Choosing Balcony Patio Furniture

Balcony patio furniture comes in many designs, styles and materials to meet any aesthetic. Additionally, its affordability means it can fit within a range of budgets.

If you favor modern and contemporary styles, opt for balcony patio furniture sets featuring clean lines and minimalistic designs. Or go for transitional styles that blend elements from different aesthetics.

Modern and Contemporary

Homeowners tend to focus on designing their interior, but outdoor living spaces like balconies also deserve equal consideration. Create an enjoyable outdoor area for entertaining and relaxing using modern patio furniture reflecting current design trends in your home; for instance, consider investing in an elegant teak outdoor sectional sofa featuring plush cushions with wide wicker arms as an inviting lounging space for yourself and guests alike.

Minimalist styles make an excellent addition to a contemporary balcony, particularly since they fit well in smaller spaces. A low-profile patio table and chair set with sleek designs is the ideal way to maximize balcony space; or for an additional minimalist touch consider an adirondack chair made out of recycled wine barrels featuring charcoal cushioning for even greater effect.

For an elegant balcony dining experience, this modern patio set provides everything needed. Boasting a rectangular glass-top table and four wicker chairs topped with ottomans that can easily tuck underneath each chair when not needed, its neutral-hued finish complements most decor while its complementary ottomans complete its coordinated aesthetic.

West Elm offers this modern balcony furniture set designed to promote ethical production and a minimalist, Scandi aesthetic with this balcony furniture set. This dining set includes a ceramic-tiled balcony table and folding balcony chairs made of ceramic tiles along with a bar cart to support West Elm’s mission of supporting local designers and artists. Each table and chair has an eye-catching modern silhouette which coheres perfectly with other furniture in the line and offers flexible seating arrangements with different color palettes available.

Rustic and Traditional

Style should always be the primary consideration when purchasing balcony patio furniture, and should reflect both your personal taste and the design of your outdoor space. Individual interpretation of style may differ; in general it refers to how well each piece fits within or complements it.

If you prefer rustic designs, furniture with wood finishes or rustic textures could add the right rustic charm. They can even be integrated into modern or contemporary spaces to create a unified and complementary aesthetic.

If your taste tends towards traditional or classic designs, opt for balcony furniture made of wrought iron, teak, or jarrah wood – these materials are more durable than other types and should last decades when maintained correctly; however, more frequent refinishing may be required than with other kinds of wood.

Bring the beach home by selecting balcony furniture with white, blue and pastel hues reminiscent of beachy surroundings. Complement this style with resin wicker furniture made of resin wicker material; weathered wood construction; or nautical-themed decorative accessories to create an airy and relaxing ambience.

No matter which style you select for your balcony, always measure its space and doorway prior to purchasing any pieces. This will help ensure that they fit seamlessly and prevent any inconvenience later. Furthermore, it’s always wise to store balcony furniture properly during off-season months to protect it against environmental factors and prolong its lifespan.


For relaxing on your balcony in spring and summer, wicker or rattan 3 piece chair and table sets might be just what’s needed. They are easily stored thanks to stackable chairs that nest into each other when not in use and foldable tables that fold down or tuck away easily; some tables even come equipped with special holders designed to hold throw blankets, pillows or other accessories – West Elm offers many styles and finishes as well as socially responsible production practices!

Choose a light color tabletop to keep your balcony feeling airy and fresh, and for easier entertaining add side or coffee tables so guests can set down drinks and appetizers. For something a bit more contemporary choose one with slatted tabletops; they pair beautifully with many decor styles.

Make sure to measure both your balcony and doorway before buying furniture, otherwise you risk spending money on pieces that won’t fit. Also be mindful of synthetic wicker which may turn yellow over time and become brittle; high-quality materials would likely last much longer. Alternatively, opt for natural wood or aluminum which have far longer durability.


Selecting appropriate balcony furniture is essential to creating a welcoming space. Ideal selections should fit seamlessly within their respective areas without overcrowding and be made from weather-resistant materials that won’t rot away over time.

As constant exposure to the elements makes maintaining outdoor furniture difficult, when looking for durable yet low maintenance outdoor pieces consider synthetic resin wicker patio sets like Celerie Kemble’s Carmel Collection of synthetic rattan wicker patio sets such as their Carmel collection from Celerie Kemble. Their handwoven UV-resistant wicker has more of an laidback vibe than traditional rattan pieces and pair beautifully with cozy throws when temperatures drop – such as when selecting their Carmel loveseat with tasseled throws when selecting one from their Carmel collection!

When purchasing synthetic wicker, make sure it is made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) rather than cheaper PVC plastic, which may unravel, brittle, and crack over time. HDPE materials provide superior strength without compromising budgetary considerations.

Cast aluminium patio furniture is another good option, as it can withstand heat, humidity and rain without rusting or becoming heavy compared to other forms of outdoor seating. Furthermore, cast aluminium furniture is lightweight compared to other outdoor options and easier to move and rearrange compared with its counterparts. When purchasing cast aluminium furniture for your balcony or home exterior decor and exterior of home. When selecting your color preference for cast aluminium pieces – and when purchasing color-coordinated cast aluminum pieces to hide scuff marks or wear over time


Plastic furniture offers many advantages over wood that can rot under harsh weather conditions and remain looking good for years. Additionally, its variety of styles makes finding something to complement your balcony decor easy – some types even feature natural-wood veneer finishes while others add vibrant hues with vibrantly hued paints or brightly hued paint finishes that add pops of color and vibrancy to any patio setting.

Plastic outdoor furniture can also be an eco-friendly choice, as many companies now produce recycled plastic furniture from landfills or oceans. Look for HDPE or PVC plastic sets which are sturdy, long-lasting materials; for something natural wood look teak or IPE (ironwood) hardwood are sustainable tropical hardwoods naturally resistant to rot, insects and moisture damage.

When shopping for modern balcony patio furniture, look for sleek silhouettes and minimalist designs. This contemporary stacking chair made of commercial-grade resin stands up well against water, UV light, fading, mildew, fading and can easily be hosed down for cleaning – it even comes in sets of two!

Mix of Materials

If you’re in the market for balcony height patio furniture, consider selecting pieces made of various materials to add visual interest and create visual interest in your outdoor room. Not only is this economical but it can be an expressive way to show your creative personality by mixing wicker and metal furniture – for instance creating an intriguing contrast of textures while remaining visually appealing; when trying this approach out for yourself make sure all pieces match in terms of color tone to avoid creating an unbalanced design scheme.

Another consideration should be whether your furniture can withstand adverse weather conditions. Traditional materials for patio furniture, like wrought iron and steel, tend to corrode over time; in order to safeguard it against this possibility, opt for something rust-resistant such as galvanized steel or aluminum that won’t succumb to corrosion over time.

Teak provides a luxurious finish and natural durability in its wood construction, while recycled plastic provides low maintenance needs with its resistance against rust, mildew and salt water damage. If you can’t find your ideal material solution for your balcony furnishings, painting them over with waterproof paints or stains may work; otherwise look for sets with protective warranties as an added safety measure.