Outer Patio Furniture – Creating a Backyard Oasis

outer patio furniture

Outdoor furniture requires careful thought. Selecting patio chairs and sofas that meet all of your requirements can create the ideal space to unwind and entertain in.

Outer, owned and run by Terry Lin and Jiake Liu, first appeared on Shark Tank in 2019 and has quickly gained momentum since.


Durable patio furniture means choosing materials and designs that can withstand weather-induced wear, accidental spills and can easily be cleaned and maintained to keep it looking its best. Durability will depend on materials used, design choices and usage; for year-round outdoor use rattan or aluminum are better; otherwise wicker or wood will do.

Outer has made quite an impressionful splash recently with their high-tech modular outdoor sofas and chairs, which claim to be both extremely comfortable and highly durable. We decided to put their loveseat through rigorous testing so you don’t have to.

I tested our chair outdoors for two months and it survived incessant heat, summer thunderstorms and even some tropical storms without fail. Thanks to its modular designs and sustainability, creating customized seating arrangements is made easy while its cushion covers are removable and machine washable, making keeping things clean a breeze.

Outer offers an innovative marketing program called the Neighborhood Showroom that allows people to become hosts for Outer’s furniture in their backyards, decks, or patios – an effective way of meeting potential customers while giving them a feel for it before purchasing it! Plus, unlike many sales models that require their hosts to talk about sales commissions when discussing furniture for potential purchases – Outer doesn’t do this either!

Your patio furniture’s durability also depends on the material used for its frame. Bare metals tend to rust quickly, so powder-coated steel or an antirust aluminum frame is your best bet for long-term enjoyment. Additionally, consider choosing one whose color and texture complement or fit in with your home’s decor and style for optimal results.


No matter if it’s for relaxing outdoor reading nook or cozy entertaining space, patio furniture provides the ideal ambiance to complete any backyard oasis. From sun loungers and chairs to outdoor dining tables and accent furniture – you will find endless choices that match both your personal style and space needs.

While many pieces can be purchased individually, you’ll save time and money by investing in a complete patio set. These sets provide matching lounge chairs and tables, dining table with chairs or bistro set, umbrellas for shade, and umbrellas to keep your backyard cool and comfortable.

When searching for durable patio furniture, materials are of primary concern. Certain brands of furniture have earned themselves a good reputation when it comes to withstanding environmental influences; Outer stands out in particular due to its modular, well-designed, and extremely cushy sofas.

Recently, we had the chance to put one of Outer Outdoor Sofa’s sets through rigorous tests in scorching summer temperatures, sudden thunderstorms, and an occasional chill breeze. Crafted for durability and easily rinsed off with water from a hose nozzle, Outer outdoor sofas feature long-wearing fabrics that are snag-proof; additionally removable cushions can be washed separately to avoid any stains or smells from occurring.

Durability also comes down to considering how well-built furniture will hold up over time, with regards to its weight and how easy or difficult it is to transport and move around. Lighter furniture may be easier for you to maneuver but may not be as stable. Conversely, heavier pieces might require more muscle power when lifting and moving them compared with their counterparts.

Beside seating and dining essentials, other key pieces include accent tables, fire pits and garden benches. Accent tables provide surfaces for drinks or snacks while you can also use them to display outdoor citronella candles or planters with flourishing botanicals. Umbrellas provide shade from the sun while adding decorative appeal – they come in all sorts of sizes and designs like all-weather wicker designs that provide a breezy, natural aesthetic.


To provide your hospitality guests with a relaxing outdoor retreat, lounge chairs are essential. Equipped with sturdy backrests and cozy cushions designed to support them as they lounge under the sun or sip their favorite beverage, these seats are the ideal way to invite relaxation after an exhausting day at work or leisure activities.

Outer patio furniture sets designed with comfort in mind offer an inviting appearance, sure to draw guests’ interest. This style works in both casual and contemporary environments and can easily be mixed and matched with other pieces for added style and variety. With such an extensive variety of colors and fabrics available for selection, finding seating that complements your hospitality space’s decor shouldn’t be difficult at all!

Beyond being comfortable, many outdoor patio furniture items are easy to maintain as well. Made of weatherproof materials that can withstand both rain and sun exposure, weather-resistant furniture helps ensure it won’t fade or crack over time, which could become uncomfortable to sit on over time. Plus, choosing materials made of cool-touch material keeps things comfortable for guests using it!

Outer patio furniture manufacturers have introduced innovative features into their designs to make them more functional and long-term durable. Outer Wicker furniture features a roll-up cover behind each back cushion that can be unzipped to reveal a waterproof layer, protecting from spills or moisture seepage. It also makes cleaning cushions simpler in case stains occur.

Add pillows and accessories to the seating area of your hospitality furniture to make guests more at ease during their visits, and improve their mood as a result. Choose from decorative throw pillows, throw blankets and planters when selecting accessories that add comfort.


Outdoor furniture may seem costly, but its durability makes it worth investing in for a backyard that gets frequent use and will still look as lovely in 15 years’ time as it did today.

Jiake Liu and Terry Lin founded Outer in 2018 after realizing there was an insufficient selection of durable outdoor furniture available to them for their homes. Leveraging their experience from running tech startups, they used that knowhow to establish the direct-to-consumer brand which now provides lounge chairs, rugs, fire pits, coffee tables, dining sets and more direct to consumer.

Outer furniture stands out from its counterparts by offering both a 10-year frame warranty and lifetime cushion and fabric warranty, along with easy exchangeability of cushions and fabrics due to its revolutionary design. Plus, with Outer’s cushions being swappable by simply pulling off their tabs.

Outer sells its furniture through retail stores; however, their customers prefer viewing and testing out pieces in their own homes. Therefore, the company has launched a neighborhood showroom program where previous Outer customers become “hosts”, turning their yards into outdoor showrooms for potential buyers to visit and test out furniture before making purchasing decisions. Hosts receive payment per viewing but never any commission on sales transactions.

While other sharks were quick to pass on Outer due to its early stage and high valuation, Daymond John and guest shark Lori Greiner took an interest in Liu and Lin, offering them $750,000 for 4% of Outer. Unfortunately for Liu and Lin, that offer was the only one they received; nonetheless Outer ultimately accepted it.