Wicker Patio Furniture – A Great Way to Refresh Your Outdoor Living Space

Wicker patio furniture sets can help give your outdoor living area an updated aesthetic while offering comfortable seating to relax in.

All-weather wicker furniture is built to withstand all forms of inclement weather; just make sure it is covered during inclement conditions and stored away safely in an indoor storage facility when not in use.


Wicker furniture brings comfort and style to any outdoor living space, offering both style and comfort for entertaining or just lounging around in your backyard. Available in various sizes and styles, you are sure to find a piece that meets the exact requirements for your backyard space. Whether you are hosting guests or relaxing alone with a book wicker furniture can create an inviting outdoor seating area!

When buying wicker patio furniture, be sure to select high-quality and long-term materials like natural rattan or synthetic resin that withstand wear and tear. Cheaper materials will quickly degrade, while moisture damage could occur quickly as well. The ideal material would be composed of natural rattan or synthetic resin that resist wear and tear over time.

Once you’ve determined the material of your furniture, the next step should be selecting an appropriate style of wicker patio chairs. Classic beige or black sets offer timeless style; for something more modern, opt for contemporary chairs featuring sleek lines and metal accents.

Consider what kind of cushioning would work best on your wicker chairs: foam is popular, while others might like fiberfill or down cushions for their added comfort. Make sure the cushion you select is weather-resistant to protect against rain, snow, and sun exposure.

Considerations when purchasing wicker furniture include its frame. Wicker pieces can feature steel or wooden frames; steel is more robust and less likely to deform or shake than wooden, plus can help prevent warping or cracking over time. However, both options still provide long-term durability; wood frames are easily painted or stained to fit with any decor in your home.


Wicker furniture allows you to mix and match pieces to achieve the layout that works for you on your patio. From dining tables that are ideal for large family meals to lounging sofas that offer quiet conversations spaces in your yard. Plus, its versatility means it can easily coexist alongside different pieces such as metal or wooden furniture to form a cohesive environment.

While wood furniture often breaks or warps under severe weather conditions, wicker is more durable and resistant to moisture than its wooden counterpart. Wicker can withstand summer sun without warping or fading and therefore provides better protection from premature fading or overheating than wooden pieces can. Nonetheless, quality furniture covers should always be used when leaving pieces exposed for extended periods of time in direct sunlight for optimal performance and avoid premature fading or overheating.

Wicker furniture sets offer many advantages, including easy care with damp cloth or vacuum cleaner, natural ventilation, and sturdy materials designed to withstand heat and humidity. Furthermore, you can select sets designed specifically for outdoor use complete with cushions made of resilient materials to provide added comfort in hot climates.

If you’re searching for an elegant outdoor wicker set that exudes luxury and prestige, look no further than Lloyd Flanders Mesa or Contempo collection. Their industry-leading Loom weaving technology produces pieces that not only look beautiful, but are sturdy and functional as well. Their designs combine wicker with other materials like wood or concrete textures for added dimension and style.

Easy to Maintain

Wicker furniture is specifically crafted to withstand outdoor elements like sunlight, wind and rain. Plus, its lightweight structure makes it easy to move around or store when season ends, making wicker an excellent choice for patios or any outdoor area where you want to take full advantage of warm temperatures and fresh air.

Although resin wicker furniture and accessories are generally long-term durable, it’s still wise to perform regular inspections for any signs of damage. Following an inspection schedule can help detect minor problems before they become severe and help avoid mould and mildew growth that could destroy patio chairs or sofas.

Light dusting and rinsing should suffice to keep your wicker looking great, with soft bristle brushes being especially adept at reaching into crevices to remove dirt build-up. For deeper cleaning needs, using a sponge dipped into mild soap-and-water solution may prove more successful.

Before leaving resin wicker to dry completely, it’s essential that all residue from soapy products be rinsed off thoroughly and dried off completely. Resin wicker may become damaged from remaining wet for too long; natural wicker should only be wetted in small sections at a time, according to Bob Vila’s recommendations. Wetting large portions at once may encourage bending and reduce resilience.

Along with maintaining a thorough cleaning regimen for your wicker furniture, it’s wise to invest in UV spray protectant to help defend against harsh UV rays that cause discoloration and cracking over time. Doing this is an investment that will extend its lifespan – perfect for patio use!


Wicker patio furniture is an ideal option for families, as its durable construction withstands weather elements and everyday use. High-end resin wicker pieces can last 4-7 years on average with proper care, making this investment worthwhile in any home.

Traditional wicker is constructed using natural plant fibers like rattan, reed and abaca hemp that degrade quickly when exposed to sunlight. Resin wicker on the other hand utilizes durable man-made fibers like high density polyethylene that are weatherproof as well as UV inhibitors to avoid sun fading – similar in appearance but far stronger and more resistant to damage than its counterpart.

Selecting the proper materials makes an enormous difference in the life span of wicker furniture. Cheaper furniture often employs PVC, which becomes brittle after repeated exposure to environmental elements; for maximum longevity and performance, HDPE should be used instead – considered the gold standard in durable resin wicker production.

Quality sets also boast reinforced aluminum frames, which are more resilient than cheaper steel models. When looking for quality sets, beware of those containing parts connected with nuts and bolts as these may eventually weaken the structure over time.

Clean wicker chairs, rockers, or sofas regularly with mild soap and water to maintain a fresh surface and prevent dirt buildup that could potentially stain it. In addition, regularly fluff and rotate cushions in order to prevent sagging or indentations over time; additionally storing cushions properly in a wicker cushion storage box will protect them from moisture and dust while keeping their appearance.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Decorating your outdoor space offers limitless decorating possibilities. Wicker patio furniture has long been one of the top picks due to its adaptable and timeless style. Its natural texture blends in easily with various decor styles, while its lightweight construction makes it easy for moving around. High-quality wicker chairs and sofas constructed using aluminum frames with Sunbrella fabrics offer more protection from fading, moisture damage and other common issues than less durable options like plastic resin frames.

Before purchasing a wicker chair or sofa, read reviews first to get an idea of the quality and customer service provided by the company. If any questions arise regarding your purchase, don’t hesitate to reach out – they are sure to be happy to provide answers!

Wicker dining sets, lounge chairs and sectionals make an excellent addition to any patio or garden, turning any dull outdoor area into an inviting retreat and complementing existing decor perfectly. Choose a color to complement the existing color palette in your space, then pair with matching cushions for an integrated look. Wicker works well in both contemporary and traditional outdoor settings alike and is often combined with wood accents, metal finishes or crisp fabric cushion fabrics for the best effect.

In hot climates, it is vital that wicker chairs and sofas be stored correctly to protect them from fading under direct sunlight and from harsh winter conditions. Store your wicker furniture under cover during this period to protect it further against harsh weather conditions; by following these tips your furniture should last years longer; find what fits you at Patio Productions today.