions.

There is an array of patio furniture to choose from, so it is essential that you select a material that complements both your personal style and environment. If you favor contemporary or sleek looks, aluminum or stainless steel materials offer easy maintenance while accentuating clean lines. For warmer and inviting designs try teak wood styles; for something traditional consider Wrought iron pieces which require extensive upkeep.

While some outdoor furniture is crafted using natural materials, others are created using synthetic woven fibers. Natural wicker is extremely resilient but may become dry and brittle with constant exposure to the sun and wind; synthetic wicker is far more resilient and can even be woven over a sturdy aluminum frame for lightweight yet stylish and comfortable patio seating.

Resin wicker furniture offers many woven options and finishes and colors to complement almost any decorating theme or color scheme. If budget is an issue, resin wicker may be one of the more cost-effective choices compared to patio furniture made of materials like wrought iron and metal; its cost may even be less. Unfortunately, resin wicker’s visual appeal doesn’t compare as favorably to these natural materials but there are plenty of economical and long-term durable alternatives out there that could work just as well for you outdoor area – research will lead you there!

Low Maintenance

Resin wicker furniture is resilient and long-lasting, perfect for outdoor furniture use. However, like any type of furniture it requires some upkeep if left exposed to sunlight, rain, and snow. By following some simple guidelines your resin wicker patio chairs and tables will last long into the future!

Resin can be used for all sorts of outdoor patio furniture, from lounge chairs and dining sets to sectionals and sectional sofas. Available in an assortment of colors and styles, resin wicker is an affordable solution that fits into any decor – you can purchase sets or pick up one piece at a time as your budget allows. There may even be clearance sections where you can pick up great wicker patio pieces!

Quality wicker should always be purchased. Low-grade synthetic varieties may unravel, crack or fade over time. When shopping for synthetic wicker, look for items made with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). This signifies a highly resilient product reinforced with aluminum to produce maximum strength.

Maintain the life of your wicker furniture by storing it indoors during the winter when it’s not being used frequently – either a garage or covered space will suffice – this will protect it from cold weather damage, while using the same cover you would for summer patio furniture.

As well as storing outdoor furniture during the off-season, it is recommended that it is regularly cleaned using a garden hose and mild soap solution. This helps break apart dirt particles so they are easier for water to flush away, before drying thoroughly before using again to help avoid mold, mildew and bad odors from building up on outdoor furniture.